Growing Together - Rated T to be safe.

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Mar 12, 2017
Summary: Two Senshi traverse through life's ups and downs. Will they find their way? AU.Thanks to Transmissions From The Moon Tumblr Page for the prompts! I own nothing except the expansion on the characters. Any coincidence is purely that. (Not Usagi/Mamoru based).
I originally wrote these in numerical order. However, I am adding the chapters out of numerical order, as they relate to the overall story.
Please enjoy. Let me know what you think!



Nowhere - 459 Words - Tumblr Prompt #12.

"Where do you think you're going young lady?" Ikuko asked, as Usagi was just about to leave from her bedroom window.

It was midnight. To Ikuko, Usagi was dressed in her rabbit pj set: long sleeve shirt, pants, and socks. Her school shoes were on her feet. The Silver Crystal had disguised Usagi to her family when she was Sailor Moon in the house.

"Mom! Um…." Usagi was absolutely floored in surprise. And downright caught. There was no way to get out of this.

"Get back in that window, this instant." A tired, and disturbed looking Ikuko ordered.

Usagi did as she was asked, but was also just barely distracted by her beeping communicator that would have given her more location details had she raced towards danger.

"Give it to me."


"Give it to me. Now. That cell phone thing."

Usagi was reluctant, but the look in her mother's eyes told her not to try her patience.

Usagi handed her communicator over, and Ikuko flipped it over, switching it off completely.

"You are grounded for a week for attempting to sneak out. You will get this back then."


"Usagi, you are on very thin ice right now, don't make it two weeks. Now, why in the world are you sneaking out at midnight, on a school night no less? I'm disappointed and quite frankly surprised. Was this why you were doing so poorly when you were fourteen?"

'No, Mom, I-"

"You were sneaking out at all hours of the night? What to see your friends? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is out there?! For a teenager no less? By yourself? No, you know what? I've changed my mind. You're grounded for two weeks. Home, school, and back. No friends, no arcade."

"Mom, please I-"

"I don't want to hear it tonight, Usagi. We, and your father, will have a very long discussion about this tomorrow after school. You can be sure of that."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now go back to sleep. You have to be up for school in a few hours." Ikuko left, the communicator firmly in her pocket.

Usagi, as Sailor Moon flopped on her bed. Technically she could still leave, but she didn't trust that her mother wouldn't check in on her now.

Rei was going to kill her.

She concentrated, using the Silver Crystal. "Guys, I can't make it. I got caught by my mother. She's refusing to let me out of the house...There's no way I can help tonight….I'm sorry. Be safe. You've got this."

She hoped, but knew Makoto would be able to keep everyone safe. She always could. If she ever needed backup, Haruka would be right there with her.

For tonight, Usagi was going nowhere.


Chapter 2: Silly - Prompt 13

Silly - 1714 Words - Tumblr Prompt #13

Makoto was up late. It was Friday night. It was Usagi's last night of being grounded. They had already made plans Sunday. Usagi didn't want to seem desperate to her parents. Her dad was furious at finding out she attempted to sneak out in the middle of the night.

Usagi had "admitted" it was to see her friends once her father accused her of sneaking out to see Mamoru. Makoto all out knew Usagi would probably never see the light of day again if Usagi wasn't able to persuade him otherwise.

She was surprised to hear her communicator go off.


"Usagi? What are you-" Makoto was very surprised to see Usagi's face.

"My mom caved and gave this back to me a day early. My Dad is away on business, but I'm still not allowed out tonight."

"Missed you too, Usagi." Makoto chuckled.

"Very funny. So, want to come over?"

"Are you trying to get yourself grounded for a month? It's not your fault, but it's hard enough not fighting with you against youmas."

"Fair enough. And no. But because Dad isn't home to reinforce me being grounded, and Mom gave my communicator back…"

"You think she'll allow me to come over?"


"Usagi, I think you're pushing it. It can wait until tomorrow; Sunday even."

"Didn't you ever want to something daring?"

"Wait wait wait...Are you being rebellious?! Besides, I do daring everyday, when I'm Jupiter."

Makoto was rather fascinated at this side of Usagi, having never pegged her for a rebel.

A few moments passed.

"Touche." Usagi conceded.

"You didn't answer my question, Usagi." Makoto reminded her, absolutely serious.

She saw Usagi hesitate, in consideration of her wants. That was the Usagi she knew more often than not.

"Yes. Tonight anyway."

Color Makoto surprised.

"Why tonight?"

"I don't know….I've just been cooped up. My Mom has me stuck home tomorrow for chores and food shopping...Sunday is too far away."

"You really want me to come over that badly?"

"Please?" Makoto saw her big blue eyes, pleading.

"What's your cover story?" Makoto smiled internally. She wasn't phased.

"What?" Usagi hadn't thought of that.

"Your cover story. I doubt I'll be in and out in five minutes Usagi. You need a cover story." Makoto leaned against the kitchen counter. She wanted to see Usagi, but she wasn't about to let her be grounded for longer than she had been.

She saw Usagi sigh. "I'll think of one. I'll probably have it by the time you get here."

"Save yourself the trouble, think of one now."



"You're not going to help me?"


Usagi sighed. A few moments more, and Makoto heard Usagi groan.

"I can't think of one...I don't know...Just that you needed to come over, you had something important to tell me."

