Makai Tree arc and Black Moon arc simularity

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Apr 6, 2010
New York
So what did the Makai Tree arc forshadowing in the 90's anime version of the Black Moon arc? If anything. I love it when filler arc forshadows or refrence stuff that happens in the canon story, did we have it here, well let's take a look.

Well both both arcs had a villain that had a crush or obcession with our main heroine. Granted different alto egos or our main character but still, though for me it had opposite effects on how it made the characters look. I thought Ali's crush on Usagi was kind of cute and it humanised just a bit, but Prince Diamand's crush or obcession with Sailor Moon / Neo Queen Serenty was creepy and made him look more like a monster, I defantely didn't make him sympathic, I felt more sympathic for Esmeraude's un recrited feelings than his. And Ali never tried to rape anyone.

Both arcs gave us some incest refrence, obviously with Ali and An pretending to be sibling, and Sapphie love for Diamand, it felt like more than just brotherly love if you know what I mean. The way he and Esmeraude bickering felt like two love rivals going at it.

Episode 53 felt like they hinting at what kind of parents would Usagi and Mamoru be, forshadowing to a certain pink haired girl.

I also felt An and Esmeraude had some simular personality, both very vain and throws a temper tamprem if they don't get their way. Though An is not nearly as over the top as Esmeraude, than again no one is has over the top as Esmeraude, and An is not really evil, Esmeraude is evil, as I mention before her unrequited love for Prince Diamond is the one thing at makes her sympathic, and they both got peed on at one point.

So anything else I am missing.

Neon Genesis

Solaris Luna
Oct 31, 2015
I think Usagi and Mamoru working out their differences and Usagi trying to wing back his memories was foreshadowing the breakup subplot in Black Moon. The scenes of Usagi pleading for the Makai Tree to spare Ali and An's lives I think was foreshadowing Usagi's shift to focusing more on redeeming her enemies than defeating them that we more of in R with the Spectre Sisters and Black Lady.
Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
Both dealt with the subject of love being something that is given and earned, while the villains of each foolishly believe that it is instead something that must be taken by force.
Jun 17, 2019
Both arcs featured love triangles/squares (though to be fair that’s every season except S)

Both had villains who had the most sympathetic motivations and weren’t really evil to begin with.
Feb 8, 2021
I think the Makai arc and Nehelenia arc are opposite, Nehelenia arc is the arc adapted from the manga while the Makai arc is anime original.


Aurorae Lunares
Apr 16, 2013
And that's when we realize that Mekai was much more interesting than the Black Moon part. Basically, an original anime surpasses the manga.