Andreas's Sailor Moon fanart Thread

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Solaris Luna
Jul 21, 2003
Even though Ami is not my fave character, I adore your hand drawn coloring pic. It gives out a gentle feel on your works and the coloring is not bad.

The Sailor Moon one is good too. In my opinion, I find her limbs a bit too skinny. It's ok.
It seems your works look better when done on paper instead of on computer. :)
I find it a lot easier to work on a paper than on a computer, because when I used the paintbucket tool to color the one I made on a computer, the black outline had to be connected to the other end of itself, so that the color wouldn't "leak out", and fill the entire thing. I did draw the computer one on a paper, then I scanned it into a computer, and I had to redraw everything, with a mouse, so that my image editing software would recognize the outline, as an outline. My mouse has a very high sensitivity level, and that makes it a bit harder. I also think it is a lot more fun drawing on a paper ^^