"I don't like it...But, it'll have to do for now. But if we get caught, I had only been there for less than five minutes. I'd actually like to see you help us in battle at some point next week."


"You owe me. Big time."

"I am forever in your debt."

"Uh-huh. Sure you are. Look, it's 10:30, I assume you want me over now?"

"Actually, give it another hour to be safe. Mom tends to go to bed a little later on Friday and Saturdays."

Makoto shook her head. "See you at your window."

"You're the best!" Usagi said, hanging up.

11:30pm came, and Makoto found herself lightly rapping on Usagi's window. Happily, Luna had been with Artemis and Mina that night. She also wasn't happy that Usagi had been caught, but realized it wasn't her fault and was grateful for Usagi keeping her identity secret.

"Hey, come on in." Usagi whispered as she opened her window, allowing Makoto in.

Makoto had no idea why she was encouraging Usagi's unusual behavior - having brought sweets with her.

Perhaps her own mini rebellious side finally found the spark, potentially awakening the dormant "I do what I want" side of Makoto.

Makoto quickly shook her head. She's worked too damn hard to get where she is today to go that far backwards.

"You do realize, you're dead meat when you get caught, right?"

"If, I get caught, Makoto. If." A mischievous smile graced Usagi's face.

'We're in a boat load of trouble if this streak continues any longer than tonight...But damn this side is *very* interesting...I'll have to ask Pluto if there's some alternate reality where I can see how this would play out if Usagi continues as the Rebel…' Makoto thought, an unintentional smile graced her own face.

"What?" Usagi asked.

"Huh? Oh nothing. Just thinking."


"Of...How you'll pay me back for coming over…"

Usagi looked almost deflated, until she noticed the smile and brief sarcasm in Makoto's' words, betraying any seriousness Usagi thought she had.


"Not mean."


Makoto rolled her eyes, and lightly tossed a pillow at Usagi, who yelped briefly, quickly covering her mouth as to not disturb her mother.

"Shh!" Makoto admonished, a look of shock, and for them both to freeze written on her face...Along with a smile with throwing the pillow.

"You were the one who threw the pillow at me." Usagi whispered harshly.

Makoto chuckled.

Usagi glared, but shook her head. They hadn't been caught.

"So, what did you have planned?" Makoto asked.

"Movie night?"

Makoto yawned. Okay, but just one, then I'm going back home. I'm tired...And I'll see you on Sunday. What are we watching anyway?"

"Ever After." Usagi replied, as she sat against the pillows and headboard on her bed, leaving enough room for Makoto.

'Damnit! She knows me too well.'

The one movie Makoto would always watch when it was on TV, even though she owed it.

"Fine." Makoto relented, sitting up next to Usagi.

They had both made it halfway through the movie. Usagi had dozed off first, even though Makoto was the more tired of the two. Makoto dozed off too at some point, having missed a minor piece of the movie.

Makoto was barely awake by the time the movie ended. Usaig had been out cold for the last 15 minutes on her right shoulder. At some point they had drawn the comforter over them, both having forgotten to close the window enough.

Makoto carefully moved Usagi off her shoulder, and just as carefully slipped out from the covers. Except what Makoto didn't count on was Usagi's arms had managed to warp around her waist. Makoto didn't feel it at first because of the blankets until she stood up and started to walk towards the window.

She fell to the floor, bringing Usagi with her.

Both yelped in surprise.

Usagi blinked, startling awake. But she wasn't scared.

She looked in front of her, at Makoto's face bathed in the moonlight.

Usagi found herself starting to laugh hysterically. Makoto found herself laughing, along with Usagi, whose laughter became contagious.

"Shh...We're get caught…" Makoto tried quiet her laughter.

Usagi was still hysterical, but calmed down enough to only giggle hysterically instead of boisterous laughter.

"Usagi..." Ikuko swung her door open with a growl, annoyed.

All giggles immediately stopped, sucked out by the older woman, the hallway light shining behind her.

"Mom. I-"

"I'm so sorry to have woken you, Mrs. Tsukino. It's my fault. I was having a really rough day...I begged Usagi to come over. I knew she was grounded-she even reminded me as much...But I just showed up; just now. She let me in. She suggested a movie to - "

Ikuko held a hand up.

"Makoto, dear. Please don't lie this late at night. I know my daughter. I've seen her go stir crazy the past two weeks. I know it was her. Admittedly, even I"m surprised at her recent display of disobedience." Ikuko gave a small knowing smile.

"Please don't keep her grounded…" Makoto asked.

Ikuko leaned against Usagi's doorframe.

"Makoto. I know you've been here for at least an hour."

Makoto took a cautious glance at Usagi, whose eyes were like saucers, attempting to comprehend the true depths of the possible consequences.

"How…?" Usagi dared ask as she somehow managed to find her voice.

Ikuko shook her head and gave a small smile. "You two were out cold by that point. I came to check on Usagi when I heard the movie after getting some water, and found the two of you. I turned off your table lamp."

"Makoto, stay the rest of the night. It's too late to go home now...Usagi, next time you want to shave one day off of your grounding - whether your Dad is home or not, just ask okay?"

"Wait, what?" Usaig asked.

"She's...she's not grounded, again...or still I suppose?" Makoto practically regretted this question as soon as it came out of her mouth.


