90s anime transformation in Crystal style.

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Jun 22, 2022

I made the 90s anime transformation in Crystal style!! I literally love this and I’m so proud of it. Yes, I haven’t posted on here since last summer.. but I’m planning to be more active on this forum.

ohhh yeah I got a YT channel because I convinced my mom to let me after seven years xD

Moving BG by me, made in a software on my computer. It’s called “Fireworks” which is a particle editor software. it only works on macOS (I think). It’s 4.99 USD. But I recently bought it yesterday and I’m going to start using it to make moving backgrounds! I may or may not make a tutorial post on how to do it, it requires basic coding knowledge..

Drawn by hand on Clip Studio Paint, edited in IMovie and Picsart. (Idk how to work the animation feature so I airdropped it to my phone to fuse the frames.)