In Which Chibiusa Does Not Get A Spanking

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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
Usagi stepped into her room and paused. The angry little girl-why was she so angry, a CHILD shouldn't be that angry-was still on her bed. It had been attempt number three to get the Silver Crystal and Usagi had firmly declared her punishment like a queen of old passing sentence. Chibiusa was to stay in her room and then when she got back, she was getting a spanking.

She'd left so angry, so sure that that was the right course of action. She had a meeting with the girls and they'd asked where her pink shadow was. She'd told them about the impending spanking. Then, Minako had asked her if she was sure that was the right way. How had SHE felt as a child when she'd been spanked?

And Usagi had remembered-her last spanking had only been four years before. She had cried then and, and she'd been scared of her mom.

Ami had cleared her throat and suggested what her mom had done-hold Chibiusa until she told her what was wrong. Kids acted up for a reason, she said. They needed to figure out the reason. If it involved the Silver Crystal, it was important. Usagi had TRIED spanking, Ami pointed out. It hadn't helped. Wasn't it time to try a new strategy? If they were fighting an enemy, they wouldn't keep using the same strategies if they'd clearly been ineffective.

(Anyway, Chibiusa was not an enemy. They'd decided that. Ami had her own suspicions of who she was. She did not share them, but she had noted Chibiusa's behavioral patterns resembled both Usagi and Mamoru's.)

So, now Usagi had walked into the bedroom and sat down beside her. Chibiusa sighed. "I go over your lap now? I don't get spanked at home, so..." She blushed a little. "Whatever. I can take it."

Usagi picked her up. Chibiusa winced and then opened her eyes, astonished, as Usagi was gently holding her to her breast. "W-what are you doing?"

"Whether I spank you today depends on what you do next." Usagi's voice wavered. "I...I don't want to hit you." Her stomach dropped. How could she even consider hitting the little child? Because her mom had and her mom and her mom...and she still made bad grades even though that had gotten her smacked on the rump every report card day. Because no one had ever taken the time to ask Little Usagi WHY her grades were so poor, why she just couldn't make sense of everything or stay still. ("ADHD" Ami had authoritatively told her and then, the whole world made sense. She wasn't lazy her brain was different and beneath Ami's tutelage, she was getting better.)

Chibiusa nestled into her breast. "I can take it. Go ahead."

"It's not about that."

She started to rock her, stroke her hair. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, this child being in her arms. Chibiusa slowly relaxed, her body suddenly going from rigid to soft, nestling against her breast. Usagi began to rub her back. "Why are you doing this? Why do you want the Silver Crystal?"

Silence. Stony silence. Chibiusa appeared to be attempting to bury her face into Usagi's breasts. That was alright. Usagi was starting to enjoy just sitting here, holding her. "I'll make you a deal. We can stay like this all day. Do you want to do that?"

"N-no." Strangely, she made no attempt to get away.

"We'll stay like this until you tell me." She laid down on the bed, still holding her close.

Chibiusa yawned.

"Until you're ready. We'll stay like this. I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

Chibiusa sniffled. And then she began to sob. Usagi held her through it. What had this child gone through...? Her heart broke suddenly as she cradled the crying little girl.

"I need it...I need help save my mommy..."

The story came out in a rush. Usagi wasn't sure she understood. Other parts she didn't want to understand. She assured Chibiusa they would go to the Scouts tomorrow.

(I can't finish this. It was too hard to write. I wish I had had someone do this for me as a child.)
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