Carl Macek's SM and the Scouts: Or... my alternate history re-imagining of DiC SM

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Lumen Cinererum
Apr 3, 2023
Hi everyone!

As some of you might have picked up, I sometimes include a small flourish i my posts. "In a fanfic I'm brainstorming," or "that reminds me of something I'm writing."

Well, its because there has been a fanfic rattling around in my head for sometime now. Bits and pieces have been rattling since the 90s but it began in earnest about a year ago. Its basically a collection of all my head cannons and fan theories ore than anything else and its presented as a metafiction. What if Carl Macek had dubbed Sailor Moon for DiC like was supposed to?

Who was Macek? He was an 80s/early 90s anime importer famous (or infamous) for altering the anime he imported to English speaking markets. According to TV Tropes , his "early "free adaptations" of anime frequently bore little or no resemblance to the original Japanese stories. His usual procedure was to dispose of the original script entirely, and write his own from scratch. [...] He would often combine two or more unrelated series simply in order to have enough episodes to fulfill a syndication deal, the most famous (and successful) of these resulting in Robotech. "

However, TV Tropes itself states that just because a show was changed did not make it bad. It lists things such as Voltron as altered versions of the original and that are fondly remembered to this day and admits that at the time Macek did this (a world without internet or streaming or easy downloads), it was unknown if "as is" anime could succeed. Indeed, DiC Sailor Moon was different from the original we all know that. Indeed, look at the end credits and it calls itself an adaptation. The dubbers in the mid 90s apparantly thought they had to do it to succeed

But Macek was asked to be the boss of the DIC dub. He wasn't able to for X-reason and that leaves me with a framing story. In another world, Macek got the job and worked his black magic on SM. Again not a bad thing, as TV Tropes explains with "Woolseyism". Its named after video game translator Ted Woolsey, a man seen by some as " an iron-fisted dictator who was convinced that American gamers were morons, and couldn't accept a culture besides their own. To others, Woolsey was a hard-pressed but nonetheless creative artisan who was the primary reason that these games weren't rendered incomprehensible to Westerners, translated literally with little regard for accuracy or comprehensibility, completely remolded to suit the audience, or worse."

But as TV Tropes says.
Woolsey's changes? They actually worked. Some of the lines were so well integrated into the collective consciousness of the game that they have been embraced by the fandom instead of reviled. Though a good number of the script changes were probably unnecessary, many fans have come to the agreement that they don't hurt the final product; sometimes they even make it better. The script has diverged from the original — maybe wildly — and yet, it works anyway, just like a good localized translation should.

That's a Woolseyism: The Pragmatic Adaptation's answer to a Dub-Induced Plotline Change. It can also apply to scene additions that weren't in the original source

You might say that's every fanfic there. Its certainly mine.

So... two stories at once a SM reboot re-imagining the entire franchise from ground zero... as told through a framing story of "me" writing a article concerning the history of Macek's (my) SM adaptation. Hey, I like metafiction! ... And what DiC SM could have been of Macek had been the dub boss. DiC SM is fondly remembered by its fans, and yes parts of DiC SM are mentioned as Woolseyisms. Did Macek do something bad when he made his altered dubs? Maybe... but if so he was very good at being very bad

I already have the basic idea in my head... but I know my weakness when it comes to plotting fanfics. I dream too easy and I dream too big. Thus, I have made a rough draft outline and I would like you all to take a look at it. I'd e very grateful for feedback. First half today, second half tomorrow. See'ya!


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 3, 2023
First half of the season one reboot/re-imagining/alternate history

  • Write as if real life retrospective for anime insider but that it almost ever happened. Its thanks to Carl Macek. He was an anime importer ad I the mid 90s he saw clips from Sailor Moon, specifically the fight with beryl at the season 1 finale. He knew he wanted to import it and have his streamline pics dub it but DiC beat him to it.
  • However, DiC offered him a job dubbing it. It was going to e a straight dub but Andy Heyward said, do for us what you did for Robotech. They thought that America kids would not accept Sailor Moon as it so they had Americanize it. (The contract with Toei also said that DiC would own any new thing they made.) DiC did not want to do a dub, they wanted to make an adaptation.
  • Such a thing is very tricky and could have failed. Optimum Dub could still have doe good voice work and Cihi would still have doe great music but it would have been very hit and miss. But in giving this adaption to Macek they made the best choice. He had repackaged and merged three different animes to make one America cartoon called Robotech.
  • It wasn’t Macek’s choice but he said that if you can’t get out of it, get into it. He watched the entire 200 episodes along with every special and movie, skimmed the manga I one week marathon. The idea was that he would cheat. The original writers made it up as they went along. His adaptation would be made with every dub episode written to tie into greater story. (No dub induced plot holes here.)
  • Ad yes it would be different, not to the degree of power rangers, no, but enough that it was legally a separate entity. DiC’s contract had a clause was that it would own whatever new things it made I exchange for them paying Toei a cut of the profits I perpetuity.
  • Macek was a stern taskmaster, he would have writers do marathon session watching subtitled originals and the going to the library to find references to enrich the story… but it worked.
  • What follows is a overview of the America franchise/reboot Macek created. As per the contract, DiC would own it as long as they provided Toei with the money… so they had to keep making new stuff and they did via comics books ad novels and the like.
  • Are the comics cannon? Well… yes. For years many ignored Sailor Moon’s Archie comics or at best considered them unofficial. They were g-rated baddassery in the style of Archie’s Sonic comics.
  • But… many of them were made by tv show writers or made with the official show Bible. And they were referenced later on in certain episodes. And of course the DiC/Toei collaboration SM: Silver/Crystal was based on the comics
  • In terms of canonicity tiers, DiC’s Sailor Moon and the Scouts is tv show/movies, then Archie comics, then all other comics/novels/kids books, then random merchandise, then comments made by staff in an official capacity like comic s letter columns, comments when representing SM at cons… the doujin.
  • If you put it all together, DiC created an alternate continuity that told a tale stretching across more than 60,000 years and the entire multiverse that Princess Serenity, “Serena” Angelique Selene was only a small part of
  • It was called Sailor Moon and the Scouts.
  • To understand season one, we need to know how about SM Uncensored. Is SM a kids cartoon… it can be scary and at time inappropriate for little kids but as long as they have their parents or teenage siblings, they can handle it. All that kids merch meant they expected to kids to watch
  • For example, Land Before Time is all manner of traumatizing but you expect the parents that take the little kids there stay there to hold the kids hands when, Sharptooth kills Littlefoot’s mother.
  • TV is different. How many of you reading this were raised by the electronic babysitter. How many of you USE the electronic babysitter?
  • In America, we traditionally think of cartoons as being for kids or for those young at heart. Today, anime streaming services means that you can show something as is and be certain someone will watch. In the 90s, this did not exist so something would have to change for SM to get mainstream exposed to America audiences. If there are no cuts it would languish in a video store appreciated by “real fans” and nobody else.
  • Macek’s idea was clean it up but never dumb it down. (Indeed, his Macross could get messed up.)
  • He got into Sailor Moon because he saw the season one finale against Beryl. He got a deal with DIC that he could release it uncut—mostly.
  • Example, when the Sailors are killed, the others never say “dead” and maybe even add ragged gasps to show they are merely injured.
  • 2+2=4 when we see give the Princess their strength they are transparent. If they weren’t dead then, they are dead now.
  • DiC lied to him because they gave those episodes to Fred Ladd who removed ten minutes of footage from them and combined them into a single episode.
  • Now, it was still good. Hawkes voice actig was heartbreaking and Cihi’s “Carry On” worked so much better than the original music…
  • Macek saw it however and spat but not because it was bad. Despite Ladd’s censorship it was still good… if he, Macek, had had the chance to make it, how much better would it have been?
  • SM was successful and DiC approached Macek. He was on his way out… but they asked him if he could made a SM movie from episodes? They wanted a movie but they hadn’t gotten the rights to the actual movies.
  • Macek said, he wanted it I writing that he could make it as he wanted, no cuts. Flip flopping Heyward said go for it. It was advertised as “The version you did not see on tv!”
  • That of course led them to a partial redubbing season one. Later seasons would have the voice actors read their lives twice, once for the mainstream censored kid’s version and once for the Toonami midnight run.
  • SM Uncensored was almost a gag dub. Later fans asked which is the real version…. They said whichever one most people talk about
  • There was the episode where they were animating the Sailor V movie. The producer pointed at Sailor V’s leg and said random things and the animator looked on indifferently. They then ran it again and the producer said “Sailor V’s legs need a little a bit of sugar.” To which the animator smirked and said, “So you want us to make a 13 year old a little sluttier, eh?” “This is the version they don’t want you to see,” shouted the announcer with the following accompanied by relevant clips. “Blood! Panty shots! Child abuse! Bad words! Child molesters! Gays! Lesbians! Trannies! Incest! Well at least we don’t have 14 year olds do full frontal nudity!” Serena naked in episode 200 with black censorship bars hiding the naughty bits. “OK maybe we are. Sailor Moon Uncensored! Only Toonami…”
  • So, yes, SM was supposed to have been one censored version but Macek took the chance to create a uncensored version and souted it to te world with his movie “Sailor Moon and the Scouts: The Movie: Day of Destiny” or just “SM: Day of Destiny.”
  • The movie (and by extension the franchise) opens in darkness with a father telling his daughter a story. “Do you want to know the full story? What really happened? It might e scary, Are you sure. Very well. Here we go.”
  • I was there I theaters when it showed. I knew that the father was Darien but a daughter?
  • The movie is season one edited together. It has Episode one, the dace at the embassy, the reveal of the Princess, the final showdown with clips from other episodes to round it out. New animation was commissioned to fill in the blanks
  • What follows is a summary of season one with how if differed from the original and set up a entire universe. Ad… because this is where an entire generation swore to become SM fans forever.
  • It opens I space flying past the planets before settling I Tokyo and entering the Tsukino house. We see young girl named Usagi Tsukino wake up panicked that she’s late to school and runs down the steps…
  • Mama Tsukino says Usagi hurry up. And she says, "I will Mom but its Serena!"
  • :sigh: "Where did you get that nickname?"
  • "Just came to me in a dream gotta go mom!"
  • Hmmm…
  • As Usagi “Serena” Tsukio is running to school from home, she runs into a cat being tortured by some children. She chases them off and removes a bandage from its forehead, finding underneath what she calls a "crescent-shaped bald spot". She makes it to school where among other things speaks with fried Molly and school nerd Melvin. They mention superhero Sailor V and Melvin says to watch out, energy vampires from another dimension (the negative universe) are out to get us, They’ll disguise themselves as anyone! How does he know? The tabloids say so!
Meanwhile, the evil Queen Beryl of the Negaverse (Dark Kingdom) is planning with her servant, Jadeite, to steal energy to reawaken “the First Born of Chaos.” (Queen Metalia.)