"Why?" Usagi whispered.

'Of all the questions...That's worse than mine!' Makoto thought.

Ikuko sighed. "Because, I've never seen you work harder for what you wanted from yourself over the past few months, and even tonight. This piece normal. Even with children who are very well you are...Like you both are."

"Now go back to sleep. It's late." Ikuko said, as she turned around to leave.



"Thanks. I love you."

"I love you too." Ikuko replied, smiling. She left, closing Usagi's door.

What Ikuko didn't say was, that she saw that on some level, for whatever reason still unknown to her, or the girls for that matter - they needed each other.

Both girls sighed in relief.

As Makoto stood, Usagi stopped her.

"Wati...Makoto...WHy did you cover for me like that? You said you weren't going to...Why...with, well that reason?"

Makoto shrugged. It wasn't a big deal to her. "I changed my mind."


Makoto shrugged again. "Because you would have done the exact same thing for me."

"That's all there is to it?" Usagi asked, more to herself than Makoto.

"Yes. It's as easy as that." Makoto replied with a smile, shaking Usagi out of her thoughts.

With Usagi smiling in return, they got back into bed, and rewound the movie to start from the beginning.
Mar 12, 2017
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Chapter 3: Imagination - 256 Words - Tumblr Prompt #7

"It is with great honor that this council is pleased to introduce to you her royal highness: Queen Makoto."

Usagi smiled widely as she saw Makoto appear in an emerald gown, with crystal and light pink accents around her waist.

Her typical high ponytail was instead an elegant bun with two brunette tendrils framing her face. She wore her classic pink rose earrings and an accented green eyeshadow.

Makoto had a beautiful emerald encrusted silver crown atop her head.

Usagi couldn't be prouder at Makoto's inauguration announcement.

It was then Makoto reached for Usagi's hand, pulling her up alongside her. Usagi pulled back a bit, unsure of why she's being welcomed beside Makoto.

"It is with great honor that this council is pleased to introduce to you her royal highness: both as Queens of the Moon and of Jupiter: Queen Makoto and Queen Usagi!"

The crowd Usagi had been with erupted in applause.

"Huh?" Usagi questioned.

Makoto giggles. "Usagi…"



"What?" Usagi said, blinking rapidly as a hand waved in front of her face.

"Usagi, where did you go?"

Usagi looked around. She was still at the arcade with Makoto at lunch before heading back to school. She was finishing her chocolate milkshake.

"Oh..Sorry. Too much sugar had me drift off I guess...Sorry." She replies with a slight blush.

It's not like that was going to happen. Where did that even come from, or why?

Makoto simply smiled and shook her head. She enjoyed watching Usagi get lost in her own imagination, and then try to think of a cover-up story.
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Mar 12, 2017
Chapter 4: Never - Prompt #4 - 315 Words

"Seiya, I do not love you, nor have any romantic feelings for you. I'm sorry."

This was becoming more constant than Usagi would have liked. Mamoru had been in the States for a few months now, and Seiya had not been taking no for an answer.

"Usagi, please. I know you do."

"Seiya, please. Do not tell me how I feel. I know how I feel. I do not feel that way for you. Only friendship."

"Please, Usagi, if you only give me the chance, I can prove to you that I am better than Mamoru."

"If that's your overall goal, than you've already blown your chance with me before you could start."

"But he left you. For school! Who does that?"

"How dare you scoff at one's pursuits of a higher education to make his career dreams of being a doctor come true!"

Seiya glared.

"You are not better than him Seiya. There's no competition! If you keep acting this way, and IF there was one, consider yourself already disqualified."

Seiya blocked her path. "Seiya, get out of my way." Usagi demanded.

"Surely you have five minutes to spare."

"Actually, I do not." Usagi started to walk away again, until Seiya grabbed her arm.

"Seiya. Let go. Now. Consider this strike 2. Do not come near me anytime soon - even in battle. You will maintain your distance around me - and my friends. Got it?"

Seiya released her. "If I have to, I will do all that I can to prove to you that we're meant to be together."

"Don't bother. I don't know how I can be any clearer. We will never be together." Usagi thought about apologizing again, but she decided against it.

Usagi walked away, leaving a frustrated Seiya wondering where he went wrong.

This was the first time Makoto or even Haruka wasn't with her.

She really wished they were.
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Mar 12, 2017
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Chapter 5: Itch - Prompt 10 - 916 Words

Usagi found herself having finished her homework. She was bored. She had been making a change for the better over time. She thought of everyone she could ask to hang out with, but found herself only wanting to spend time with just one.

Meanwhile across town, Makoto had finished her shift at the Arcade. Motoki had put in a good word for her, to her surprise, with a friend of his who worked at one of the evening restaurants. She had an interview tomorrow.

She couldn't wait to tell her friends, one in particular.

She gave thought for a moment, looking at the time, and thinking of what day it had been. Makoto realized it had been three weeks since Usagi's mom had caught her sneaking out of the house at midnight, and one week since her mother had caught Makoto in Usagi's room after Usagi had encouraged her to sneak over. Usagi was no longer grounded, but had decided to stay home just to reassure her parents.

Makoto smiled, and grabbed her communicator, ringing Usagi.

"Hey Makoto, what's up?"

