naoko takeuchi

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  1. Masquerade

    The Sailor Moon interview request thread

    I'm making this thread for moonies here on SMF to ask for SM-related interviews they desperately seek, but can't find anywhere. OP starta. Someone mentioned to me a interview about the 2015 Precure movie where Aya Hisakawa (90s :ami:) supposedly throws a shade at Kotono Mitsuishi ( :usagi: )...
  2. Tsundereshipper

    Would Sailor Moon be better off without Naoko?

    This was a statement Ikuhara apparently said a long time ago, he thought that the main issue was Naoko and Sailor Moon as a franchise would’ve been much stronger without her? Do you agree with him? Personally for me, I feel the main problem for the IP is Toei & Bandai, I think Naoko is great at...
  3. Tsundereshipper

    Naoko’s aversion to gay men?

    Does she have a distaste for them? The Demande/Saphir thread got me thinking, that while the manga is chock full of female queerness, all the queer male characters were purely a 90’s anime invention. Zoicite and Kunzite being a thing, Saphir’s heavily implied more than brotherly feelings for...
  4. Tsundereshipper

    Series that took inspiration from Sailor Moon

    Inspired by the Wedding Peach thread, let's make a list of fiction that you personally feel is similar to Sailor Moon and might've took inspiration from it. After all Sailor Moon is the premier Magical Girl, one might even call her the face of the genre. She certainly is in the West at least...