  • Nobody exactly whose idea it was to turn the Dark Kingdom into the Negaverse. Macek said it was like that when he was brought on board. Bit changed it was so that Beryl was queen of an entire hell realm, a chaos dimension pure negativity. She and her armies were waging a 10,000+ year war against the Cosmos dimension. It was never revealed entirely one single episode, but all the scattered references show that fully half the galaxy was under her rule but that was not enough, they needed to harvest the life force of those humans touched by the Silver Crystal. The one power capable of defeating her (or granting her absolute power) was somewhere in Tokyo ad that meant preying on the people of the city
Jadeite sends a monster named Morga to the diamond shop run by Serena's friend Molly/Naru's mother, and she drains energy by selling cursed jewelry. After failing an exam, and later running into Mamoru Chiba, who calls her "meatball-head". Later at home, the cat comes and talks to her. It tells her that she is the Sailor Scout of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. It is her destiny to save the world from the Negaverse Dark Kingdom. The cat, named Luna, gives Usagi a magic brooch and tells her to say "Moon Prism Power, Make Up." She does and is transformed into Sailor Moon.

  • I the movie, they extend the scene where Luna gives the locket to Serena having her say “Ten thousand years ago, out moon was home to a great civilization ruled by Queen Serenity. Everything was peaceful… until the arrival of the evil Queen Beryl! To conquer the moon, she unleashed the unholy power of the Negaforce. Though her word was destroyed, her last hope was the Imperium Silver Crystal and the Crescet Moon Wand. Queen Serenity entrusted me to keep them safe for if our enemies were ever to get ahold of them the universe is doomed but most of all, I must protect her dear daughter. I was set to your time so that with you aid, I might find the princess and she will at last be safe. She alone can use the Silver Crystal, she alone can save us all. As the prophecy says, she’ll be standing in the night, the crescent wand her only light. She’ll stand alone against the darkest fear, but she’ll see her friends are near. She’ll draw from each the power she needs and Evil’s Queen she will defeat!”
Sailor Moon goes to the jewelry store to save Naru and the others from Morga. A mysterious masked man named Tuxedo Mask appears to help Sailor Moon, and she throws her tiara at Morga and says "Moon Tiara Action!" Morga is destroyed, and Jadeite's energy is lost.

  • Lore building
  • Comics and junior novels reveal after defeating Morga she went home and curled up into a little ball. Serena wasn’t just scared of the monster, she was genuinely worried about how she knew her powers instinctively. Luna says she’s the chosen one and how she cannot tell her mother the secret. Her mother raised her to know right from wrong ad so she elects to e a hero. She keeps the secret thinking to keep her family safe. Macek didn’t want her to be sidelined and, o boy, that is just the start of Mama Tsukino’s divergence. No she doesn’t know but the comics ad junior novels show that she knows something weird is happening
  • Other world building differences… seen in the show’s dialogue (and the cannon comics) is that Stanton International is the Wal-Mart of Japan and that the Tsukino’s often shop there. Not just that but Serena’s magazine writer father’s magazine is owned y Galaxy Communications. Hmmm…
  • Episodes pass and Luna periodically speaks to "Central Control" on the arcade machine
  • The original had a random robot voice but where, the voice is a woman's voice, imploring her to take care of dear Serena.
  • More than that, the scene where "Central Control" is revealed to be Artemis is deleted so we ask who this person is... Hmmm...
  • Its worth saying that to everyone’s shock there actually is a Central Control, survivors of the moon kingdom leading the fight against beryl
  • Usagi meets a girl named Ami whom Luna suspects to be from the Dark Kingdom, but fighting off an attack from Jadeite's monster Garoben, Luna realizes that Ami is Sailor Mercury, so she gives her a transformation pen that, when she says "Mercury Power, Make Up", transforms her into Sailor Mercury. She weakens Garoben with Sabão Spray and Sailor Moon destroys her.
  • Interesting divergence is Mercury was not a student who had always been there. No she was a new transfer. As revealed as Serena and her civilian school friends, gossiped, Amy flunked out of a brain farm, Mugen Academy
  • Yes, THAT Mugen academy. Season 3 introduced a villain school called Mugen ad Macek decided to do a bit of foreshadowing, to make connections. As fully explained in the sub cannon of the Archie comics, Amy attended because it was said to be a challenging school. It was certainly competitive but there was rampant bullying and cheating was tolerated. Amy left not knowing she saved her soul by leaving when she had the chance.
  • We also see the first appearance of Mei “May Day” Mizuno, Amy hard fighting, hard swearing, hard drinking tattooed, adrenaline junkie with a heart of gold mother. A far cry from the calm and elegant doctor who was Amy’s mother in the manga—and presumably the anime. The comic book writer was a rush that day and had a bad translation so, a doctor became a ambulance driver and a slightly crazy one to boot to contrast here with her book worm daughter
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury defeat Jadeite's monster Ramua,.

The story involves the manipulation of time and Jedite says that their forces are assaulting the time gates even as they speak. Ramua is leading the fight against Sailor Pluto wit her time manipulation powers. With Ramua’s time manipulation powers there is no way she can lose.

Yes… they foreshadowed Pluto… and expanded the Negaverse/Dark Kigdom’s scope terribly.

After that, Sailor Moon goes to investigate aboard a bus that Jadeite's monster Kigaan is using to kidnap innocent people for use as youma food in another dimension. As the bus passes in front of her family’s shrine, shrine maiden Rei Hino is suspect. She is innocent but as a bad feeling about Jed, the new assistant whom her grandfather hired

Rei Hino discovers Jadeite's intentions so he sends her there as well. Luna gives her a transformation pen so she can transform into Sailor Mars, and she destroys Kigaan with Fire Soul. Sailor Mercury stops the black hole from closing y praying to the “Lord of the Cosmos” (again, foreshadowing), and Tuxedo Mask rescues all the girls from the dimension.

The Archie did another origin issue, this one for Rei. Like Amy Rei did not have a happy homelife. Amy’s parents were divorced and she was living with her mother. Sadly that was better than what Rei faced.

Raye’s father was a workaholic politician. He was never cruel but his job always came first, even to the point of walking away from his wife’s death bed. Raye’s mother died holding her baby girl’s hand… and Raye never forgave her father for that. She went to live with her maternal grandfather—she wanted nothing to do with her father. … So pretty much the same as his original self

That issue ended with a disguised Jedite getting the job at grandpa’s temple. Rei saw this and felt a strange mix of romantic desire and sheer hatred. As if they had once been in love but he betrayed her trust. Yes, though not mentioned in the anime, Macek’s adaptation revived the past life romance between the Sailors and the Shitennou, here Jedite and Princess Reyna Igniax, Sailor Scout of Mars

After the three Sailor Senshi foil two more of Jadeite's plans and destroy his monsters Murid and Thetis, Queen Beryl threatens to put Jadeite to Eternal Sleep if he fails again. He challenges the Sailor Senshi to a battle at the airport, but eventually, they defeat him and he is run over by a jet. Beryl puts him into an eternal frozen state and freezes him into endless darkness (Eternal Sleep). Nephrite becomes her new commander, but Zoisite dislikes him and wants to have his turn.

We see another part of Beryl’s character. She did not “love” Thetis but appreciated her usefulness to the point where she was visibly angry when Jedite’s plan led to her destruction. “Do you have any idea of her potential? She could have been a shadow!” (Later issues of the Archie comics and Sentaur’s jr novels showed Thetis grow from a young “girl” serving as Beryl’s maids to a powerful fighter who might well have become the leader of a new Seven Shadows—ad as powerful as the true Shadows were, that’s saying something!)

The next part is how when she pronounces death on Jadite unless he should kill the Sailors, she quotes a certain wise Earth philosopher, o whether it is better to be feared than loved. Fear is better because love is fickle whilst fear is based on wishing to avoid punishment, a universal constant. She was quoting Machiavelli! Macek had Beryl quote me like Karl Marx, Nietzsche, Hobbs, when she had to justify something. And others to show she just what kind of a world view she had. (In one comic book set when she had Endymion as prisoner, she was reading a book for tips to a romantic evening. The name on the book was Donatien Alphonse François, aka Marquis de la Sade!!!) Never by name Archie had to keep it clean to pass uder te radar but by quotes and from the titles of the book you knew what was going on. Doujinovels ad comics outright named tem.

And yes, there was tat Archie com where Thetis gave beryl a picture of the infamous Figure with Meat o her birthday, over 1st or true Halloween. (really…) Beryl accepted it saying that it was one of the few human artworks to show the truth.

Beryl succeeds as Queen of the Negaverse because all the other would be queens self destructively say “evil for its own sake” as a goal worth pursuing. She sees evil as a means to a end… and that any act no matter how heinous can e approved of if it furthers the goal

Nephrite's plans to gather energy for Queen Metalia involved draining one person's energy at its peak (as opposed to Jadeite gathering energy from several people at once) by charging an item close to them with dark energy, and eventually, a monster would appear from the item. However, each of his plans was foiled when Sailor Moon destroys his monsters: Tesuni, Petasos, Black Widow, Cameran, and Jumo. While he is posing as a millionaire named Masato Sanjouin, Naru falls in love with him.

So yes, many fans were shocked when they saw that the Wal-Mart of the Sailor Moon universe was owned by Maxfield Staton. Yes, Mama Tsukino was financing her daughter’s destruction every time she went to Max –Mart for good deals.

We also saw from the dialogue Macek and Crew made and more fully explained I the comics and the novels that yes, Stanton was not the only one disguising himself as a mundane human. The Negaverse actually had moles in positions of power throughout the world… but more on that later.

One of the more interesting of Macek’s glosses is this. Under Jedite, mention was made of the Prince of Darkness, or Prince who would lead them to victory and raise up Elysion and all Atlantis

Beryl’s four henchmen could have been just the “Generals” but macek said good enough is not good enough

In the original manga it was show that once upon a time, the “Generals” were the Shtinnou, four heavenly Kings and served Prince Endymion/Tuxedo Mask before turning to evil.

Macek’s version reamed them, jadeite referred to himself as one of the Infernal Knights, in service to the Chaos and its champion.

As he made his plans I his negaverse mansion, nephrite said he was a Celestial Knights a acceptable translation of the original name, and one easily marketable. He justified that with his command of the stars but more than that… he knew his prince was out there.

The Knights had been the bodyguard of the Price of Earth but alas he was betrayed and Atlantis destroyed y the Moon Kingdom. For that they swore loyalty to Beryl but know the prince was reborn. Nephlite called on the stars to look for the prince and as he did so, it was the only time Zoicite showed care for him. “I really do hope you find him,” she/he said.