"You busy?"

"Just finished homework, why?"

"Up for meeting me at my place?"

"Sure! Let me ask my parents. I don't think I'll be able to stay long though." She sounded a little disappointed.

"That's okay." Makoto didn't care how long Usagi stayed, so long as she was there. Usagi wanted to stay a little longer though.

Neither could understand this invisible pull to the other though.

Usagi had rang her back a few minutes later, saying she was on her way.

Arriving about 10 minutes later, Makoto would have been lying if she had said she wasn't worried about Usagi during that time. She offered to walk Usagi, and go together. But Usagi said there was no need and that she was fine.

Though, had you asked Usagi, she would have been lying if she said she didn't feel comforted more often by not with Makoto's offer, or constant protection.

Letting Usagi in, Makoto had already set out two cups of tea on the coffee table by the couch.

"Makoto? Are you okay?"

While Makoto was certainly hospitable, she typically didn't have tea ready to go unless she needed to talk about something.

"Yes...A little nervous, but otherwise okay."

"What's wrong? Why are you nervous?"

Makoto smiled. Usagi, always made sure her friends were okay. She hoped Usagi would never lose that about her. Likewise, Usagi hoped Makoto never lost her willingness to fight for the little guy; or to protect those who needed it the most.

Both looked at the other ever so briefly in admiration of what they hoped the other would never lose or give up on. They both hoped the other wouldn't notice, but did not understand why.

Usagi sat on the couch, waiting Makoto's information.

"So...Motoki decided to...push my career forward if you will."

"What do you mean?"

"He spoke to a friend of his who works in one of the restaurants...I've got an interview tomorrow."

"Makoto that's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!" Makoto loved how Usagi's smile lit up her eyes. 'Why does her being happy mean so much?!'

Usagi sensed Makoto's hesitation.

"...But you're not? Makoto...You've got this! Is it one of the application/resume type interviews or demonstration ones?"

"Demonstration...And I'm really nervous...I don't even know what they're going to ask me to cook for them!"

"Makoto…" Usagi restrained herself from reaching out to take Makoto's hands in hers. 'Why do I want to feel her hands in mine so much?'

"Look, you're extremely talented. Presentation will be a non-issue. Everything you serve always looks beautiful. You could cater for weddings one day if you really wanted! As for food...Whatever they ask, I know you can do. Whatever you do not know, you'll learn and you'll learn it quickly. You'll learn to refine what you may not be as good with now, improve what you do know, and probably learn something entirely different. They'll love to hear about your passion for this; your passion to learn more and gain knowledge. You will do great."

Makoto wanted to cry. "Thanks."

"And I better be the first one other than maybe Motoki to know how it went once your done!"

Makoto outright laughed. "I promise, you will! You will be the first one I call."


Usagi found herself staring at Makoto. She enjoyed seeing the confidence in her eyes. Usagi knew Makoto was talented, as did Makoto, but like now, Makoto had her doubts.

Makoto was truly working towards her dream.

It's often a scary thing to do.

"What?" Makoto asked.

'Oops.' Usagi gave a slight blush, having been caught staring. "Sorry. Got carried away thinking about your name plastered on billboards, television and movie ads encouraging the world to go to your restaurant…"

Makoto smiled, a wistful look in her eyes, thinking of her own big dream of owning her own restaurant. "One step at at time Usagi. Let's see how tomorrow goes first okay?"

"It will go smashingly good!"

Makoto shook her head. "You have got to stop hanging around Mina so much."

The two dissolved into giggles as they finished their tea.

Before leaving, Makoto had grabbed Usagi's hand, needing to feel a physical connection to her. "Thanks, Usagi. For everything."

However, even this small gesture was no longer enough for Usagi, who launched herself into Makoto's arms. "Anytime, Makoto. Whenever you need."
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Mar 12, 2017
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Chapter #6 - Nudge - 1487 Words - Tumblr Prompt #24

Haruka was on a mission.

One vastly different from her duties as a Senshi.

Haruka also recruited Michiru in this mission. It didn't take much convincing though.

Haruka met Makoto in the park.

"What did you need to speak to me about?"

Then, Haruka jumped up the tree branches, indicating Makoto to follow her.

Haruka had been observing them for months. They weren't dancing around things, but didn't know how to move forward.

"Sorry we're up here. FIgured we'd get the most privacy."

Makoto looked at her, a bit confused.

"So, how long?" Haruka wasn't cutting corners, getting straight to the point.

Makoto blinked. "How long for what?"

"How long have you liked her?" Haruka replied, a smile to her lips, and a quick sparkle in her eyes.


"How long have you liked Usagi?"

Makoto looked around, not necessarily to see who had overheard, just simply because she was so unprepared for the question.

Makoto blushed deeply, ducking her head.
"How did you-"

Haruka laughed.

"Makoto...You guys are both so obvious. Especially to me and Michiru. And it's perfectly okay. Trust me, we see it. The looks, the glances, the almost over-protectiveness...The not wanting to be away from her for longer than a normal school class."

"You're not even in our school."

"No, but Hotaru is."

"You brought Hotaru into this?"

"No. She told us on her own."

Makoto sighed. "It doesn't matter."

"Why not?" Haruka asked, concerned and sympathetic. She was almost flabbergasted.

