sailor moon crystal

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  1. Talentless Fool

    Was the Sailor Moon manga popular/influential enough to warrant Crystal?

    The Sailor Moon sold really well in the 90s yes - BUT not so much since it’s revival from 2003. In 2019, we could still find the 2003-edition manga in Animate at Akihabara (where thousands of customers come everyday) in a shy spot of the floor by the 80s/90s manga section. While Banana Fish...
  2. C

    Breaking some stereotypes

    Something I noticed while watching SM is that it breaks more stereotypes about women and girls than you might have consciously thought of. Most of our stories and romance ideas have a concept of first love, and only very few SM characters actually seem to be favoured with the person they fell...
  3. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor haze’s job

    hi! This is a reanimation of a scene from episode 24/25 (sailor moon crystal) this is haze as a child, when she was first assigned to the cauldron as the guard. so i hope you like! (Oh yeah I have yt because i convinced my mom to let me xD)
  4. G

    Sailor Moon Crystal 11 autograph giveaway

    On There's a poster I am giving away that has 11 autographs from the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal. The poster has been signed by Stephanie Sheh, Cherami Leigh, Cristina Vee, Laura Landa, Kate Higgins, Amanda Miller, Robbie Daymond, Sandy Fox, Erica Mendez, Christine Marie...
  5. mynameissport

    eternal eternity English cover [Ft. Shellah and Len with RachAsakawa (Sailor Uranus cosplay) and Rizzy (Sailor Neptune cosplay)

    Here's Shellah and Len eternal eternity English cover from Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 ending. Was a last minute project that should have been produced back in 2016 but only released now thanks to new added help. Managed to get RachAsakawa and Rizzy to supply their Sailor Uranus and Sailor...
  6. redneonglow

    New Sailor Saturn Tribute (Crystal only) AMV

    My fourth AMV is a Sailor Saturn tribute, using clips from Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3, set to the song "I Get Weak" sung by Belinda Carlisle. It was released in July 2018 to a number of outlets, including, SilverMillenniumFalcon, Vimeo and a number of Discords. I was not...
  7. FloraKiraraHime

    What is the weakest season of Crystal so far?

    What do you think are the worst seasons of Crystal in terms of writing, character and pace? I personally think that season one is the absolute weakest.