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Lumen Cinererum
Oct 26, 2003
Out in Left Field
This may sound silly but it's the same thing with Usagi's coats. She has so many of them! For some reason it always drives me crazy when there is no recurring clothing, especially with something as expensive as a winter coat.

Of course, that's no where near the expensive of a motorcycle!
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
I don't think any of the girls have worn the same outfit twice. It's because they have a different clothing brand sponsor every episode. Besides their school uniforms, senshi clothes, Rei's miko robes, and Usagi's pajamas, I don't think I've seen any outfit outfit on them more than once. I've seen Mamoru wear the same jackets, but that's it. I've decided not to think about it because it was driving me crazy how much they'd have to spend on clothes.


Luna Crescens
Nov 21, 2003
Sakuya said:
Doesn't Usagi's jacket from previous episodes seem similar to her Act 1 outfit?
Did she wear that red jacket with the white sleeves? If so, she did wear that several times ...like in Act 6 and I believe act 16

I thought I did see the senshi wear the same clothes more than once...oh well :)
Oct 11, 2003
The Rings of Saturn
I find it funny that people complain when they wear the same thing over and over again and then compain when they don't. :D I for one am very glad Mamoru isn't wearing that gawd awful ugly green jacket anymore.


Aurorae Lunares
Oct 9, 2003
United States
It's Azabu Juuban. And no, I don't think they're that rich. But then again, most Japanese people can't afford to own a house and Usagi's family seems like they own it. Who knows if Mamoru is rich? He doesn't seem to have a job..
FireflySenshi said:
I for one am very glad Mamoru isn't wearing that gawd awful ugly green jacket anymore.
Agreed. It's funny, 'cause Mamoru was suppose to be rich and all, yet he wore the same green blazer over, and over, and over.... *shakes head* At least manga!Mamoru knew how to dress. (And Undress... :roll:)

I keep thinking your sig says "Satan" instead of "Sataan." :ohmy:
Dec 21, 2003
Los Angleles, CA
I assumed that Minako meant she had some kind of terminal illness and only had 6 months to live. She did just collapse after all. It's probably why she's been so cranky. Unless they completely change the manga and anime, Usagi will have the crystal within her. Perhaps Sailor moon be able to heal her.


Luna Crescens
Dec 7, 2003
Seoul, Korea
Hate to be totally off-topic, but Tuxedo Uncommon is the coolest name ever. Never thought of Tuxedo Kamen as a pun till now. ^^
I love the fact that they keep changing their outfits with each episode. It gives the costumer a chance to have some creative space in regard to the mood of each scene and complement it accordingly. It'd be annoying in an anime where it's animated and consistency is important, but in real life if they wore the same things every week you'd think they had only 1 shirt or something. (As for jackets, I know Mamoru has worn only 3 different kinds, there's brown leather, white cordorouy, and black this week, right?) :?
Oct 8, 2003
Sakuya said:
Time flies quickly in the show
No it doesn't. There was a Halloween episode at the end of October, references to Christmas at the end of December, and a Valentine's Day episode next week. The overall period of time that the series takes place over is roughly the same as the period the episodes are broadcast over.