How could this not matter?

"Because...she doesn't feel the same."

"Oh yes she does." Haruka couldn't be more confident.

"How do you know?"

"Hotaru, remember? She sees the same things Michiru and I do. Plus because of your differing instructors, she's able to spend more time with Usagi than you."

"So...How long have you liked her?" Haruka prodded. The rare older teenage side of her poking out.

"Haruka….Okay fine...At least a month or two...Maybe longer. I don't really know. The need to protect her was always there since we first met. The friendship developed quickly...She didn't care about my past or my past reputation...She actually cared more about my food...But even she said it was because I saved her from three goons that morning was what drew her to me. The fact that I could cook was a bonus if you ask her. But, I don't know how things are on her end...But my feelings...increased as we kept fighting enemy after enemy...Her resilience, her drive, her willing to fight for the greater good...Even when she was fighting for Hotaru..."

Makoto shook her head. "Yet...yet, she doesn't even see that being Sailor Moon has nothing to do with any of this. It's all about her own light, her own damn will that is so strong beyond what any of us could comprehend…And the thing is, any small recognition she does acknowledge, it's like she brushes it aside, not in a 'it's not important' way, but in a 'there's still more to do, more to fight for, let's keep fighting for good.' sort of way."

"That's Usagi for you." Haruka agreed.

"But how do we make her see this? Any of it?"

"Well...Do what I did with you: give her a nudge."

"Hmm...I think I will. I'll think on that one."

"Now, back to this: let's figure out how to nudge the two of you together."

"Do you think she'll really want that?" Makoto asked, a rare look of uncertainty; unconfidence in her green eyes.

Haruka smiled, a mischievous glint in her navy eyes.

"Positive. Besides, Michiru is with her now."

Meanwhile, back at the house, Michiru had asked Usagi over for lunch.

After eating and small talk, Usagi had found herself looking out the window.

She had looked at Michiru's vast amount of string instruments; her violin, and a cello that rested in the corner. Her fingers gracefully touched the instruments.

"When did you realize?" Michiru softly asked.

"Huh?" Usagi turned out Michiru, drawn out of her own thoughts.

"When did you realize your feelings for Makoto?"

Michiru giggled at Usagi's deep blush. "It's alright, Usagi. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"It just feels…"


Usagi took a cautious glance at Michiru, not wanting to cause offense.

"Totally normal at first. You're simply trying to figure out your feelings. It's going to be awkward. But eventually you'll figure it out."

"That obvious?"

"To 'Ruka and I? You bet...To everyone else other than Hotaru, they're oblivious."

Usagi gave a soft sigh of relief.

Usagi was hesitant.

"You can tell me Usagi. There's no judgement here. All I am going to do is listen."

"When I first met her, saving me from those was lack of a better phrase, a bolt of lightning...She saved me, and while that is probably not the best reason to form a friendship, it happened. She was tough, strong...unafraid...But possessed a gentle side that radiated through to me. I was also fascinated by her earrings."

"Then when she was at school, she was just...alone. Everyone was afraid of her, and the rumor mill about her reputation lit up like a wildfire...Yet, yet I felt like I was the only one to see beyond it. Pretty stupid huh? Over one encounter hours prior, me, I saw all of that? I must be crazy." Usagi continued, with a frustrated sigh.

"Actually, you couldn't have been more on point, Usagi."

"Yeah, now."

"And if you didn't see that within her, if you didn't sit next to her at lunch on her first day, do you think any of us would have known her, or seen who she really was? - Senshi aside - Do you think she would be who she is today without that one instance of unadulterated grace from you?" Michiru pointed out.

"I suppose not."

"No, I know not."


"Simple. 'Ruka and Makoto are so much more alike than anyone really notices."

"Is that why they tend to disagree?"

"It's because of their similarities that they disagree - it's like arguing against a mirror. They both feel right, but when the exact same suggestion is given by the other, it's takes on a different form - they hear it not only within themselves but someone else and begin to question themselves, just a little...But it's also why they get along. It's why they are good partners in battle. I'd even say that right behind you, they are the first ones in and last ones out."

"Hmm…" Usagi gave this some thought. She saw the similarities between the two Sky Princesses.

"Now back to you."

Usagi sighed.

"When did your feelings go beyond friendship?"

"I don't know...I just found myself wanting to be near her all the time...I'm not sure if I craved the protective feeling she always gave me or what...But…"

"But what?"

"It's silly…"

"Usagi, you're talking to me here. I'm with 'Ruka. I'm sure anything you're going through now, we've already been through, and then some. Nothing will surprise me."

" imagination, my dreams even have been playing tricks on me."

"Oh." Michiru replied, her eyes widening, eyebrows bouncing.

"You said you wouldn't be surprised! And no, it's not like that!"

Michiru laughed heartedly.

"I'm teasing Usagi, keep going. Please."

"Well, it's the only one so far...But I've had this dream where I'm watching Makoto be crowned as Queen of Jupiter...but then she's said to be Queen of the Moon too...and she's leading me up to the thones with her…We're both rulers; both Queens...Together."

Michiru had a serene, wistful look to her face. "Sounds romantic."

"Michiru…" Usagi said, sounding a bit annoyed, and embarrassed. 'You're not helping…"

Michiru laughed.

"Besides, none of that will happen."

