Favorite Sailor Senshi?

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Who is your favorite Sailor Senshi?

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Sep 25, 2021
Mine is Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon! Let's see who the most popular Senshi on this forum is! My guess is that it will be Makoto/Jupiter.

(Also, now I know why there are ten slots, ten for each Senshi! The more you know!)

B sizzle

Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
I voted for mars because of her anime counterpart, which is very entertaining. Venus is to me the best across the two mediums I have seen all together, and she is a close second to anime mars. Then I would put usagi third barley over mercury who is fourth, she has a very entertaining personality despite being calm.
I like all of them honestly. Still have not see Saturn yet.

lord Martiya

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 11, 2015
I worship the Goddess of Love and War, Sailor Venus.
Mar 1, 2012
I voted Minako because I really do look up to and relate to her, I love her underlying maturity and leadership and seeing the way she masks it makes her one of the more dimensional characters for me. I know Usagi is Minako 2.0 but I think Usagi’s character lacks the depth that Minako’s does in that she (Usagi) is genuinely lazy and irresponsible until it gets to the nitty gritty. Minako is genuinely a fierce and driven person and I think her less desirable character traits are a mask that she puts on in order to indulge herself and get a picture of the reality that average non super hero girls get to live in. On top of that I love how dramatic she is, but again, while Usagi is genuinely dramatic and plagued by it- Minako seems to be in on the joke when she’s the punchline. I appreciate that she’s flawed but offers up enough maturity to recognize and decide whether she’ll rise above her flaw in an instance or indulge it. I really think she’s got better main character makings than Usagi, and I would love to see Sailor V get some sort of adaptation in the future.

Side bar: Seeing Neptune with no votes makes me sooooo sad, she’s literally my second favorite lol
Likes: kasumigenx
Feb 16, 2021
Sailor Moon.
I also really admire Neptune because of how feminine and elegant she is while still being such a strong character (at least in the 90s anime).
Characters who excel at art and music (I love the violin) are some of my favorites.
I also love mercury.

Least favorites would be the Starlights.

lord Martiya

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 11, 2015
Sorry, war? Would that not be Mars? lol
Sailor Venus was called the Goddess of War by Ace (who knew her in the Silver Millennium) in the final chapter of Codename: Sailor V.

And that in addition to the immense portfolio of the Roman deity, that included beauty, love, war, and even victory, among other things. In fact all the love goddesses of the Middle East and the Mediterranean doubled as war goddesses. Even Aphrodite, though her cult eventually evolved away from that aspect in most Greek city-states (though the Aphrodite Areia, the Armed Aphrodite that was also a war goddess, persisted in Sparta, Taras, Cyprus, and other states).