I'm going insane!!

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Feb 4, 2004
Home again
ayakachan said:
Belle said:
Is this thing subbed or what?
No, it just came out yesterday, or I should says, it just aired. The subbed version will be out probably on Tursday by TV-Nihon.
Oh man i cant wait that long, it s a week meaning 4 day 96 hours oh my god even i woul have to start knitting a muffler to wait that long
belle said:
4 day 96 hours
If you didn't know that there are 24 hours in a day, you are certainly up to your head. The aforementioned time above equals 8 days, and since we only assume that Act 19 comes on time, then it would come in 6 days (from your time), or 144 hours. Math rocks!

And as for TV-Nihon's subbed versiion, you'll have to wait 5 days (again, from your time), or 120 hours for it to come out. These are only approimations; I'm not Nostradamus or something like him. :D


Luna Crescens
Dec 7, 2003
Seoul, Korea
Couple things...

1) She probably thought "Tursday" meant "Tuesday," which means from Saturday, the day she posted, it *would* have been 4 days until the sub came out. And what's missing in her sentence is a comma--it should read, "4 days, 96 hours," as in 4 days = 96 hours. I believe that was the logic.

2) I can't wait 6 days for act 19 to come out, dammit! >:o