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  1. C

    Cosmology headcannons and fan fictions

    Have you ever thought of any headcannons or fanfictions based on cosmology of the universe? I wonder what you can do with such topics. Heat Death was not in fact the favoured attitude at the time Sailor Moon was written to describe what would become of the Universe. It was only about 35 years...
  2. kasumigenx

    Sailor Stars without Chibichibi - the original timeline of Stars

    Mamoru is about to leave to study in the United States but, as he is saying goodbye to Usagi, he is attacked and his body crumbles away, leaving only the Golden Crystal in its place, which is taken by Sailor Galaxia, the leader of a new group of villains known as Shadow Galactica. Usagi is...
  3. kasumigenx

    Starlights arc of Sailor Stars rewritten(Summaries)

    Starlights arc of Sailor Stars rewritten 173 Leaving for New York City to study abroad in America, Mamoru gives Usagi an engagement ring. Chibiusa and Diana return to the future. While Mamoru is about to leave, three new popular idols named the Three Lights appear. A new enemy, going by Sailor...
  4. C

    If you were any good at writing fics, what kind of subject or topic would you want to write?

    Excluding the time when you were fifteen and wanted to write a vividly described story about precisely how Chibiusa was conceived complete with Ami´s biology lessons, handcuffs, and a very expensive hot water bill at the end of the month. Being the history nerd I am I would want to come up...
  5. CodeName_Eklyps

    Silver Millennium Senshi Training Institute (WIP) Prolouge

    Note - so basically, Eden is kinda like Pluto, but with a different concept. Pluto -> Space-Time and Eden -> Afterlife I'm also thinking that both the S-T door and the Afterlife Gate exist in the same dimension/hyperspace. What do you think so far? -------------- Sailor Eden stands at xyr post...
  6. Princess Venus

    Sailor Neptune: Codename - Poseidon

    Well, here’s the Michiru project I alluded to. Not sure if it’ll expand beyond a one-shot.
  7. Nadia

    The Old Fanfic Dumping Ground

    Edit: I'm linking to two other fanfic snippets I posted on this board so I don't bump this thread needlessly. I found a Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon crossover with Sailor Moon on my hard drive. It is over 20 years old and I'm not continuing it. However, I post it, not only for shame but...
  8. Princess Venus

    [Fanfic] Sailor Moon x Kingdom Hearts one-shot

    I don’t even know, but I had to write about this headcanon.
  9. Joe the Cracker

    [Fan Fiction] The Mysterious Manga

    I posted this on my DeviantArt. I know I haven’t been here in years but a few members here and I back in the day thought about something and now I can finally present it to you. All the citizens of the moon kingdom are beginning to awaken one by one and crescent moons suddenly appear on each...