Why isn't wikimoon working?

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Apr 1, 2017
Well, if it gets that far, maybe cameos (perhaps defined as any time a character only appears for a single scene or less, in a given a chapter/episode) could be marked with asterisks or italicized text or something, and counted separately from their total appearances number?

So for example, that time when the three Shitennou appear in the episode 44 flashback, it would only count as a cameo for them, but as an appearance for Kunzite since he has a bigger part in the episode. I think most really minor cameos, like when Umino appears in the back of Usagi's class in the first episode of S, can be outright confirmed as a cameo; the back of Naru's head is the only exception I can think of offhand, where I'm not sure if it's a 'real' cameo.


Luna Crescens
Sep 14, 2017
Trampa, Florida
Wikimoon is my far my favorite Sailor Moon Wiki out of all of them (mostly for the reasons previously stated on the thread) too! I didn't actually read the manga until recently, but even before then, I was able to get detailed, easy-to-access information about it from Wikimoon with a format that is easy to read through, and it goes well beyond the basics to me. I still go on there just to read the articles through and appreciate the people running it so much!

lord Martiya

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 11, 2015
Can't download the search plug-in. Am I the only one?

Kerochan no Miko

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Feb 29, 2004
Then the one that is used to search the site from the brower's search bar?
That sounds like something on your browser, not the website.

WikiMoon, again, does not have anything associated with it that needs to be downloaded. If you're downloading random software, you might want to run a malware scan.

Time Sage

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Apr 23, 2012
Behind You! BOO!
I only skimmed this thread, but as someone who actively wrote alot of the articles on the orginal Wikipeida, when I stopped contributing the articles were all of good quality so alot of the info there should be good sources on top of Wikimoon. (I left becauase they started cutting info and reducing the number of articles)


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May 7, 2009
Currently I can't save any edits - whenever I do, it shows the error message "A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software." :confused:

Dr. Xadium

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It should be back up now and functioning properly; we had to migrate the database and update the wiki.

I have tested login / edits / special pages / image uploads and they all work; please report any issues here.

I am going to make this the official wikimoon trouble announcements / concerns thread to be linked off the main page there and I will be starting up an announcements-only twitter as well.

Dr. Xadium

Das Suburban Senshi Ubermeister
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Thank you Xadium for saving yet another site, even though this site was your fault.
Yes, it's not quite public knowledge that the idea for WikiMoon sprang forth fully-formed from my addled mind like a floppy disk out of the head of Ami Mizuno~