"Says who?"

"Me...Or her. Why would she feel the same about me? Please tell me because I would like to know."

"I love you both, but she'd be stupid if she didn't."

Usagi gave a glare.

"Usagi, Haruka, myself, and Hotaru all see it. She feels the same. I think you two are in a place where you're not quite sure how to admit it to each other yet."

"I've barely admitted it to myself."


"So? How do you feel about her? Not what, but how?"

"Like...LIke…" Usagi trailed off with a shrug of her shoulders. An unsure, almost sad look seemed to fill Usagi's eyes at not having the words to express what she felt.

Michiru smiled. "Like she has taken ahold of your heart in her hands and you never want her to let it go?"

Something in Usagi's mind clicked.

That's exactly what she wanted.

"Yes." Came the whisper as a tear fell from the corner of Usagi's eye, as she leaned her head against the window pane, still doubtful of Makoto's feelings.
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Mar 12, 2017
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Chapter 7: Flowers - 360 Words - Tumblr Prompt #14

Roses. Red and white. They were beautiful. Usagi inhaled their scent.

She placed them on her window sill a few days ago. Usagi managed to keep them almost perfectly fresh.

Mamoru sent them. He had been in the States for the past six months.

Usagi missed him greatly. It was hard to see him go, but she was truly happy for him.

They had both wanted to give him the opportunity to not only pursue his career, but love.

Lately, Usagi had been having serious issues with their relationship, as she worried it really was only based on past lives, and potential destinies.

She wanted Mamoru to write his own.

Usagi ended up letting him go.

Mamoru was a bit broken hearted, but also asked about ChibiUsa. Usagi looked him in the eyes, and said that if ChibiUsa was meant to be, then they would all figure out a way to bring her into this world - a way that would work best for everyone, including any significant others either person may have, after Mamoru graduated medical school.

Hearing her name from her mother downstairs, Usagi went down to find another bouquet of flowers. Assuming they were from Mamoru again, she went back up to her room.

They were of blue and red roses. Odd choice in color, but Usagi liked them. She searched for the note, only to find it taped the very bottom of the vase.

"My dearest Usagi, may these flowers find you well and let you remember me when you look at them; when you inhale their exhilarating scent. - Seiya."

Usagi dropped them in the trashcan by her desk.

Seiya had been a very aggravating thorn in her side almost as soon as Mamoru left town.

He moved on from creepy to stalker-like behavior.

He had previously sent letters prior to the flowers, except they were so intermittent, Usagi worried it wouldn't warrant any action.

Usagi hadn't told anyone about her physical confrontation with Seiya, but now she's rethinking that decision.

The only flowers she would treasure were the ones given by Mamoru.

Usagi opened her communicator to call the one person she knew would always answer...


Chapter 8: Scrumptious - 421 Words - Tumblr Prompt #8.

Usagi busied herself with the recipe. She'd slowly become better at baking, paying more attention to her mother, and showing some interest.

When her mother asked who it was for, Usagi said she wanted to do something nice for a friend.

Usagi hoped both her mother and the recipient would be proud of her. She really hoped things tasted good. She did exactly as the recipe instructed and used the observations of both her mother and her friends.

Usagi tasted a smaller one, left a few for Haruka, and left two for her mother before putting the rest of the brownies in a rabbit eared lunch bag before leaving for the park.

Sitting under the large oak tree, she waited.

When Makoto approached, Usagi's nerves settled. She'd always had a calming effect on Usagi.

Greeting the other, Usagi simply handed the bag to Makoto. Makoto opened it, and was surprised by the gesture.

"What's this?"

"It's just to say thanks. For everything...And I hope you like them…" What didn't need to be said was what everything was, specifically who.

Seiya had been a constant nuisance since Mamoru had left a few months ago. Between the rare altercations, and the gifts Usagi had been receiving, she had stuck close to her two tallest friends, her soldiers of the sky.

Usagi was comforted that they appointed themselves her personal bodyguards, even though she felt a bit guilty. But upon learning that he went from an annoying fungus to stalker-like behavior, they insisted and wouldn't take any argument. Telling her parents, they then began the process of a restraining order simply for safety.

Makoto smiled, one that reached her eyes. She hadn't been smiling that much lately. But Usagi couldn't figure out why.

Makoto wasn't up for talking about things. But Usagi understood that when Makoto was ready to talk, she would.

And Makoto understood that when she was ready to talk, Usagi would be there.

Usagi hoped it wasn't because of her; wasn't her that made Makoto not so happy or not yet willing to talk. Usagi hoped she was inconspicuous with her slowly deepening feelings for the taller brunette.

So far she found out she was successful. Except with Haruka and Michiru.

The only issue was, if Makoto didn't feel the same, Usagi had best figure out how to live with and move on from her feelings.

Usagi was surprised at how good Makoto thought the brownies were.

Apparently 'scrumptious' was the word Makoto felt described Usagi's success.

Usagi felt better.

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Chapter 9: Saturday - 392 Words - Tumblr Prompt #9.

"I want to be better. I want to learn how to fight."

"You know how to fight."

"I want to be better...More coordinated...I know you could help me do that."

It was Noon. Makoto was on lunch, having finished up her morning classes teaching 5-17 year olds in various groups between 8a-12pm.

