Chibiusa Reverts To Toddlerhood

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
Weird, stray idea I had. (Everyone's likely figured out by now I really like Usagi and Chibiusa's dynamic regardless of incarnation.) Basically, Chibiusa, for a reason I haven't thought up yet, reverts to the mental state of a toddler. Pulling on Usagi's odango's, being very clingy towards her as it turns out she used to have BAD separation anxiety, crying and throwing tantrums. Maybe some potty humor or is that too uncivilized?

"Ouch!" Usagi opened bleary eyes, cast a wary eye at the pink-haired child sharing her bed. This in and of itself was not unusual. Chibiusa seemed incapable of going to sleep by herself on most nights without at least ten minutes of cuddling she'd never admit to indulging in. What was odd was that Chibiusa, for some reason, was pulling onto her odangos and giggling madly.

Usagi sighed. Yep. Definitely needed to start familiarizing herself with child psychologists in the area. It was an inevitability that one day Chibiusa would finally snap and the day had come at last. "Chibiusa! Stop that you little brat!"

She did stop. Then looked up at her with the most heartbroken look Usagi had ever seen on her future-daughter-more-like-a-little-sister's face. Her lips trembled. Her eyes filled with tears. And then she burst into ear-splitting wails that made Usagi think this was some sort of karmic retribution for her own crybaby ways.

"H-hey, come on. Don't cry. Please don't cry." Usagi wrapped her into an embrace, holding her to her bosom. The child sniffled and rested against her. Usagi smiled down at her and then frowned at a sudden smell. Had Chibiusa just PEED on her?

Alright, alright. Not a big deal. Kids had accidents. Chibiusa usually had hers when she was asleep, but hey, she was already acting strange. The last thing Usagi wanted to do was scold her and have her again burst into tears again.

(I guess this is less toddler and more babyish.)