sailor stars

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  1. saintfighteraqua

    Yoko Ishida's version of the Sailor Star Song

    She still sounds so good. It makes me want her back for the next Eternal movie to do a song. She was one of my first favorite J-Pop stars and I think the first I ever bought an album from (mainly just for Sugar Baby Love)
  2. K

    A version Stars with Neo Queen Serenity and Galaxia as antagonists

    I am thinking of an idea that can be used in a future adaptation, Instead of deciding to be Chibichibi, NQS/Cosmos goes back in time and allies with Galaxia instead and plan to kidnap Usagi to make her destroy the cauldron and get the powers of the Sailor Crystals, and later when Galaxia is...
  3. K

    If the Manga and Anime of Stars followed the Materials Collection Plot

    If the Manga and the Anime of Stars did not scrap the plot discussed in the Materials Collection and the Dream Arc Artbook would it be better than the one we have now? note: the manga scrapped this plot halfway which explains Stars' inconsistencies. The Materials Collection plot has this...
  4. B.Melozard

    Sailor Moon R2 DVD's Colour Corrections

    Hello everyone, It's my first time on this site. So for an introduction, I figured I'd show you guys some colour correction I've been doing for the Sailor Moon R2 DVD's. This is part of a Project I've been working on. Let me know what you guys think of the colour corrections. Note: My...