Gave Eternal Another Shot...

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
Except for the one thing I have already pontificated about at length, I really enjoyed it. I liked how the Inners and Outers got some new depth, loved the creepy nightmare sequences, adored the Usagi/Chibiusa/Mamoru family bonding routine as always (as an aside, can we please kill the NQS is a bad mom idea? This woman's read her kid a bedtime story every night for 903 years.) My favorite parts were Chibiusa and Hotaru being reunited, Minako's crisis of confidence, every scene between Mamoru and Usagi and Nehellenia's first appearance. Also really liked the flashbacks.

During Usagi's mommy grab of Chibiusa before she could get to Helios's cage, I noticed Chibiusa holding onto Usagi's arm. It didn't look like she was trying to get away and she similarly held onto Mamoru's arm to elicit a hug when they got caught in the Nehelenia's attack. And I'm pretty sure she held onto Usagi's arm like that at one point during the Black Moon Arc so, I guess that's just something she does to get parental affection? Chibiusa's...interesting. Wanting to grow up, but unabashedly asks for a bedtime story. Still obviously needing parental affection, but wanting to explore her grown-up feelings for Helios. They did a goo job of balancing that.

So, NQS came from somewhere else? The people of the Silver Millennium are NOT indigenous to the moon? Where did they come from? The world-building in this could warrant another movie all by itself.