Madman Entertainment picks up Sailor Moon for AUS and NZ

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Apr 16, 2013
Have you gotten a response from Madman? I've e-mailed three times inquiring about the existence of Sailor Moon R release (the non-chipboard version) and have not received any feedback. All I get it the auto response that they've received my email. I've never witnessed a company so completely abstract with their releases.
I received an email for the tracking number (from Natalie), but they refuse to answer the reason for the change of box (no more booklet, only one box instead of 2, no more cardboard sleeve). They are not answering this question.
For the booklet, I think it could be related to the stories with the R1 edition, which probably Japan is refusing now. Because I do not see why there would have been so much delay at Madman.
Because I don't see Madman suddenly changing his style.


Aurorae Lunares
Jan 2, 2010
Isn’t it because for SuperS and Stars they released the limited edition Blu-rays with the chipboard boxes and split into 2 parts? The reason they didn’t do it for seasons 1-3 is because they already dragged out the limited edition releases of the DVDs before they suddenly got the rights to the HD masters so they rushed out seasons 1-3 in chipboard limited editions sets.

I will say, I’m a bit disappointed, since the reason I didn’t buy the SuperS and Stars limited edition Blu-Rays is because I was hoping they’d do a complete season set like the first 3 seasons. But I kind of knew if they were doing those boxes for the limited edition releases that they’d do something cheaper for the full season sets.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 15, 2021
Hello all,

I decided to join this forum after receiving a big bummer of an email from Sanity about canceling my pre-order for Sailor Stars Complete Blu-Ray. I was wondering if any of you folks have heard anything about the final set being delayed or if there are more copyright/licensing issues? The language in the email I received says this set "has been discontinued" which is pretty shocking. Do you think it means sanity was planning on ordering or receiving more than they could from madman? I was planning on ordering directly from Madman, but they took it off their site a few weeks ago. Any thoughts or insights from you wonderful, dedicated, and intelligent fans?

Also, regarding the inconsistent complete sets of blu-rays, I completely agree. I was really bummed when SuperS arrived with no booklet. I have a chip-box for seasons 1 and 2, but no chip-box for 3 and 4, and it's murder on my soul to have a collection that doesn't match up nicely. The one saving grace for me is that I bought all the limited edition DVD sets before I started collecting the blu-rays, so I do have a complete and matching set of those, well, as soon as I get the final part of Stars (looking at you JB hifi, s'been over 2 months since I placed my order).