sailor moon

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  1. Estefania0

    In The New Timeline, Sailor Cosmos Does Not Exist (this is not my theory)

    “Cosmos is supposed to be who Usagi becomes after she loses everyone she loves when chaos takes over in a different reality --she got super upset about this after years of suffering and fled to the reality we know disguised as Chibi-Chibi to help destroy chaos completely. So in the reality we...
  2. Estefania0

    Sailor Moon is not Sailor Cosmos

    Would it make sense that Sailor Cosmos just has the same crystal/star as Sailor Moon (so they only share memories via the crystal ex.Doctor Who)?. Can someone fact check me because I havent read the manga in a long time?? It could also be that after Chibiusa becomes queen she decides to protect...
  3. Senshi_Rose_Serenity

    The Hidden Agenda against Molly and Nephlite

    For a long time now for so many years I kept how I felt about this situation. Growing up as a sailor moon fan I was all by myself in that situation I didn't have many people growing up talking about this topic with it would be until I got into a high school where I started connecting with people...
  4. KryxMoon

    SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL - Valentine's Day Tribute 2021

    This is the Crystal version.. and shows up why, for me, Season 01 Crystal Aesthetics works better than SM Classic, even if Classic has better art and animation. As before.. it's a simple and classic editing of various scenes, with (mostly) only hard cuts used and a very slow pace; a gentle and...
  5. KryxMoon

    SAILOR MOON (Classic) - Valentine's Day Tribute Video 2021

    A tribute not only to Sailor Moon.. but also to all those wonderful artists, musicians and directors creating these pieces of art. Always support them if you love their work. It's a simple and classic editing of various scenes, with (mostly) only hard cuts used and a very slow pace; a gentle...
  6. KryxMoon

    Sailor Moon - OPENING 2 (attempt of) Restoration - 1080p - Creditless version

    My favourite opening from Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon series. I tried to enhance it a bit 'cause, even in the BD, this creditless version had bad colors(due to crappy luma values) and was quite blurry, but trying not to overdo and makin' it look worse than the original xD (this is always the...
  7. Eternal Moonlight

    Christian Production Company: "Sailor Moon is Satanic"

    In a video made by Christian media production company Little Light Studios, Sailor Moon is deemed evil on the ground that it indoctrinates paganism, occultism, astrology and witchcraft and promotes premarital sex, incest, pedophilia and homosexuality. You can watch it here: What do you...
  8. B.Melozard

    Sailor Moon R2 DVD's Colour Corrections

    Hello everyone, It's my first time on this site. So for an introduction, I figured I'd show you guys some colour correction I've been doing for the Sailor Moon R2 DVD's. This is part of a Project I've been working on. Let me know what you guys think of the colour corrections. Note: My...
  9. Tsundereshipper

    Why did Dic/Cloverway/Optimum censor some stuff but not others?

    Something that's always baffled me about the old dub was just what was determined to be inappropriate for kids and what wasn't. Sure we all know about the gender changes, butchering of entire episodes like 44/45 and most infamous of all the "cousins." But then we get stuff like this left intact...
  10. Star Angel Haruki

    Bow colors

    Does anyone know why Mercury and Jupiter's back bows match the front bows but Venus and Mars don't and matches their buttons instead? Is there information for this aside from it being just "design choices?" I always wondered why Mars' back bow wasn't purple and Venus' navy?
  11. Star Angel Haruki

    The Popularity of Sailor Moon in Japan

    I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this Yahoo article about Sailor Moon gaining a lot of attention. I read what I could in English but a lot of folks are saying how cool and cute the girls are and what they stand for. My favorite part was the line about Sailor Moon and diversity. The...
  12. M

    Can a dub actually improve upon the source material?

    I know how that thread title sounds but hear me out for a few seconds. A lot has been made of Viz Media’s dub of the Sailor Moon Anime, specifically the adaptation made in the nineties. Be it how it compares to the dub produced by DiC Entertainment (the first two seasons), Cloverway (the third...
  13. Tsundereshipper

    Series that took inspiration from Sailor Moon

    Inspired by the Wedding Peach thread, let's make a list of fiction that you personally feel is similar to Sailor Moon and might've took inspiration from it. After all Sailor Moon is the premier Magical Girl, one might even call her the face of the genre. She certainly is in the West at least...
  14. Tsundereshipper

    Should Usagi have forgiven Beryl in the 90's anime? Why didn't she?

    So we all know by now that in the 90's anime Usagi had a penchant for forgiving and redeeming the baddies, in fact I believe she pretty much forgave and redeemed every big "Human Boss" the one and only exception being Beryl. This always struck me as strange since with the 90's anime being big...
  15. sailoraphrodite

    Fanfic Title Ideas?

    Hey, guys! This is actually my first post since I joined here and I haven't made a post before because I am busy with college. Anywho, I'm trying to write a Sailor Moon x Dragon Ball crossover fanfiction set in the Silver Millennium and the story is based on the legend of Tristian and Isolde...
  16. rgveda99

    Should one paint their Porsche or Ferarri like................................

    ........................ this? :chibichibi:
  17. redneonglow

    (Poll) Spelling: Sailor Moon vs. Sailormoon

    Neo Queen Serenity asked "Which spelling do you prefer to use?" in this thread. I thought it would be better as a poll so I'm posting it again as one.
  18. redneonglow

    Sailor Moon Vibes

    These are a series of tweets called "Sailor Moon Vibes" by @owakita_: Which were retweeted by @animeinpics, along with these similar scenes from the show:
  19. redneonglow

    Sailor Moon Valentine's Day Cards

    From I left out the Sailor Pluto one, as it contains a highly NSFW subliminal message with a ";)" as the caption (you have to look very closely to find it, but it's highly NSFW when you finally see it). But you can view it on the original site.