As early as season one, they were foreshadowing the events I season 4. Macek imagined Edymion as the Prince of Elysion but it would have made little sense to the average viewer. Elysian references the blissful afterlife of Greek mythology but who would get the reference. Atlantis was well know so Shittenou/Four Heavenly Kings/Celestial Knights/Infernal Knights were looking for their prince to revive Elysian, capital of Atlantis… and if they had to destroy modern civilization to do it… well to bad for the mundane.

And speaking of Zoicite… the adapters decided early on that they would change him from an effeminate gay male to a woman so as to allow it to be shown to a target audience of (90s) children. Macek saw it as a necessary sacrifice but on seeing the opportunity provided by DiC’s commissioning of Sailor Moon uncensored added additional dialogue. As said in passing in the uncensored version and elaborated on in the novel’s and comics, Zoicite was a gay man in the time of the Silver Millennium but was, against his will, turned into a biological woman.(A metafictional commentary on what happened IRL) His/her bisexual lover Malachite was determined to continue their relationship. He was aroused be his husband’s sexy female body almost as much he was aroused by Zoicite’s male soul. And yes, Zoicite considered himself a man trapped in a woman’s body (again metafiction) and, though not much mentioned, he (to use his preferred pronouns) was legally married to Malachite

After sending a monster named Regulus after Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and later attacking them in an elevator shaft, Nephrite discovers Tuxedo Mask's true identity.

He also asks if Tuxedo Mask is the log lost prince

After one more of Nephrite's plans is foiled (Castor and Pollux being destroyed by the Sailor Senshi)

It played mostly the same with the animators named Cassie and Paula, tying into the twins theme. They intially planned to delete the song but played at the climax of the episode but Macek had it replaced with Cihi (ad the others) singing “Sisterhood is Forever.”

Queen Beryl turns her attention to getting the Silver Crystal, and searches for the Moon Princess. He mistakenly thinks Princess Diamond (Princess D) is the Moon Princess and implants Soul Shadow in her, but he is driven out, and Sailor Moon destroys him.

The dreams start coming. I SM’s dream he calls the princess Serenity and she calls him Endymion. Recut so Serea is sleeping I her pajamas, switches to the dream and Darien wakes up. At the embassy they dance and they kiss. The kid version has it be in their dreams as Serenity and Endymion. The movie and uncut, they are awake and they just know.

Both work and according to DiC official released both are cannon (I got no explanation), but Macek’s preferred version works better.

Eventually, Serena discovers that Molly is in love with Nephrite, and tries to tell her that he is evil. The Sailors fight Nephrite and defeat him. Sailor Moon is about to destroy him with her tiara when Molly jumps in front of him, forcing Sailor Moon to stop her attack. Nephrite, in turn, protects Naru from an attack by Zoisite's monster, Yasha, and Sailor Moon destroys her with her tiara.

Lisa Lumby’s original draft had SM wish on a shooting star that Nephlite change.

Macek said not good enough, look at her clasped hands, and had her pray to the Lord of the Cosmos that Nephlite find redemption

When Nephrite, in an attempt to find Sailor Moon, tells Naru Molly his real name and that he wants to fight alongside the Sailors, she calls Serena, and Nephrite soon discovers (though Naru does not know) that she is Sailor Moon. However, Zoisite has three monsters, Housenka, Grape, and Suzuran, kidnap Molly, and Nephrite saves her from them. But the monsters return and Grape stabs Nephrite with thorns from her arm. The Sailors destroys all three monsters, but Nephrite dies of his injuries and dissolves into dust.

Haertreaker. Comics and novels have him say that he was beginning to suspect that he had been lied to and that price would not side with Beryl. He died but at least he saved his honor

In some ways, its good that Neplite died when he did because of just how horrid things would become in the Negaverse. He would not have to be part to it

Queen Beryl uses the energy se had collected to finally awake the Negaforce. We had been told of this First Born of Chaos, this demon and now we finally saw it… and we were not disappointed. On te surface, the Negaforce tells Beryl to find the seven Rainbow Crystals, each of which is inside an earthling, with one of the Seven Shadows inside it.

It was genuinely creepy. One twist Macek did was have Beryl’s eyes glow red when she is angry… or we she uses large amounts of black magic. And her voice… her english dialogue was overlaid with something that just sounded… wrong. It was the same words… but done in LOTR black speech. And to hear the Negaforce, finally awakened speaking likewise with even the English voice distorted… I felt sick as I heard it in theaters

The Negaforce… Metallia was a shadowy demon. In the Macek dub… she is “the first born of Chaos”. Worth noting that the Sailor characters even civilians never say “go to hell” or “the devil take it” even I the uncut version. They say, “Go to Chaos!” or “Chaos take it.” At first, it was a way of escaping the censor—its not a bad word after all. But does this then mean that Chaos is the Devil? What does this mean, that the Negaforce is Chaos’ firstborn?

One novel had Neptune/Michelle reading Paradise Lost and shudder when she read the first born of Satan, a daughter named sin. Sin, that it to say evil itself, was born in Satan’s mind and se gave birth to herself y puching her way out of her father’s skull. You knew Mr Milton Neptune said.

The Seven shadows are bad news. In the original anime, the Seven Great Youma are the monsters who the Raiow crystal carriers turn into when the crystal is removed. Macek saw that the youma don’t seem that much stronger than other Yoma and the they were foreshadowed in Beryl’s flashback as literal shadows. Macek then had dubbers/adapters rewrite the dialogue in that episode to say that the rainbow crystal carriers’ monster forms are not the seven great Youma/Seven Shadows. The seven Shadows are something far worse. The negaforce needs them because not only are they hero killers on their own (they are doom ad gloom girls) but they can combine to form her body…

Zoisite tracks down the first, Game Machine Joe, who becomes friends with a girl named Makoto, and extracts the crystal from him, then awakens the shadow within him, transforming him into Game Machine Man. Luna gives Makoto a transformation pen and she uses it to transform into Sailor Jupiter. Luna gives Sailor Moon the Crescent Moon Wand, and she uses it to heal Joe.

She sighs and says Andrew is the like the old boyfriend who broke her heart. Lita/Jupiter had two old boyfriends who broke her heart, one of them was nephlyte. They never met up in their current lives but once when calling upon the power of the stars, the footage showed a image of the planet Jupiter passing before his face. The dub/adaption had him sigh ad say, Jupiter so strong ad so beautiful. Maybe his memories of that time were blurred but e remembered Princess Leeda Junofilia (Leeda, daughter of Juno), Sailor Scout of Jupiter very fondly

The obligatory origin comic retold her parents death by plane crash thus made she who was princess of a sky world afraid of the sky.

The other six crystal carriers are:

a priest. Molly is recovering from nephylte’s death and Serena and Melvin are trying to cheer her up. One improvement over the original is that Melvin/Umino instead of saying some radom erdy thing thus making Ugag’s smacking him seem cruel, he says that the new gossip is that millionare Maxfield Stanton disappeared thus making Serena’s smacking him a attempt to preserve Molly’s feelings. Molly goes to a graveyard, its true and meets a priest whom she recognizes as one Father Abel. They talk and she describes “a friend” whom was mixed up with “bad people” before he died. What hurts her most is that… if the people he worked for are that evil, is he now in hell? (kid friendly censored version, not sure if he’s in heaven.) Father Abel comforts her saying that if he loved her enough to die for her, there is no way he’s in hell. (censored version: He must he in heaven.) Zoicite shows up and the priest on seeing her magics asks, “the witch”, if she in league with Chaos. She laughs and says that she is glad to know that te queen’s gradfather is still remembered. He turns into a boxing monster who says “and if someone strikes you on the one cheek, smite him on the other!” thus quoting priest of Satan Anton Levays perversion of Jesus amxim. Quite appropriate. And yes, the corrupted Father Abel’s battle cry is “Let’s raise some Cain!”

, a boy who can predict the future (who becomes friends with Ami). “Greg” as he is reamed has a crush on her but his nightmares of turning into a monster and tearing her clothes off before killing her. (The rippig was of course kept in the uncensored version.) Significant for two things. One, Zoicite had a sincere hatred for Greg, almost a jealousy, on seeing his feelings for Amy/Mercury. Some dialogue sounded like a jilted lover seething over a romantic rival. It was later confirmed through books and comics that yes, he had lingering memories of her/his love for Princess Amaia, Sailor Scout of Mercury.

, an artist named Yumemi Yumeno. Lonnie Linai. Like may of the others, she has strange powers. She asks Serena and Darien to pose for a painting of Selene and Endymion, a romantic couple from greek mythology, though not one that will make you blush! What if it was based on an actual event she says. Darien sees the picture ad panics. Is it true? (Macek saw the chance to make a referece and did it.) She made another appearance albeit as a retcon as Ms Marino, Rini’s art teacher. The comics and the novels ran under the idea that you should not make new characters we you can use a existing one… or retcon them into a existing character

Motoki's girlfriend Reika. Andrew Crown… why not. Its mostly the same… but instead of being a science major going to Africa to research the origin of life… Rita is am archaeology major. The professor she serves under believes in the theory of Atlatis, that it was real that there was once a golden kingdom that encompassed all earth before recorded history. Again, Macek adding a gloss to develop the greater story.

Rei's grandfather. Othing new.

We see Yuichir/Chad. He is reimagined as a washed up wannae rock star. One interesting touch is that he had a job as an intern with Stanton International, Maxfield Stanton/Sanjoin Masato’s company. He died and so the shell company died with him. And Chard was out of a job. Through the second half of season one, if someone is in dire straits, they were a civilian employee of Stanton International ad lost their job we “Stanton” denied.

Rei’s gradfather has true faith as he is able to repel Zoicite, whom he calls a witch of Chaos

fat cat named Rhett Butler. They though to rename Rhett Butler to Hercules. Macek the taskmaster said not enough. Seeing that the cats name in the original were references to Gone with the Wind, he had another idea, refer to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. So yes, Rhett Butler becomes Bustopher Jones (a gentlemanly fat cat), his monster self becomes Mr. Macavity (the feline) villain. From Luna’s translation of his dialogue, we know he calls her his Bombalurina (a beautiful queen cat), his Jellylorum (a mother cat so gentle with her kittens). And yes Luna refers to sentient cats like herself (or semi sentient but silent cats like Rhett/Bustopher) as Jellicles. And yes, Butler would make appearances now and again I the comics and novels as the old noyfried and sometime rival to Artemis.

The other cats, the bad one made “cat calls.”

One by one, Zoisite extracts their crystals and transforms them into (respectively) Boxy, Bunbo, Binah, Rikoukeidar, Jiji, and Bakene. The Sailors gets one of the crystals, Tuxedo Mask gets two, and Zoisite gets three, bringing his total up to four.

