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Aurorae Lunares
Feb 8, 2021
Mnemosyne and Lethe were last-minute decisions by Takeuchi when she let the anime to TOEI, Takeuchi originally planned for Uranus and Neptune to defect, she removed it from the Manga along with Sailor Chaos aspect of Galaxia because it was a part of the anime.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 17, 2019
Demande has a paraphilic attraction to anyone who wields the matrilineal title of Sailor Moon/Moon Princess/Neo Queen Serenity, or at least is in line to. If Chibiusa were old enough, he likely would've gone after her, but he's not a pedophile.
Does that mean Demande would’ve even gone for the original Queen Serenity if she were still alive? Making him a double MILF-chaser? :mischief:

Demande and Helios are brothers, if not twins, and thus serve as foils to each other: both are pretty white-haired and somewhat androgynous-looking magical boys who are in love with a Senshi of the Moon Kingdom. Except Helios actually respects and values Chibiusa while Demande is entitled towards Usagi and outright seems to want to rape her. Whether not this ties in with the Demande theory above is for you to decide!
Expanding on this, while Helios is Demande’s actual biological brother, (half brother they share the same father and Saphir is the son of a servant who Demande took in and named his “brother” after Wiseman murdered everyone in their palace and that’s why he has the feelings for him that he has in the 90’s anime and Musicals, they’re not actual brothers XD
Naoko wanted Rei and Minako as canon.
Pretty sure this is just canon lol
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Site Admin
May 7, 2009
Takeuchi originally planned to write a manga after PQ Angels, titled XY Fairies, which title characters come from that planet inhabited by those fish-head aliens seen in the Sailor Moon manga. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was dropped after the PQ Angels fiasco.
Aug 31, 2011
The Nostromo
In order to compete with Marvel Comics Ultraman series, Dynamite Entertainment is doing a new ongoing Sailor Moon comic book set post Stars. Naoko Takeuchi has been confirmed to oversee the first arc, and has agreed to work with Gail Simone for the first ever American Super Hero and Sailor Moon crossover, Vampirella/Sailor Moon: Drakulon War, which will be Canon to both series. Joyce Chin will be doing both the main cover art for the solo series and the interior art for the crossovers. Cosplay Variant Covers will run at limited capacity.
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