List of crucial episodes?

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Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
A bot bumped this post, then I had something to add, then the bot's post was deleted before I could post.

Anyway, decades ago when I had a Sailor Moon fansite, I actually composed a list of episodes I deemed essential for the DiC dub. It differed from the lists others compiled at the time. Rather than let the compilation rot on my hard drive, I'll post it here, dub titles and all. I actually presented the episode list in alphabetical and sequential order, but because that would be redundant, I'll just post the sequential order with my (old) justifications here:

Sequential Order
  1. "A Moon Star is Born" -- First episode of the series, and first appearance of Sailor Moon, Luna, Tuxedo Mask, and several important supporting characters.
  2. "Computer School Blues" -- First appearance of Sailor Mercury.
  3. "An Uncharmed Life" -- First appearance of Sailor Mars.
  4. "Nightmare In Dreamland" -- Raye meets Darien for the first time.
  5. "Fight to the Finish" -- Jedite's defeat/Nephlyte's first appearance.
  6. "Match Point for Sailor Moon" -- Maxfield Stanton (Nephlyte)'s first appearance. Zoycite's first appearance.
  7. "An Unnatural Phenomena" -- Raye and Darien start to get closer.
  8. "Dangerous Dollies" -- Raye and Darien are shown as a couple.
  9. "Who is that Masked Man?" -- Tuxedo Mask's identity revealed (to the viewers). Sailor Moon learns Maxfield Stanton is Nephlyte.
  10. "Worth a Princess's Ransom" -- The Silver Imperium Crystal is brought out as a major plot point. Malachite's first appearance.
  11. "Molly's Folly" -- Nephlyte begins to develop feelings for Molly.
  12. "A Friend in Wolf's Clothing" -- Nephlyte's death.
  13. "Jupiter Comes Thundering In" -- First Rainbow Crystal episode
  14. "The Power of Friendship" -- Second Rainbow Crystal episode.
  15. "Mercury's Mental Match" -- Third Rainbow Crystal episode.
  16. "An Artful Attack" -- Fourth Rainbow Crystal episode.
  17. "Too Many Girlfriends" -- Fifth Rainbow Crystal episode.
  18. "Grandpa's Follies" -- Sixth Rainbow Crystal episode.
  19. "Kitty Chaos" -- Seventh Rainbow Crystal episode.
  20. "Tuxedo Melvin" -- A Rainbow Crystal changes hands.
  21. "Sailor V Makes the Scene" -- Sailor Venus' debut.
  22. "A Crystal Clear Destiny" -- Rainbow Crystals unite to become Silver Imperium Crystal...and lots more!
  23. "A Reluctant Princess" -- Background story revealed (the cats remember, but the Scouts don't). Zoycite's death.
  24. "Bad Hair Day" -- Darien is now under the control of the Negaverse.
  25. "Tuxedo Unmasked" -- Darien revealed to the Scouts as Prince Darien (evil).
  26. "The Past Returns" -- Background story revealed in more detail. Malachite's defeat.
  27. "Day of Destiny" -- Beryl's defeat. The Scouts and Darien lose their memories.
  28. "The Return of Sailor Moon" -- Just what it says!
  29. "So You Want to be in Pictures" -- The return of the other Sailor Scouts.
  30. "A Knight to Remember" -- First appearance of the Moonlight Knight.
  31. "VR Madness" -- Sailor Moon's Tiara fails. Moonlight Knight and Darien at the same place at the same time.
  32. "Cherry Blossom Time" -- Sailor Moon gets a new transformation and a new attack.
  33. "Kindergarten Chaos" -- Venus' new attack.
  34. "Much Ado about Babysitting" -- Mercury's new attack.
  35. "Raye's Day in the Spotlight" -- Mars' new attack.
  36. "Food Fetish" -- Jupiter's new attack.
  37. "Secret Garden" -- Alan and Ann's true identities revealed to the Scouts.
  38. "Treed" -- Conclusion of Alan and Ann Saga.
  39. "Serena Times Two" -- First appearance of Rini, Rubeus, and the Four Sisters.
  40. "The Cosmetic Caper" -- Serena and Darien break up.
  41. "Sailor Mercury Moving On?" -- Scouts get new transformation pens and powers.
  42. "Naughty 'N' Nice" -- Showdown between the Four Sisters and the Sailor Scouts.
  43. "Enemies No More" -- Catsy is healed.
  44. "Checkmate" -- Birdie is healed.
  45. "Sibling Rivalry" -- Prisma and Avery are healed.
  46. "Rubeus Evens the Score" -- Emerald's first appearance.
  47. "Rubeus Strikes Out" -- Rubeus's defeat.
  48. "The Secret of the Luna Sphere" -- Sailor Pluto revealed.
  49. "Emerald Takes Over" -- Emerald revaled to the Sailor Scouts.
  50. "Promises Fulfilled" -- Serena and Darien reconcile.
  51. "Child's Play" -- Rini's true power is shown, and the villains change their strategy, deciding she would make a good addition to their side.
  52. "Future Shock" -- Scouts travel to the future.
  53. "Legend of the Negamoon" -- Rini's parentage revealed.
  54. "Jealousy's Just Rewards" -- Emerald's defeat. Wiseman brainwashes Rini.
  55. "Birth of the Wicked Lady" -- The title sums it up.
  56. "Brotherly Love" -- Sapphire dies.
  57. "Diamond in the Rough" -- Diamond dies.
  58. "Final Battle" -- The defeat of Wiseman.