Makoto looked at Usagi. Usagi was serious. Her eyes were almost begging. She really wanted to learn.

Apparently Usagi had read some books on martial arts, even telling Makoto some of what she had learned.

"It will not be easy."

"I don't expect it to be easy. I know it will be hard. I know it will take a lot of commitment. I am ready, and prepared to do that. Even if it's a little at a time for our schedules; even if it's once a week...Then we can increase it. I need to be better."

"For who?"

"All of us...And me."

"Why?" Makoto asked, skeptical, thought not doubtful of her reasoning. She simply wanted to know why this was happening so suddenly.

It was then that Usagi failed to meet her eyes.


She sighed. "It was because everyone's words had gotten to me...I am a klutz and if I can't grow out of it, then at least let me work to use it to my own advantage in battle...And while I know I can't let anyone else define my success...I just want to show them and myself I can do it, that I can be better at something...Even show that I at least gave an effort."

Makoto saw the desire and seriousness in Usagi's eyes.

"What are you doing for the rest of today and next weekend?"

"I'm free."

Makoto smiled.

"Not anymore. Starting today, and every Saturday from 1-4 you and I will train."

Usagi smiled. "Wait, you can do that? This space is free to use?"

Makoto laughed. "I'm the owner, remember? I can do what I want. Besides, I was looking to fill the time anyway. I think some one-on-one training will be good for you. Haruka may even stop by; she's known to do so from time to time in the afternoons."

Usagi smiled back. "Thanks, Makoto."

Makoto soon tossed a gi towards her. "Let's first eat, then change into your gi. We'll start at one."
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Tomorrow - 183 Words - Tumblr Prompt #1.

Tomorrow was it.

Tomorrow was the day.

Usagi was going to do it.

She kept gathering her courage.

Day after day.

But then her eyes again fell on the one who made her heart beat faster, harder, and swell with love.

Usagi continued to chicken out.

Talking herself out of the words that constantly swirled in her head.

Days where she even talked herself out of her own feelings.

Feelings that Michiru had confronted her on when she invited Usagi for lunch at her place.

Feelings Usagi had been afraid to not only admit to herself, but to anyone else.

Tomorrow she would state how she truly felt.

Tomorrow she hoped her feelings were reciprocated.

Tomorrow she would not talk herself out of things.

Tomorrow she would not self-deprecate or tell herself she was being foolish.

Tomorrow she would declare

Perhaps that was too much too soon.

Usagi settled into bed, rubbing her nervous stomach.

Tomorrow she would put her own heart on the line and hope it did not end in heartbreak.

Tomorrow she would tell Makoto.



Chapter 11: Answers - 234 Words - Tumblr Prompt #3.

The words of affection filtered through my ears.

It wasn't expected.

None of this.

However it was wanted, hoped for, wished for even.

And I cannot believe I stood here now, having it all come true.

It would probably not come without its challenges.

Different wants, desires, needs…

But with love at this relationship's roots, we could probably survive anything.

We've survived much worse after all.

I was still processing the lovely words that graced my ears.

I was very fortunate.

While I was by no means wealthy, this admission of fondness, of beginning romantic feelings made my life that much richer.

I looked back at Usagi. Her face was an almost embarrassed, deep blush, but looked pensive. Her declaration also left her eyes a bit glassy with unshed tears-which I had a feeling would soon fall either way.

I have the feeling she worried the same things I did - specifically if I returned her feelings.

I gently took her slightly shaking hands, and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you for telling me. Yes, I feel the same way." I felt my shoulder dampen.

"Really?" Usagi asked, suddenly even more unsure of anything she or I just said.

Usagi looked up at the one person who always protected her without a second thought.

"I'm really happy to hear that. I worried you wouldn't feel the same…I'm excited for the adventures to come, Makoto.
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Chapter #12 - Escape - 681 Words - Tumblr Prompt #20.

"Makoto? Makoto wake up." Usagi asked, as she tapped on Makoto's window from her balcony.

"Usagi?" A slightly drowsy Makoto asked, as she awoke to the tapping.

She soon was quickly awake and alert as she saw her blue eyed friend.

"Get in here. You're going to freeze. It's cold tonight...How did you get up there without being Sailor Moon? What are you even doing here? It's 1AM." Makoto encouraged, as Usagi climbed through her window, and was tossed a warm blanket that she wrapped around herself.

"I needed to see you."

"It couldn't wait - " Makoto was cut off by Usagi's kiss.

They had been together for only a month. They were discreet, respectful of others and when they were in public. They weren't quite ready yet to display any affection in public. But this was still new to them; trying to figure out their own balance. They still found scrutiny, both from Usagi's family and a few of the Scouts who either didn't see the chemistry or didn't think they would last long enough to even try.

Makoto was the more cautious of the two, her protective instincts higher than usual.

Breaking the brief kiss, Makoto held Usagi in her arms. "What's wrong?"

"We need to leave. Let's go. I want out of Japan."

"We can't just leave...What about our friends?"

"They'll understand."

"What of your--"

"I just got into another fight with my family. They don't want me to see or hang out with you anymore. I refused. I refuse to pretend you are a stranger to me. It was tabled for tomorrow apparently."


"Makoto, they don't even know I'm gone or that I've been sneaking out for the last week and a half. For claiming they care, they're not even paying attention."

