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  1. Estefania0

    In The New Timeline, Sailor Cosmos Does Not Exist (this is not my theory)

    “Cosmos is supposed to be who Usagi becomes after she loses everyone she loves when chaos takes over in a different reality --she got super upset about this after years of suffering and fled to the reality we know disguised as Chibi-Chibi to help destroy chaos completely. So in the reality we...
  2. Tsundereshipper

    Should Usagi have forgiven Beryl in the 90's anime? Why didn't she?

    So we all know by now that in the 90's anime Usagi had a penchant for forgiving and redeeming the baddies, in fact I believe she pretty much forgave and redeemed every big "Human Boss" the one and only exception being Beryl. This always struck me as strange since with the 90's anime being big...
  3. MementoNepenthe

    Whom Should Usagi Be With?

    From the manga to the musicals, Usagi sure has had her fair share of love interests, some one-sided, some unwelcome, and really only the one that was reciprocal. So, out of everyone Usagi's loved or who has loved her, whom do you think she should have ended up with? Mamoru Chiba Even though...
  4. MementoNepenthe

    What is Your Favorite Form of Usagi?

    Inspired by the Nakayoshi Character Polls, I thought it might be interesting to see which of Usagi's many selves is the most popular. As much as I love all of them, I'd have to pick Princess Serenity and Sailor Cosmos as my favorites due to how mysterious and elegant they are. What about you...