Tuxedo Mask has no memories and wonders where he goes when he lack out. But he gets the truth when he finds the crystal. He wants to know his story. He wants the truth

All six monsters are healed by Sailor Moon. Eventually, after fighting off an attack from Akan (an actor turned into a monster by Zoisite), Sailor Moon is forced to hand her crystal over to Zoisite, even though she heals the actor. Queen Beryl's fourth general, Malacite, who is in love with Zoisite, goes with him to attack the Sailors, and he traps them in a dark dome, while Zoisite impersonates Sailor Moon to trick Tuxedo Mask, and stabs him. However, he is attacked by Sailor Venus, who then attacks Malacite, releasing the Sailors from the dome. Sailor Venus has with her a talking cat like Luna. His name is Artemis.

Zoisite challenges Darien (who is really Tuxedo Mask) to a battle at Starlight Tower over the crystals. Serena comes with him, unaware of what Zoisite is going to do. Before they can fight, Kunzite appears and takes the crystals. Despite the fact that Queen Beryl ordered him to take Mamoru alive (so she can turn him to her side), Zoisite tries to kill him, forcing Serena to transform into Sailor Moon in front of him. Darien likewise reveals himself as Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite stabs him with an ice crystal, nearly killing him. Sailor Moon cries for him, and the seven Rainbow Crystals merge with her tears to form the Silver Crystal. She is revealed to be the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity, and Darien is Prince Endymion of Earth.

Heart breaking music is my only love

Zoisite attacks Serenity, but she defeats him using the Crescent Moon Wand, made stronger by the Silver Crystal. Malachite captures Darien and returns to the Negaverse with Zoisite, whom Queen Beryl kills with an energy blast from her crystal ball as a punishment for disobeying her.

It’s a bitter blow is seen when Beryl says, “I have found the true identity of the reborn Price of Earth, and it is Darien. If he dies, then you die, knowing you killed your prince.”

As Zoicite died in Malachite’s arms, he heard the man say he would kill Beryl for this he would join forces with the Sailors! (Somethig that inspired a thousands fanfics…) but Zoicite said no, she deserved to die for raising her had against their prince. Go to Endymion, he needs you, just… don’t forget me

That was the reason Malachite stayed loyal to Beryl. It was loyalty to his prince and Zoicite’s asking him to forgive Beryl. Better that than his just being that loyal in the original.

When Sailor Moon claims the Silver Crystal and turns into the Moon Princess, she falls unconscious and just wakes up later. But in te movie it was different. This episode was one of the ones Macek used to make the movie but changes the footage so that while she is unconscious she has a dream, a vision. He takes footage from season 1 episode 44 so that Sailor Moon wakes up on the Moon and sees Queen Serenity... and hers is the voice of Central Control! She was watching over Serenity Jr, her dear Serena, the entire time! (The other Sailors who where there in the background are erased so that its just SM and her mother the queen)

SM sees the vision of her past life, she’s there for the fall of the moo Kingdom and sees her death at the hands of Beryl. Being that the movie was theatrically released and thus exempt from censorship rules, Macek took the hype of “the version they don’t want you see to the extreme.

Endy says, “Why would I want to join a snake like you, all twisted and ugly and full of bitterness.” Beryl’s eyes glow red and she says “Nobody speaks to Queen Beryl like that!”

Serena and Endymion are floating up and we see a few seconds (newly commissioned animation spliced in to extend it) of Queen Serenity running I full panic saying “Hold darling Mommy’s coming!”

That’s when Beryl sees them and in a rather horrific gloss by Macek… he reedits the scene so Beryl waits until she knows Serenity is watching and THEN has the Negaforce kill Serena and Endy. Serenity clutches her chest and collapses and (new animation) and Beryl laughs. She licks her lips with a literal forked tongue ad says, “the pretty little twit and her price are dead… and the sssnake sssurives!”

Queen Serenity sobs, “The Crystal future I saw ruled by my daughter, my gradchildren Rini and Kousagi… I… I… Don’t worry darling… mommy won’t let it end this way. I won’t let the take away your future!

Of course Queen Serenity uses the Crescent Moon Wand to seal beryl away. As she dies, she tasks Luna with going into the future ad keeping her daughter safe

When said daughter wakes up in modern times, she panics. She does not want to be SM and when Luna calls her Serena, se screams, "Luna don't call me Serena, its Usagi! Pick someone else to be your child soldiers because I don’t wanna be Sailor Moon, not Moon Princess, not moon anything! What'll I tell my mom? OMG Is Mama Tsukino even my mother anymore? Am I still human…?”

One deliberate subversion follows. I the original, an angry and tearful Mars slaps SM saying that the thought that TM sacrificed hiself to save a coward sickens her. Here, not only does she not slap SM, a humbled Mars swallows her pride and says, “You’re the one who defeated Zoicite and the one who can use the Crystal. I never thought you were much of a Sailor, but now I know I was wrong…”

  • Kunzite/Malachite attacks and SM is the only one left. She then remembers Mama Tsukino's words that we must all be brave.
  • “Mommy I saw the moon lady again. She was in my dream and said she was my mother. Is that true. I’m scared!”
  • Usagi, I don’t know what this dream means ut I know this. Whatever other mothers you might have had, I’m here now. And there is nothing wrong with being scared. Just remember, never turn your back on a friend ad ever ru from the real fight!
  • She defeats him. “For my friends… for our Universe!!!”
  • In the wake of the battle, Mars puts her hand o SM’s shoulder. We’ll get TM back. Luna says “It’ll be a tough fight all the way but I know we can beat them, we’ve got to!” Artemis say to his newly reclaimed princess, "Majesty, we're so proud of you." To which Luna adds "And your mothers [plural] would be proud of you to." (Macek might have to reverse the footage so Luna talks last)
  • Yes she has her full memories and Luna calls her majesty from there on. It could result in inadvertent humor I later episodes as Luna scolds her all the while calling her your majesty. “Majesty, get over there and finish your training! Majesty get your rear I gear now, they need you!”
  • She in fact calls all the Sailors, Majesty (which, combined with how easily they accept that title, reminds us in every episode that yes they do all ultimately reclaim their full memories and are the exact same people as their previous selves), but Artemis is a little more casual ad just calls them by their given names
  • One story, published years later but set days or even hours after the above episode, had a timid Luna asking royal obeisance to her Queen, and begging forgiveness between sobs, begging forgiveness for not having recognized her, for scolding her and hectoring her.
  • As both Usagi Tsukino and Serenity Selene, Serena tells Luna that she had a job to do. The other Sailors had a decade long head start and she is struggling to play catch up. With a sad smile she hugs “Duchess Luna Eclipsol von Mau, chamberlain of House Selene” and tells her “do what you must so that I can do what I must. C’mon Luna lets start training!”
  • In their first lives, the Sailor Princesses started their training at the age of four, thus why (compared to Serena) they were so good at being Sailors from the start. They had a decade long head start and though they did not know were just picking up where they left off. Princess Serena not only had to learn everything from scratch, she had to keep up with people who’d been training all their lives—and in the middle of a war… which when you think about it makes a lot of sense for Luna to feel guilty for not being more understanding.
  • Malachite is assigned the task of finding and destroying Sailor Moon and getting the Silver Crystal back from her. He turns several people into monsters, like Mitsuami, Shakoukai, Blizzar, and Misha and Janelle, but they are all healed by Sailor Moon.
  • Interestingly, he at first calls her Sailor Moon or even “the moon brat” but its Beryl of all people who stands up for the Princess! “Malachite, you are one of my Infernal Knights but Serenity Angelique Selene is a queen’s daughter! You will address her with the respect her title deserves!”
  • And yes, Malachite had the monsters referred to Sailor Moon as her majesty from now on. Didn’t stop them from trying to kill her though. If anything, the monsters all jumped at the chance to kill the Moon Princess. “Kill Serenity’s daughter? Beryl will give me a medal for this!
  • Endymion, though he is now evil, often gets into arguments with Malachite and even helps the Sailors out on a few occasions.
  • Endymion… to large degree he was never brainwashed just erased of his memories as Darien and terribly misled. He sees himself as fighting to save the world from the corruption it has fallen into, he wants to restore Atlantis.
  • One comic showed Beryl telling half truths of human trafficking, famines, ethnic cleansing. The Prince on seeing this begins to cry and vows that no matter what it takes, he will destroy the cesspool his world has become and make a better world with Beryl at his side. She tried to warn him about the Moon’s treachery but he would not listen. He will listen to her now.
  • Indeed, at one point, he tells SM that it’s because how Queen Serenity drowned Atlantis that the survivors were forced into the underworld of Elysion. Foreshadowing!
  • Another of Macek’s glosses is that Malachite is extremely submissive to Darien. He will not openly challenge his prince.
  • Endymion summons the Ancient Creature of the Lake, but she is healed by Sailor Moon, turning back into the spirit of a girl. Macek’s gloss was a interesting one.
  • The companion novels and comics set during this tie whether published at the time or after show her dazed and confused by competing sets of memories.
  • She is mourning her mother and when told “mom” is back, she runs overjoyed and cries when its Ikuko and not Queen Serenity resurrected.
  • She compliments her mother’s cooking y saying the servants did a good job, again mixing her parents up.
  • She there I comics and novels set at this time, and in Macek’s dialogue for the episodes would have her occasionally slip back into formal court language.
  • “Prithee Luna, cans’t thee not find it in thine heart and perchance grant me leave to attend the jongleur Chadwick?” It was in one of the Archie comics and she was asking for permission to hear Chad’s concert but to see her do so dressed as Serena with sight gags and pouting… I burst out laughing.
  • Serena pulls out the star locket and remembers the past. She feels sad. In the original, she is sad about Darien/Mamoru and her earth dad yells when he learns the locket might come from a boyfriend. Macek instead has her sad because she doesn’t know who she is anymore and he starts yelling when she calls him, Mr Tsukino. “Mr. Tsukino,” he shouts, “ain’t I your father!?”
  • Later when the monster threatens them and she rescues them, she hugs Ikuko Tsukino tight to her. Again typical stuff. But it closes with Usagi/Serena looking up at the moon and, Macek gloss, she imagines Queen Serenity and the Tsukinos in a group hug. “I have two mothers now, and both of them are queens!”
  • He cut the last second of her ad the Sailors messing around to keep the focus on who she considers her mother
  • The Sailor Says PSA had Serena say that if you have two mothers don’t you dare let anyone tell you one of them isn’t your real mother. That she loves you, that makes her your real mother
  • It was meant to speak of adoption and mixed families but LGBT kids took it to heart with how many of them had two mommies.
  • We also see a episode focused on Venus. There the human turned monster is Venus’ old friend, Katerina. Venus ad operated as Sailor V in London before returning to Tokyo and while there as a rookie teen superhero, befriended policewoman Kat and developed a puppy love crush on Alan.
  • Venus was named for the Roman love goddess and here, hopeless romantic Sailor Moon learned what love even is.
  • For how Katarina chose to betray the human race, betray Venus’ heart by stealing Alan away and knowingly siding with Beryl, an outraged SM (and still rattled by the return of memories of the fall of the Moon Kingdom) actually wanted to kill her. “She has to die! She betrayed love, she’s the worst kind of evil!” (For that, it was banned and shown only on the midnight run.) Venus pleaded with SM to spare her life, the reason being that as long as those you love are safe and happy, that’s all that matters. Katarina woke up from all this thinking it was a bad dream and free from the magic that had been corrupting her. She then walked away holding Alan’s hand as Venus shed a tear for her lost love. In Macek’s SM and the Scouts, all the Sailors had at least one song dedicated to them. Venus’ song played there at the end of the episode. It was called “Being loved never hurts (but loving others always does)”
  • That was a theme of her Archie origin comic. Minako “Mina” Aino was an ordinary girl albeit one with strange dreams of having been an alien princess named M.(yrtle) Inanna Aphrodia, Minanna for short. In the dream, Princess Minanna loved two men, one of who we recognized as Malachite and the other looking like a wannabe Tuxedo Mask called Adonis. In the present, she was chosen by Artemis to serve as a Sailor and as her adventures took her to London (how her parents never noticed wasn’t explained). While there, she met and was romanced by London’s local superhero Phantom Ace who it was hinted was Adonis reincarnated. Venus came to suspect that her dreams were real and wanted to love Adonis/Ace but she also had reason to believe that the Moon Princess would awaken. If so, she needed to be there for her. Adonis/Phantom Ace said that he could not follow her, he himself had sworn an oath to the people of London. It closed with her in her first appearance in episode X using crescent Beam against Malachite ad clutching her chest as she did so, though she knew not why. We knew, however.
  • Again, the Sailor named for the goddess of love, suffered a broken heart and was denied love.
  • There was a Phantom Ace in the manga but their fates were far different…
  • Malachite later tries to recapture the crystal carriers in the hope that he can revive the Seven Shadows.
  • They track Rita to Africa where she is uncovering what she believes is an Atlantean outpost. Endymion mockingly says he did attend that theater in ancient days.
  • But his plan is foiled by Sailor Moon, who heals Endymion. However, Malachite recaptures him.
  • Here we learn the full truth. Chaos is the father of all evil. When he/it rebelled against the Lord of the Cosmos, that decision, that first act of selfishness, that first act of evil, gained sentience. It was the Negaforce. But as an evil thought come to life, it is by its nature disembodied. It was only able to take physical form with aid of the Seven Shadows. In their true forms, they are literal shadows and can combine to create the One Invincible Shadow, a body for the Negaforce to inhabit.
  • But weren’t the monsters the Crystal Carriers turned into, weren’t they the Shadows? Far from it, Malachite’s plan is to capture the Crystal Carriers and use them to revive the true Shadows. He is partially successful. He is able to capture five carriers and with it release five true Shadows
  • In the original it was different. The Seven Shadows/Great Youma are indeed the monsters the crystal carriers turn into and are in no way connected to Metallia/Negaforce. Macek noticed the similarities between the Shadows/Great Youma’ shadow forms in the flash back at the start of their arc, between the One Invincible Shadows and Metallia/Negaforce shadowy body and saw the potential for something greater.
The Sailors pretend to fight each other so they can find the entrance to the Negaverse and yes, they find a tunnel leading to there and fight Malachite. In the middle of the battle, they are taken back in time, where Queen Serenity tells them the story: Princess Serenity from the Moon Kingdom was in love with Prince Endymion from Earth. But Queen Beryl and her followers attacked. They killed Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, and all the Sailors so Queen Serenity was forced to use the Silver Crystal and use up all her power to seal everyone inside the crystal, and all the Sailors reborn on Earth.