Makoto rested her chin on Usagi's head. She didn't want their relationship to cause problems between Usagi and her family. It was right now, the only constant disagreement between Usagi and Makoto.

Makoto was willing to hold off on their relationship, ease her parents and their friends into it.

Usagi's parents had been a bit resistant at first...still...But were very slowly coming around. If Usagi kept pushing them when they weren't ready, she'd push them towards the entire opposite direction of what she and Makoto wanted.

Usagi on the other hand, for once, threw caution in the wind and said 'screw it' on a number of occasions.

Even though they'd only been together for a month, Makoto recognized her deeply growing feelings for Usagi. It was way too soon to say they loved one another, but Makoto knew she was headed there faster than even she was ready to admit just yet.

"Usagi...We can't leave; we can't run. It won't solve anything. Would we really be happy on the lamb?"

Usagi only held on tighter to Makoto.

"But I want to…"

"I know you do. Let's give it more time. We will get their--"

"I don't care or want their approval!"

"But I do. It's important to me, because I know on some level it is important to you. I know this because you love your family. And they love you. In the end they just want what's best for you - even if you don't agree on what that is."

Usagi closed her eyes, sighed, bui nodded her head.

"Okay...We'll stay...But I am not sure for how much longer…"

"Usagi…" Makoto said, looking her in the eyes.

Giving another disgruntled sigh. "Fine."

"You know you need to go home, right? They really might kill you or me if they find you gone."

Usagi looked up at her. "Usagi, you know I'd let you stay if it were up to me."

Usagi stepped out of Makoto's arms, headed back to her window.

"You know you could use my front door." Makoto suggested.

"Nope. I like your balcony."

Makoto nodded.

"See you tomorrow?" Usagi asked.

"Same time. Same spot." Makoto replied as she then watched Usagi exit out her window.

Makoto had a small smile on her face, happy that they didn't run.


Chapter 13: Optimist - 673 Words - Tumblr Prompt #23

Usagi had watched Makoto work tirelessly.

She didn't know what or when exactly, but soon; she knew that Makoto would get a wonderful opportunity to pursue her dream soon.

Usagi and the other scouts hadn't seen much of Makoto outside of battles with enemies. She had been working day in and day out, refining and mastering her skills. They often found her at one of the higher-scaled restaurants. She was already making a name for herself, moving quickly up the ranks in the culinary field.

The rare days Makoto had a break were the days Usagi simply wanted to wait on her. Usually a meal from the Crown Arcade would suffice Makoto's appetite. So Usagi always came well-prepared the night before, and would order delivery so Makoto could have one day where she didn't have to utilize her kitchen.

After all, Usagi didn't want Makoto to burn out.

Makoto didn't really even want to hang out anymore. She just wanted to sleep. Usagi self-appointed herself, attaching herself Makoto's apartment on her day off. Makoto at first did kind of mind but quickly realized that Usagi was the only one she felt she could probably tolerate.

"I'm so tired. I need more than a single day off."

It was rare Makoto complained. She truly loved what she did.

"I know you are...And I agree. You'll get a break soon enough. I just can't tell you when. Besides, look at it this way: You've been moving up steadily, you're a fast learner, and you're dedicated. That can't all be worth nothing." Usagi smiled, tossing a french fry at Makoto.

Makoto caught the in-flight fry, popping it in her mouth.

"Thanks. That helps. I just am not sure how much more patient I can be. I'm starting to feel restless."

"Makoto...You're almost there. I can feel it. Something will come your way soon. How have your boss's been?

"Amazing." Makoto didn't even hesitate.

"And what do they say about you?"

Makoto smiled, a slight blush coming to her cheeks. "They are really proud of me, of my work ethic, of all i've learned so far. They said they have high hopes for me...They even asked if I thought about culinary school instead of just doing what I am now."

"What did you say?" Usagi was hanging on every word.

"I said I'd be open to the opportunity. I had not really considered it because this, what I do, always came easy for me. But I said I wouldn't disconsider school. They said that while natural talent is all well and good, to think of what I could do just by expanding and adding more skills, more knowledge; giving myself more equipment to use...Expand my horizons by expanding my culture outside of Japan…"

"That's fantastic! See? I knew they'd have faith in you!"

"Usagi, I'm scared...What if, what if it doesn't happen - or what if, by chance it does? How could I - "

"Now you stop it, right there Makoto. Don't you dare finish that sentence! If this opportunity comes, you go out there and grab it with both hands. I don't want you to worry about us."

"I wouldn't worry about everyone else...well not as much...I'd be worried about you."

Usagi was touched. "Makoto…" Usagi whispered.

Shaking her head out of her revier, "Makoto, I will be just fine. No matter what happens. I promise." Usagi replied, her voice stronger.

"I know...I just hope something happens soon."

"It will, it has to."

"How do you stay so optimistic?" It was a question many of them had, even Usagi herself.

Usagi shrugged with a nonchalant response. "Someone has to. Or else we'll all drive ourselves nuts with the negative aspects of life."

"My eternal optimist."

"Ha! Don't count on that. I have my days."

"Yeah, but you've built us up all so much that when you do, we can bring you back."

Usagi smiled, as she threw another fry at Makoto, who caught it with her hand, and laughed.

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