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Jun 22, 2022
meet my oc, sailor haze! she is actually the guardian who guards the galaxy cauldron from threats. Basically she was banished by queen serenity to eternal solitude just like Pluto. But there were much harsher restrictions placed on her. So yeah her existence was never to be known about, anyone who knew about her existence would be in huge trouble with the queen.

(Guardian cosmos is her advisor btw, in my fanfic she was the spirit of the old guard, aka her mother who passed away from dying in battle. Her father passed away trying to save her mother)

After the passing of both her parents, queen serenity found her useless to the rest of the guardians, because she was orphaned at a young age, and she doesn’t even remember her parents.

So queen serenity raised her to think she was her mother, but mistreated her because she wasn’t her biological daughter like princess serenity. So yeah pretty harsh already

When she came of age, she was taken to the galaxy cauldron to guard. There she would spend the rest of her eternal life. (She was invincible and immortal so she can’t die..)

So yeah she had a very dark backstory…


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May 7, 2009
What're those keys hanging around her waist supposed to do, why doesn't she have a sailor collar, & what's she holding in her right hand? :)