In terms of greater continuity that means yes, Queen Serenity met with her daughter twice, once while in a dream/vision just after learning she was Princess Serenity and again in this episode albeit with the Sailors this time

After returning to the present, they are shown crying. SM had already seen all this, but now the other Sailors had their full memories restored as well. They remembered the deaths of their respective home worlds, of their own “deaths” and how if they had a second chance at life it was because Queen Serenity had given hers

They are attacked by Malachite.

One gloss is on how he seriously injures Luna ad Artemis and throws their bodies at the Sailors. In the original, SM ad Venus call out the names of their cats. Here, SM says “No!” and Venus shouts, “You traitor!” In terms of greater continuity, yes, she remembered Malachite’s breaking her heart by siding with Beryl.

He attacks the Sailors and they are cut down but its SM who defies him. She raises her mother’s Crescent Moon Wand and says “I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice, princess of the moon kingdom and you’re worst nightmare! I will right all wrongs and triumph over all evil! And you… you are the worst kind of evil!”

A call back to the earlier Venus episode wit how Malachite betrayed Princess Minanna and his own Prince Endymion

Malachite attacks again, who gets much stronger each time they see him, but Sailor Moon uses her Wand to reflect one of his own energy blades at him. Clutching his wound in pain, he says, “Zoicite, if you can hear me, I’m joining you real soon… Can you hear me!?” before he disappeared.

Did SM kill Malachite? Macek had Terri Hawkes whisper “Oh God no” in that scene, indicating that she didn’t mean for him to die. Macek’s SM and the Scouts was strong on this, SM never killed anyone. Monsters were unliving things so destroying tem was like destroying a robot. Here, the idea of whether or not she could be accused of killing Malachite and how it formed her character would have repercussions on Macek’s US continuity for years to come.

Immediately after, she rallied her team, the final assault on she who had destroyed their home worlds would soon begin. “Queen Beryl is about to meet her match.” “Sailor Scouts!!!”

What happens next is turning point for Sailor Moon both in-universe and IRL. As said earlier, the season one finale was what made Macek want to work on SM. He wanted to do a mostly uncut version. He knew he had to make changes to for it to be released as a mainstream US kids cartoon and that included the finale. That is to say a Sailor is defeated by the DD Girls and she is not moving, the other Sailors say, “Is she… is she…” TV Tropes says never say die. As long as death is not confirmed, there is plausible deniability. He was promised he could so this, that he could keep it uncut as long as he had these disclaimers

But DiC backstabbed him by giving those two episodes to Fred Lad who took out so much that that he had to condense two episodes into one. Macek had the last laugh however because DiC saw the blockbuster success SM was having and asked for a theatrically released movie. They didn’t have the rights to any of the actual SM movies when they decided this but Macek said he could reedit season one episodes into a movie… on the written condition that he didn’t have to censor anything. It was hyped as “the version that they don’t want you to see!”

I was there. I was 14—the Sailors age—when I heard of it. I was a big SM fan ad I knew that the America version of the season one finale was different. How different, I had no idea. Remember 1996 meat that the internet was still a strange thing that other people used. Youtube, wikis, chat rooms, etc did not exist. If we ignore the superfans and focus on the casual fans, for a lot of them SM was whatever DiC told them it was—that was the case for me. Hearing a rumor from a guy who heard it from a guy is one thig. Seeing for yourself and on the big screen is something else. Thus we were in for a big surprise when we saw “Sailor Moon and the Scouts: Day of Destiny” I theaters.


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 3, 2023
As promised, the second half. In the end, I can only talk about myself but growing up as a SM fan i the 90s, the ucesored version of the season one finale was something of a "holy grail". :Ahem: I heard people talk about it on internet fansites and I wanted it so bad, I finally got the chance of course and I just wished that DiC could have made it.

But hey's that's what fanfics are for! So without further ado, here we go!

As Artemis and Luna watch TV reports in a store window, we see many reports about natural disasters. Artemis somberly comments that they will need to act quickly. Serena remembers that these are the same natural disasters that struck the Moo Kingdom before it died. That night, Serena is cooking dinner, making a special curry for her family. Dubiously, they watch as she tastes her handiwork and starts crying.

I the original, Usagi just said it was too spicy. Macek’s gloss was to insert footage of Serena crying sparkly tears and sayig, Mom, I want you to know that whatever else happens tonight, no matter what lives I might have had, you are my mother and I will always love you.

I remember seeing this the first time in theaters and being startled by this this previously deleted scene… and worried by what it meant

Which leads to the ext scene

That night, the five girls gather at Rei’s shrine. By then the Sailor Princesses have regained all their memories and it shows

As the girls prepare, Serena asks if Rei gave Chad a goodbye kiss, and she chastises Serena for making a fatalistic comment. “I don’t need to kiss Chad goodbye. We’re not dying this time!”

Lita just cracks her knuckles saying, “I can’t wait to pay the back for the Europa massacre!”

Amy says they won’t have their parents armies backing them up. “This’ll be our toughest fight ever!”

Artemis breaks it up and tells them that it's time to transform. A Macek gloss was that in the movie, they never showed a group transformation, or indeed many transformations at all. Thus when that scene came it was all the sweeter and yes they remixed the transformation music so fine!

The full moon comes out and (Macek gloss) SM hears her royal mother’s voice urging her to victory. The Sailors hold hands in a circle and concentrate, invoking strong energy from around them. As Artemis calls out "Sailor...Teleport!", the girls disappear, uprooting sections of pavement. As Artemis wishes them good luck, Luna quietly prays to the Lord of the Cosmos that the girls will be safe.

They appear at the South Pole as opposed to the North and why is seen in the dialogue the expanded scene receives

The entrance to the Negaverse is inside a volcano Mt Erabus, so named after the Greek gods of primordial darkness and firstborn of Chaos. (Actual mountain ranges in the Antarctic and the names/myths behind them were irresistable for Macek.

The Sailor call the mountain range, the mountains of madness. The Negaforce, first born of Chaos itself sleeps there. Queen Serenity destroyed its body, yes but as the Sailors say, that is not dead which can eternal lie and I strange eons, even death may die

So yeah they were going for Lovecraftian Cthulu vies there

Queen Beryl, not wanting the Negaforce’s revival to be disturbed, asks for volunteers. The volunteers are the Shadows.

Macek saw that the original’s Seve Great Youma were supposed to be the Dark Kigdom’s strongest youma but when actually seen In action didn’t seem that strong. Not worthy of the hype they were given in Beryl’s flashback. If anything, the DD Girls were the strongest youma

He took advantage of the buildup episodes to say that with Endymions recapture of five crystal carriers, they were able to revive five of the true Shadows, who only having just awakened were not at full power and thus had their most humanoid forms. When I saw this on TV, I was on the edge of my seat. They’d been hyped as Beryl’s strongest fighters since episode X. To finally see them in action would be something.

