[Fan Fiction] The Mysterious Manga

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Joe the Cracker

Lumen Cinererum
Jan 23, 2009
Where I rule!
I posted this on my DeviantArt. I know I haven’t been here in years but a few members here and I back in the day thought about something and now I can finally present it to you.

All the citizens of the moon kingdom are beginning to awaken one by one and crescent moons suddenly appear on each one of them. Once awakened they all regain their memories of the past but one who has recently awakened remembers nothing. His name is Roy Casey, an ex U.S. Army Delta Force Ranger. An injury ended his career in the military and now he has wear a bandanna to control the powers he has inherited from his awakening as a child of the moon. He will soon be driven to go to Crystal Tokyo to find the answers to his hidden past. Happy International Sailor Moon Day 2020

my DeviantArt:
Sailor Moon: The Mysterious Manga by RealJoeCracker on DeviantArt

A Direct Link:
The mysterious Manga - Final Draft.pdf
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