DREWdesu's Sailor Senshi Art Gallery

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Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
DREWdesu said:
Which character did you have in mind?
Well anyone really it could be let's say a villain from Codename Sailor V, it could be a villain from one of the Chibiusa's Picture Diaries or the Exam Battles it is all up to you. Actually I do have someone in mind if you are up for it. This would probably be very challenging so I will of course understand if you do not want to do it but do you think you could do a pic of Sailor Chaos from how she is depicted in the manga with say Chaos Galaxia from the 90s anime's color scheme. I always thought that the black fuku with the pale skin, yellow eyes and red hair would look awesome for Sailor Chaos's true form as it just screams villain.

http://68.media.tumblr.com/867196df3819 ... 1_1280.jpg

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1b/c1/4d ... caec52.jpg

I always loved Sailor Chaos's outfit in the manga I really love that she has snakes on her.

However if not Sailor Chaos then maybe one of my favorite Chibiusa's picture diaries is the Exam Battle one so it would be cool to see some of those characters in color like Shokujo (both in her true form and as the fake Sailor Moon), Kengyuu, Zeta and Epsilon etc.

I really hope that Crystal actually adapts the special acts as well.
Sep 24, 2008
MariaT: I might draw my own depiction of Sailor Chaos which might not coincide with your own vision of the character,
PV: Thanks


Akari @ria

Lumen Cinererum
Jun 17, 2017
I like your drawings, expecially when you colored it, the one with Neptune really show your improvement and your attention on details.
Wow Sailor Chaos really looks nice so far and I love the details DREWdesu. I can't wait for when she is colored I am sure she will be awesome!
True, i wait too for the colored version!
Sep 24, 2008
MariaTenebre said:
Wow your Sailor Cosmos pic looks very nice too DREWdesu. It looks very close to her manga art. Plus I am partial to Sailor Cosmos as she has my favorite Senshi design.
Thanks. I was simply checking the manga art of Sailor Cosmos to look for details. However, once I looked at the details again, i could see what you mean with the pose looking similar to the manga art I didn't realise she was holding her cape.

I had Satomi Okubo's interpretation of Cosmos in my mind when I drew this especially when she is seen holding her cape with her left hand.