When I saw it again In theaters with promises that “this is the version they didn’t want you to see”… I was afraid. Ladd’s version had the Shadows merely capture the Sailors. Macek’s uncensored theatrical version however… were the Sailors going to die?!

Suddenly, the wind stops and the ground is shrouded in a purple hazy fog. Though the Sailors are put on alert, Sailor Moon lowers her guard when she sees an illusion of Tuxedo Mask calling for help and rushes forward. The other Sailors pile on top of her to stop her in case it's a trap, as Mercury analyzes the situation. Eventually, Sailor Mercury determines that this is really a Shadow, which attacks the five.

The Sailors see them and, with their voice actors injecting genuine fear into their voices whimper that it’s the shadows.

So you remember us! Says Ms Nyx, the boss shadow

Macek’s gloss, he removes the Shadows/DD girls repeating the same tactic, with Usagi falling for it and getting the Sailors into danger a second time. It just made her look bad

Sailor Jupiter decides to destroy it, but they change the illusion to “her brother.”

In the original the illusion was of Motoki/Andrew but Macek knew he could do better. He had Motoki/Andrew erased and replaced with Shiozaki/Ken. As revealed in the Archie Comics and In the junior novels (and later in season two) Ken became Lita’s brother, her Rainy day man, when he dried her tears after her first brush with love left her shaking inside.

So yeah Macek cheated by watching the entire series before plotting his adaptation. For both Lita in universe and we the fans IRL, having the illusion be of Shiozaki/Ken had a far greater gut punch than if the illusion had been Motoki/Andrew

Seeing her brother in every way but one caused Jupiter to hesitate and that is the break that the Shadows needed. They capture her with their tentacles but Jupiter is determined to fight. She says, “last bullet, eh Luna… You demons think you’re so tough. Try the Prince of Demons! Jupiter Satan Fall!” And with that black lighting falls down with such force that it creates an explosion of electricity which freezes the surrounding environment into a bed of icy spikes, as well as blasting the remaining Youma away and the Sailors with snow. Two of the Shadows are destroyed.

Two things, in the original, she just used a very strong Supreme Thunder/Jupiter Thunder Crash. Here, the difference name, its recolor, and Jupiter’s remarks show it was a suicide attack. Considering the senstive nature, DiC never talked about it but yes, years later in a QnA panel a San Diego Comic Con, Lisa Lumby, the shows chief writer said confirmed that yes, it does mean that at one point Luna taught them all how to properly commit suicide.

Second is the name. Every now and then I the show we would hear Lita say “10:18” in times of stress, It’s from the Bible, Luke 10:18 to be precise and tis Jesus’ eyewitness description of the War of Heave. “For ‘twas I who beheld Satan when he fell from heave like lightning”

Jupiter's body is left mangled in an intricate ice tree. Sailor Moon tries to get to her, but Jupiter simply whispers some words of encouragement and dies. Sailor Moon screams and begs Lita , not Jupiter but Lita, not to die. Sailor Jupiter has been killed, and Sailor Moon's resolve has been crushed with the former's death, despite her friends encouraging her they must continue. Serena hysterically yells that she will give up the Silver Crystal to save Makoto. Mars and Venus grab Sailor Moon, but when she doesn't stop struggling, Sailor Mercury to everyone’s surprise, slaps the hysterical Sailor Moon

Macek gloss. Mercury shouts, “God dammit we can’t stop now! If they figured out who Jupiter’s brother is, they have figured out our secret identities. Beryl knows our real names. She’s going to kill our families!”

When I saw this scene, when I heard that phrase “She’s going to kill out families” the theater went dead quiet. It just got real. With the possible exception of Galaxia in the manga, in neither the manga nor the original anime did a villain ever go so far as to threaten the Sailors’ civilian families. but Beryl did.

Mercury's computer tells her that the other three shadows have regrouped and are heading their way. Despite Venus and Mars offering to deal with them, Amy plans to be the sacrificial lamb and keep them busy while the rest escape. Mars and Venus lead Sailor Moon away, with Sailor Moon looking back at Mercury until she can no longer see her.

Beeps announce the arrival of the shadow and Mercury looks up to see an image of Greg. She smiles at the prospect of having a relationship valuable enough that the Shadows would consider exploiting it, and scans the illusion. The shadow, realizing this is not working, cause the ground to erupt in a lava flow in front of her, and Mercury uses “Mercury Dagon Kiss”

As opposed to Shabon Spray/ Mercury Bubbles, it’s another suicide attack, though an indirect in keeping with Mercury’s lack of offensive attacks. It’s able to protect her from the lava flow but by constantly draining her life energy to lethal levels.

Again, another demonic referece, Dagon being a pagan god/demon associated with water, and thus fittig for Mercury to use for a suicide tactic. Also ties into other lovecraft references Macek inserted into the final battle.

The Shadows capture Mercury and fry her with electricity, causing her to collapse screaming. As the three Youma electrocute her, Mercury whimpers that it's the last time she'll be using her supercomputer, before using it to break the jewel on the leader Youma's forehead; this ceases her illusion-generating abilities, with the boulder disappearing and the DD Girls fleeing; the only thing left on the ice mound is the body of Sailor Mercury, which collapses.

Sailor Moon senses Mercury's death and breaks apart, though Mars tells her not to cry every time someone dies. She tells Serena the enemies will keep attacking and that they can't let their friend's sacrifices be in vain. As SM collapses on the ice in anguish, Venus notices that the ice below her is glowing, and pushes Sailor Moon out of the way only to be caught in a trap. Sailor Moon screams for them to stop in exchange for the Silver Crystal, but her cries go unheeded as they Venus underground where she is tortured. They are the Shadows and they just want to see the world burn.

Macek gloss, we hear Venus scream, “get that tentacle of your out of there!

Underground, Venus struggles and opens her eyes to see a Shadow in front of her. With the last of her strength, she forms er hads for Venus Crescent Beam ut Macek gloss… she says Venus Ashtaroth BDSM.

The screen goes black and we hear a gunshot. Macek knew it’s what we don’t see that can be the most horrifying of all. You could just imagines the Shadow’s brains splattered across the ice wall

Astharoth is the name of a demon inspired y Astarte, a semitec counterpart of Venus/Aprodite. BDSM is a referee to a form of sexual deviancy. Perversion. Quite fitting.

The esuig explosion an ice mound Sailor Venus' body rests inside, wrapped in vines. Like with the other, Macek had animators add in blood, burns and bruises… though I one sick fridge horror detail… blood was flowing down her thigh and she had a torn skirt. To this day, DiC/Streamline/anyone associated with the franchise will not officially talk when asked about that but many a grimdark fanfic gave would say yes it happened. Tentacles indeed Mr acek

Sailor Moon calls out Mina's name as Sailor Mars drags her away. As the two remaining Shadows appear before them, Sailor Moon begs Mars not to fight them, that they’ll escape come back we they’re strong enough but Mars says no. These are the Shadows, they will ever be strong enough, now when they’re at their weakest, is their only shot. “We can do this! We’re winning!” Let that sink in, the Shadows are monsters the likes of which, having more than half your team killed is considered winning. “Time to teach these slease sisters that the Iron Crown kneels to no one!”

Mars prepares to attack, but the Shadows dive underground before she can. They emerge from the ground at startling speed and encase Mars in an ice mountain. They fight I same kinda unseen cage match, trading insults as they do.

Sailor Moon, believing Mars to be dead, simply stares at the ground in pure shock. One Shadow emerges seconds after she steps forward and dives to attack Sailor Moon. The shell-shocked Sailor Moon only stares blankly at the approaching Shadow, completely unresponsive. A fireball bursts out of the side of the ice mountain and destroys the attacking Shadow; finally, the ice mountain explodes and the Shadow holds Mars' bloodied, broken body. Putting Mars down, it prepares to finish Sailor Moon. She says that she her fellow Shadows weren’t at full number, not even at full strength and they still killed them. “Now it’s your turn, princess.”

But Sailor Mars grabs hold of the last Shadow, and says “Die bitch…”

It was one of the only times, even In Macek’s “uncensored version” that he allowed the Sailors to use profanity. Makes it all the more shocking. I the censored version later shown on VHS/kids Toonami, the line is “burn witch…” that works too

She shouts “Mars… HellFire!” and incinerates the final Youma alive.

I the movie Macek has the last shadow scream I agony for several seconds before reducing to a whimper… that goes on for several more seconds

As for the suicide attack reference… need I say more?

However, this was too much for her body, as it causes an explosion, leaving Mars dead. In her dying breath, she comments that Usagi was right, and she wistfully comments that she should have kissed Yuuichiro before she left, and that it's too late now.

With all of her friends gone, Sailor Moon sits on a snow bluff in shock, completely numb and hoping she's dreaming, and that she'll wake up the next day with everyone fine. The spirits of the Sailors appear to comfort her, placing ethereal hands on her shoulder and tell her not to give up.

Macek gloss, their eyes are blanked out… just to remind you.

The ghostly Sailor Mars encourages Serena to get up, and when she turns to see her after doing so, the stern expression on the face of Mars' spirit softens, and she tells her that they'll always be together. They tell her that she’s the last daughter of the moon kingdom and that all her people are waiting for to win the victory, to show that their deaths 10,000 years ago weren’t for nothing. “All our people of all our worlds are watching you. They believe in you, and your mother believes in you to.” SM smiles and wipes away her tears. With that she nods runs towards the Bery’s Palace, remembering that she's never alone.

Meanwhile, Endymion's brainwashing has completed, and he wakes up with a look of malice in

Sailor Moon had just reached the entrance to the Beryl’s palace and is teleported into the throne by the Sake herself room via an energy ball. The disoriented Sailor Moon looks ito the darkness ad, macek gloss, two glowing red eyes look back her from the darkness. Its Beryl and she welcomed the "Princess" to her kingdom, as well as revealing Endymion kissing Beryl's hand.

Under Beryl's orders, Endymion attacked Sailor Moon and she dodged; she then attempted to use Moon Healing Escalation to restore Darien’s memory, although it had no effect. Queen Beryl gloated that “his mind belongs to the Negaverse now, he’ll never turn against his queen!”

After sneaking up on Sailor Moon, he threw a black rose at her commenting: "Sailor Moon...die." The rose stem expanded and tied up Sailor Moon, electrocuting her. Sailor Moon screamed out in pain, unable to believe that the man she loved would do this. The rose disappeared and Endymion picked up Sailor Moon by the neck, before proceeding to blast her with energy.

