How would the older post-Stars Senshi react to Queen Beryl?

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
I just have this idea of Beryl popping back up and thinking she'll scare them and they all sort of share an uncomfortable silence and are like, "Oh,' again. It's...been a while. We, uh, we really don't find you scary at all anymore, sorry. You were much scarier when we were 14."
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Onuzim Ima

Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
By the time of post-Stars, each of the girls could possibly wipe the Floor with Beryl on their own. ;)

And just in case they really gave her a shared group Beatdown, it might go something like this:

:mako: Well, this is for daring to use Lightning against me! *shoves up said Lightning up her A**e*

:ami: And this is for BBQing me! *forms Icicle and rams it right behind*

:rei: This one is for burying me in Ice! *roasts her with a giant Fireball*

:minako: This is for… ahem… (silly face) well, for attacking me first! *whips her with the Love Me Chain*

:usagi: Finally, this is for killing the other four and forcing me to fight the final Battle alone! *takes Aim with the whatver-the-Rod-in-Stars-was-called-again and starts to strike it down on her*

Beryl (Raises hand, Sweatdrop): Ladies, hold it! Chillax! That was an Eternity ago and it wasn't me who did that, remember? The DD Girls did!

All Senshi: But they're not here, and you greenlightened them, didn't you? *Evil Eyes, Mean Grins*

Beryl (In her thoughts, more & bigger Sweatdrops): Uh-oh, I think I'm screwed! :lol:
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Aurorae Lunares
Oct 12, 2011
World hopping
I dunno, I think she'd be more delighted to play world of warcraft on her crystal ball.
Bet she ends up playing a filthy worthless elf...either one is just as bad.

My money is on a blood elf mage, and she'll end up on a pvp server, get ganked and corpse camped around lvl 40ish, maybe sooner, then become a massive whiner on the WoW forums about it....and if she has any former power, probably nuke Blizzard HQ...


Aurorae Lunares
Oct 12, 2011
World hopping
The Inners be shocked by her sudden return, question her motives, and then destroy her.

Anyone of them could destroy Beryl, but Uranus would take the kill so easily.
I feel like Haruka wouldn't even ask a question, she'd straight up go for the one-shot, before she had a chance to make an attempt to pull something.

lord Martiya

Aurorae Lunares
Dec 11, 2015
I believe Venus would spank her into redemption or kill her trying just to see if she can. That, and she'd be treating her like the petulant overgrown child she is.
Feb 16, 2021
I think post-Stars anime Usagi would try to redeem her.
She only really ever fought her because she had no choice and then she merged with Metalia.

Post-Stars manga Usagi would probably just one hit kill her again. Though seeing her as no threat, she might see her as simply another victim of Chaos and try to save her.

Wow, there's so much Beryl hate here!
It gets even worse when she meets up with Mamoru and Helios.

Mamoru: You again. Do your worst. It can't be as bad as what I went through with the Black Moon, Death Busters, Dead Moon and Galaxia. Galaxia actually murdered me and turned me into her zombie slave. I would advise you to surrender as would my wife. The awakened power of the Golden Crystal alone is no laughing matter. The power of both Golden and Silver Crystals unleashed would erase you from existence.

Helios: Traitor! Heretic! Your corruption ends here! (As the High Priest of Elysion, he was not happy when she used Metaria's Chaos power to control the minds of his prince's subjects).
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