Help Me Find a Beloved Fanfic!!

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Lapis Lunaris
Dec 4, 2020
Hello everyone!

I am in need of help remembering the title and author of a favorite 2000s or earlier fanfic I adored! Here's what I recall...

It was a love story between Usagi and Mamoru (perhaps Serena & Darien were used?)... anyway, they still had that hatred for each other but at the same time they knew their secret identities. One night, Luna and Artemis scheme to lock the two fighting superheros in a hotel room... hoping the alone time will help them to get along for the team. Unfortunately, the heroes decide to jump from the balcony down to the pool area of the hotel, where Usagi accidently falls in! Her uniform goes completely see through and Mamoru gets instantly turned on.... ends up with them hooking up beside the pool with lust.

Usagi later ends up pregnant and the two then have to kind of figure out what their feelings for each other are and how to handle it all... all while trying to hide it from the other senshi.

Does anyone remember this one? Please help! I'm desperate!