The censored version show on TV cut most all the fight. Macek’s movie version kept all the fight and even bloodied it up. Bruises in the shape of hand prints around SM’s neck. Burns all across her body from the electrocution—and open wounds from the thorns. Left eye blackened and swollen shut from the blow. Blood tricking from her mouth

Queen Beryl finally called a halt to the torture and Endymion tossed Sailor Moon aside. She landed next to the Moon Stick, but didn't have the strength to grab it. Queen Beryl ordered Endymion to decapitate SM as she, Beryl laughs that the other Sailors died for nothing. The Negaforce has fully awakened ad it’s the fall of te Moon Kigdom all over again!

Worse still was the Macek gloss. (Damn he went hardcore for this!) There were added scenes of Serena’s Earth family life with Beryl’s voice over. “Mercury was right; I’ve since learned all your secret identities. It was simple really, just a matter of stalking you via crystal all until you de-transformed and following you home! What I did I the time of the Moon Kingdom I will do all over again. I am going to kill your families! (Stock footage of Mr. Tsukino feebly challenging a monster.) Your earth father will try to protect his home, he’ll fail. (footage of Sammy as a monster) Your brother, I might spare his life, Sailor Moon’s little brother a champion of the Negaverse. Irony! (Footage of Ikuko’s being captured and screaming In agony.) But that peasant rent-a-womb Serenity used to create your current body, she will definitely die

SM hears this and rallies her strength, shouting, “You won’t hurt my mother again!

She uses Moon Tiara Action on Endymion, causing him to collapse in pain. Even Sailor Moon seems traumatized by her own actions at this point. Endymion forces himself to rise, sword upraised and ready to strike. As Usagi yelled for him to stop, he witnessed the sight of Sailor Moon kneeling, holding the orgel out to him and pleading him to remember her. Unwillingly, he touched it and a backlash flooded him with energy. Memories flooded within him, including a vision of a young Darien being comforted by Serena.

Darien is ealed but Queen Beryl hisses, “Damn you Serenity… your brat won’t insult me in my own throne room!” She te throws a rock spear to kill them oth screaming “You are mine!”

In the tv show, it was “That’s so sweet I’m getting cavities! This Sailor brat won’t isult me I my own place. You are mie! While te movie was ore official, the meme worthy glory of te dialogue from the tv show made it more popular

Tuxedo Mask sees th spear and throws a red rose. (In a Macek gloss, he wids up, we see inserted a split second motage of scees of him kissing or holding hands with Serena, and then e trows it. The rose he threw was charged with their love and so not only shatters the rock pillar, it keeps goig without loss of ometum and hits Queen Beryl. (Alas, several rock fragments strike into Mamoru's back as he protects Usagi.) Queen Beryl is stabbed I te chest ad looks at the smokig rose and screams, “No, not love, not that!” Her very skin cracks apart sowig that whatever she was, she was no longer human, more likely that she had never been one. She melted through the floor, resistant to believe their love is powerful enough to kill her.

Mamoru, in his dying breath, tells Sailor Moon to escape as the cavern began falling apart. Sailor Moon realizes that Mamoru is dead and begins sobbing over the loss of his life, embracing him as she cries. Sailor Moon is about to kiss him hoping that true love’s kiss will save her prince (aMacek gloss), but stops herself, guilty that her best friends died without kissing the boy they liked. Sailor Moon promises Mamoru to not run away and leaves the collapsing cavern to fight Queen Beryl.

Beryl collapses before the Negaforce and says, “I can’t be defeated again… I’ve waited too long for this!” The Negaforce dismisses Beryl saying that with her having led the Shadows to teir destruction, someone will have to serve as her new body and merges her power into Queen Beryl's.

Macek’s new editing, Beryl’s laughter and the Negaforce’s screams shows it’s a trap though.

It switches to footage of various Youma screaming as they disitrgrate, it was all a trap. Beryl laughs throughout the footage and says Negaforce you old fool! She had planned this the entire time, she ever meant to free the Shadows. They were her finest warriors and she sacrificed them like pawns just so that Negaforce would have to use her body ad YES, the spells she had in place meant that Negaforce was effectively dead and its power was there for Beryl to be “Super Beryl”

Super Beryl. Her colors change nut creepiest of all is her eyes. Her eyes are usually red in situations like this (anger, using large amounts of black magic) but know her eyes are solid black and they “glow” black, there is some kind of haze.

That and when she talks, it’s her voice mixed with that of the Negaforce.

As she exulted in her power, she noticed the arrival of the only other living person, Sailor Moon who, with macek extending the scene, says “I am Serenity Angelique Selene queen uncrowned of the Moon Kigdom and know that by all the Kings and Queen of the Silver Milleium, by Chaos and Cosmos, by heaven and hell, you’ll never rule my universe long as I live!”

As Super Beryl attacks Sailor Moon, an enormous avalanche envelops Sailor Moon and forms an ice mountain, as happened with the other Sailor Senshi in the previous episode. However, the ice mountain suddenly flattens out on the top like a platform, revealing Princess Serenity standing atop it with her eyes closed, serenely holding the Moon Stick.

In Japan, the weather became turbulent and power was draining away. We hear the staticky voice of a reporter saying that reports of a black cloud covering the world, of freak snow storms blanketing whole nations (gootage fro the S movie), of cities collapsing, (footage of Rei’s nightmares from season 3), of it raining frogs and religious statues bleeding. “Its tee d of te world he says!

Sentaur’s jr novel (and a few comics retelling that scene from the parent’s POV) show mass riots and mass looting all over Tokyo, of parents hiding with children behind the locked doors of a church as a desperate priest (Father Abel, AKA oxy) leads the wounded in prayer

If Chaos is Satan, and the Negaforce is the first sinful thought he ever had come to unholy life, the Negaforce is sin itself and Beryl has unleashed its power on Earth

Artemis and Luna both realize what’s happening and that the world is ending. Luna looses all hope and says that they led children to their deaths! “ ‘Standing in the night… alone against the darkest fear.’ I promised her moter to keep er safe, I have to at least save Serena!

Artemis stops her sayig its not over, “Evil’s Queen she will defeat!” She can do this, se has to do this

Luna doesn’t care anymore because and cries out egging SM not to use the full power of the Silver Crystal she’ll die just like her mother. She even shouts “Hail Chaos!”

  • Macek then uses a mix of new animation and stock footage of Ikuko Tsukino worried. We then see new footage of her rushing out of the house regardless of her husband and son trying to stop her, saying that wherever Serena is out there, that she can’t save her. But she’s not trying to do that.
  • She runs out of the house and shouts, “Serena, the world might be ending and you're out there somewhere but I know your heart. The only reason you'd be out there is if you were helping those in need… I can't believe I'll never see you again. Please, don't let evil win, not even if there's just one person left who's counting on you!"
  • The final battle starts and we hear Princess Serena's thoughts. A few seconds of new footage show the Princess gasp, and a tear run down her cheek. She raises up her (other) mother’s Crescent Moon Wand and says "I hear you mother and I'm not afraid anymore!"
  • Beryl charges black lightning and says, “Not afraid? You should be!”
What happened next, the remainder of Macek’s re-edited movie was for a generation everything Sailor Moon was, is, and ever will be and is to this day, reckoned one of the greatest moments in SM history. The only comparison would be what Optimus Prime and Megatron’s final battle in the 1980s movie is to a Transformers fan. Or to be more on point, what it was to a little kid watching it in theaters I 85 cheering your greatest hero to victory

I was 14 when I saw it in theaters and I saw all the other kids there getting up from their seats and cheering SM on and singing “Carry On” with Jenifer Cihi. This was the version hidden from us in all its bloody glory and they knew (that WE knew, because I was one of the kids who got up from his theater seat and screamed yeah!) that Evil’s Queen SM would defeat

That song Carry On was in Fredd Ladd’s censored version and that version was show only that one time because with Macek’s version, it was never shown again! And yes, the song was kept and remixed. First of all, it’s a good song and more importantly, Macek knew he could use it. All throughout the movie we had heard its lyrics used as a sort of a prophecy. So yes, that meant that in-universe, Carry On exits but not as a so. It exists as a prayer!

  • Jennifer Cihi scream sings a thrash metal version of "Carry on" saying that SM is standing in the night her wand the only light, alone against her darkest fear but that she knows her friends are near. “I’ll draw from each the power I need and Evil's Queen we will defeat!
  • Its perfectly timed for at te momet, we hear Evil’s Queen we will defeat we hear Beryl say, "Why? Why does your family try to defeat me? Your mother died dreaming of a lovely future clear as crystal but it will never come to pass. One day you will realize this world is already filled with ugliness and filth
  • Our princess’s words? "You're wrong! I believe in mothers and their dream! I have faith!
  • QB: Faith? Faith in what? Everlasting love? Indestructible friendships? Ha ha ha ha!
  • PS: Yes! All of it! I believe in this world… and every hero who ever died for it!
  • Beryl/Naz Edwards gasps and whispers… “You’re serious… You little fool... Slavery!” Edwards hissed. “Genocide!” she screams. “There is nothing in this putrid, God forsake sin cursed world for anyone to believe in!
  • “You're not winning this one you witch! Not when there's even just one person left who's counting on me."
  • Macek gloss, at this point we start to audibly hear her heart beating, ad hear her breathing
  • That’s when the Sailors appear. In the original, the princess merely has flashbacks of them talking about love. Ladd and Macek’s cut completely rewrote the dialogue to make it something else
  • “Give me the strength to carry on…” Amy laughs and says. “I can help you with this assignment if you want.” So flashbacks
  • “With all our love we can’t go wrong!” Rei says, “You are so stubborn Serena. Let us help or I’ll never speak to you again.” Another flashback but why the theme of wanting to help?
  • “Only together we face the fight…” Lita says “Yeah, let us help you put her away, to many guys we gotta meet!” It’s not a flashback it’s a vision! I had already seen the censored version where they bee captured but to see this and to know that not even death could stop their love for their princess
  • “Nothing can stands against our might!” Mina looks on with sadness. Macek’s gloss to Lad’s cut. “Let us help, we haven’t lived long enough to die yet…” Cihi valiant words of standing together is predicated on them actually standing together and if they don’t then whether or not they’ve lived long enough, they might die yet.
  • Princess Serena hears all this and cries. Macek gloss? She does not say my friends, she says, I can’t ask you to give ore that you already have… They all reply, You don’t have to ask
  • There in is one of Macek’s harder glosses. The shot focuses on Beryl and she fires black lightning. In the original Beryl says “I won’t be sealed away now the dark energy is mine.”
  • Here, Macek gives insight into Beryl’s character, a view into just how divorced she is from all moral reality. She’s heard these words of “everlasting love” and “Indestructible friendship” and how does she respond? She spits out what she meant to be the vilest curse she ever hurled on anyone but would go down in-universe and IRL, as the sweetest blessing SM was ever given. “Selene and Tsukino… you’re daughter to them both!
  • Princess Serena calls on her friends. Macek gloss, is that she/Terri Hawkes is pantig for breath even as the animators he hired add a trickle of blood from her nose—her heart is putting loudly. Another gloss, she doesn’t ask them to come. She asks the Lord of the Cosmos to “break the bonds of death!” That’s when four ghostly hands wrap around the Crescent Moon wand. The fact that they are see through is a hint, but Macek had the animators erase the pupils in their eyes so that we know they are spirits!
The spirits of the four Sailors joined Princess Serena and each invoked her power: "Mercury Power!...Mars Power!...Jupiter Power!...Venus Power!...Moon Prism Power!". The Silver Crystal threw a massive energy ball at Super Beryl, completely consuming her.

I was in theaters and I was there. I saw the other teens clapping and the kids cheering Serena on. She did it! All that suffering but se did it she won! Or so we thought

Macek took a clip from the R Movie (he managed to get the rights at the last second perfect timing) so that as Princess Serena, her hair flying past her, blood pouring from her rose, heart pounding, pours on the energy to defeat Evil’s Queen once and for all, Cihi wailing “We have the strength to carry on! … AND THE SILVER CRYTAL EXPLODES!!!

I heard a gasp in the theater as that happened. I also head children crying (heard myself crying) for what happened next.

The Crystal was destroyed and her jackhammer heart flatlined, it cut back to original footage of that episode to have Princess Serena fall backwards and transform into Sailor Moon as she did so. No, that’s not right. Her heart didn’t stop. It beat louder than ever and was the dominant sound in the next scene. It beat loudly but ever more slowly as the scene progressed. And yes DiC’s sad theme played

The energy ball thrown off by the Silver Crystal kept expanding, engulfing Sailor Moon's body as well as the Crescent Moon Wand and continuously grew. It absorbed the ice trees and bloody bodies of the four Sailors and still kept growing. Ery’s throne room and Darien were absorbed and it continued to grow. It encompassed the entire Polar region and was easily visible from space and the Moon. We hear Serena’s voice over, in between beats of slowing heart monologues that Beryl is gone, gone forever. At last, after 10,000 years the universe is safe again. At lasts, they have a chance for peace… real… peace she croaks as she finds peace. And her heart stops

And you can believe me or not but I remember one kid shouting don’t let it end like this, don’t let them take away the future

In the original… it just skipped to Usagi alive, a hint that the Crytal heard her wish of just having a normal life again. Here its different

  • Macek however takes footage from season 2 episode 5. SM is naked and floating outside of normal space time. (Luna is erased) and in this limbo between life and death SM sees Queen Serenity. It proceeds to a Moon Kingdom-esque area and the Queen asks her daughter to come with her to Heaven. Serena wants to go, she wants her troubles to end but turns it down opting to stay to Earth to help people. " 'Don’t let evil win, not when there’s eve one person left who’s counting on you.' That's why my mom taught me mom. Gasp! I mean what I'm trying to say is..."
  • Queen serenity is in tears. “So Beryl was right… Selene and Tsukino, you’re daughter to them both.” The queen sees her daughter crying at this and comforts her saying, "Its alright Serena, you have two mothers now... and both of them are queens!" They embrace sharing their tears and the good queen says, “I did right in choosing Ikuko… (!!!) because no matter that happens to me, you won’t be a orphan… our baby girl won’t be an orphan!
  • The good queen wept her tears, yes but they were tears of joy!
  • Queen Serenity offers to send her back and with her blessing but go with your innocence restored. Ever again will she have to carry the burden of being a hero… she will ever have to do anything… except be happy.
  • Knowing what this means, our gal sheds a tear and says "Thanks for everything... mommy!"
  • She wakes up in her bed alive but memories gone, she runs down stairs. The Tsukinos are broken, not listening to the announcer talking about doomsday was stopped that the disasters and such just stopped. They don’t care because Serena disappeared… which is when she runs into the kitchen, shoves toast into her mouth, and runs towards te door! She’s a normal junior high school girl and she is late for school!
  • With a mix of stock footage and new animation, the Tsukino’s gasp and a worried Ikuko Mama says, "What, you're alright!? Where were you?! What happened!?" Serena runs out of the door, saying, "I dunno but I Gotta go! I'll try hard on the test! And thanks for everything mommy!"
  • Thanks for everything mommy… Mama Tsukino stops at that and smiles. She does not know what's happening but she knows her daughter will be ok
  • And yes Jennifer Cihi sings "Got up this morning on the right side of my bed, with all these crazy thoughts screaming though my head. I can't wait to see what this world holds for me! Ohhh, its a new day!"
  • In Lad’s TV version, it was good, the idea that SM could go back to the normal life that was take from her. Here, in macek’s theatrical version, it was even sweeter!
Luna’s voice cracks as she says that the girls’s have done the impossible, with all their love they had the strength to carry on… but the price of the restoration of their innocence is that they lost their memories. “Its like it never happened”. Artemis smiles and reminds her “that they just need to meet again and become friends again.

As Serena was running to school, Lita raced past her, as she was late too. Rei ignored the crazy schoolgirl racing by the temple as Mina waited for her bus. At school, the scores for the latest test were posted, and Ami Mizuno was #1 (again). Serena and Molly glared enviously as the quiet girl walked past them.

On her way home, a Serena threw her test paper over her shoulder, hitting Darien. Embarrassed (she got 30/100), she grabs it back and glares at him. As Molly comments Serena may have met her soulmate back there, Serena tells her about her ideal man, a dashing superhero who will always rescue her when she is in danger.

“Here in you I found a friend, you’ll be with me till the end… It’s a new day!”

And there, the unseen little girl speaks from off screen, tells her father, “And then you and mommy lived happily ever after!” My jaw dropped when I heard that. What, the narrator was Tuxedo Mask?! He and Sailor Moon will eventually have a kid and he’s been telling her the entire story all this time!? …Yes! The unseen future Tuxedo Mask tells is and his daughter, “Not exactly. Your mother and I eventually had our fairy tale ending but our story didn’t end that day. It was just the beginning…”

What followed next was the end credits but Macek made it a music video to show that it was indeed just the beginning

The one half of the screen showed the names of the people who made the movie… the other half showed Luna using Luna mindmeld on amnesiac Serena… as we heard “Power of Love”! The single greatest SM song, the SM national anthem was heard for the first time in theaters and I was there.

Yes she was forced to take up her mission again “lost in the darkest of nights” but as we saw her grow up to become a hero “deep in your soul The future unfolds As bright as the rays of the sun” (more specifically footage from seasons 2-5 plus the movies)

Yes all the money shots were played as a montage along an extended version of Power of Love!

Footage of the climax of the R ad S movies, with a helpless naked Serena turning into the Princess Serena and using the Silver Crystal to save the world from a meteor, the Sailors holding hands in a circle to give SM their strength to defeat a giantess made of ice, “wind blows so cold” “take hold of my hand” indeed.

We see her using her mother’s scepter to fight the flower monsters or to block a blow from the Grim Reaper himself! Not to mention all the real time shots of all their future powers or seeing them and Tuxedo Mask fight a dragon

We see SM claim a magic cup—and as both a SM fan and as a Catholic I gasped, “She found the Grail…”—and we see the Sailors face off against a army of purple slime monsters—unformed Deatbuster Daimons

We see the five new Sailors one of whom is the pink haired child SM saved from the reaper and I just gasped. How may Sailors are there!? We also see SM leap to her death from a flying island to save the pink Sailor (who is she?) and growing angel wings to do it!

That she became an angel of sorts was seen in the wings she had in various transformation scenes but as some kind of “eternal everlasting” Sailor Moon, she has wings as part of a transformation.

It climaxed with Power of Love’s sick guitar riff as Sailor Moon, as a naked angel (!!!) flies in through Hell towards a literal demon in a Sailor uniform! (And more disturbingly, one with blank black eyes and a forked tongue…) But instead of striking her down, she offers had of gentility and love and unending mercy. We see a vision of a golden haired woman offering a hand and we flashback to the demon Sailor. A look of abject terror on her face as she sees her hand reach out to Sailor Moon. It is Sailor Moon’s unconditional love for every living thing that brings light to the world. The lost girl the demon had once been is found and given salvation. We see her redeem the unredeemable and forgive the unforgiveable.

I was there for that final end credit as Cihi sings “It gives meaning to each moment, it what’s our hearts are all made of… You gotta believe in the power of love!” and yes I wept!

The music goes silent and we see Serena and Darien finally married (clip from episode x), we see SM transform into a new Queen Serenity, we see her a crystal version of Tokyo, a shining utopia, and we see “Neo Queen Serenity and her King Edymion with a child… the time travelling pink haired child! Rini we would learn is her name. (clips from the season 2 intro)

The end credit scene closes with the child, Rini running across a field into her mother’s arms.

Yes Macek made his adaptation for DiC but when give the chance to recut season one into a movie, he knew he had to kick it up a notch.

Yes, the entire movie was the future Tuxedo Mask/King Endymion telling Rini the story of his and her mother’s adventures. And yes, the kingdom that Princess Serena lost when Beryl destroyed it was finally restored. She reclaims her mother’s crown. The last shot was a birds eye view of NQS hugging Rini as the camera pass away to show Crystal Tokyo. NQS recalls her mother’s last words and says, “Don’t worry mama, they didn’t take away my future!”

This was of course a clip from the second to last episode of Season 2

At that moment, I knew that whatever I would do with my life, it would have to be about Sailor Moon, tat I would tell te world how Sailor Moon and te Scouts got started… and so I have!
There might be some problems when I read the first post:
At the time DiC got the license, Sailor Moon was still in the middle of its S season, and Sailor Stars wouldn't be an idea for a good while.
First half of the season one reboot/re-imagining/alternate history
  • It wasn’t Macek’s choice but he said that if you can’t get out of it, get into it. He watched the entire 200 episodes along with every special and movie, skimmed the manga I one week marathon. The idea was that he would cheat. The original writers made it up as they went along. His adaptation would be made with every dub episode written to tie into greater story. (No dub induced plot holes here.)
If they were going for the long run and it was successful, SuperS and Sailor Stars would have to be made with them going into this adaptation in mind, they really wouldn't be the same SuperS and Stars that we've come to know. They would probably be Pre-Dicified, and that goes for the Black Dream Hole movie as well.

I have only read the beginning of the production part so far, but I'll add more here if I find some other issues, concerns and good things, I'll add my two cents about them here.

Now having read a bit more, I can now see how this all could take place. Something DOES have to change, the year DiC gets the license.
instead of Early 1995, how about late 1998, sure it could arrive too late, but it should be an acceptable solution as to how this alternate history could take place.
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