Memories of past lives: How strong is it?

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Jan 4, 2023
Usagi and the others clearly have some memories of Silver Millennium. But it is rarely indicated as to the strength of these memories following a process of some days or weeks where their memories become less hazy.

Human memory often has difficulty over time anyway to some degree even without a death in the middle.

I wonder how this would be affecting them? Could they even feel many decades or centuries old already? I also tend to think this is part of why Mamoru and Usagi hit it off so quickly, and while you could chalk it up to being teenagers in love, that only partly can explain it in my view, if they have memories of their romance and trust for each other that would feel to them much longer. Rei´s expertise in magic, Mako´s understanding of martial arts, Minako´s proficiency in sports and music, Ami being a complete renaissance woman and polyglot in general, Michiru´s artistic talents as well, and Haruka has to be quite intelligent to make it into Mugen as well.

Plus, their memories of their past parents, families, careers, property, academic achievements, childhoods, romances, etc, must be strange, for Usagi who in no uncertain terms had a mother in the past, which must make it odd for Usagi if asked about something like: "Describe your parents" who might feel quite bad about leaving Queen Serenity out. At least it´s not Hotaru who had one father, two kinds of stepmother, one biological mother, and two adoptive mothers, and that´s before you find her at the time of the end of Silver Millennium. Mothers day must be fun.

But much more horrifying, what if Usagi remembers exactly what it felt like to run herself through with a sword? People wounded that badly, obviously, rarely tend to live long enough to write it down. But she could in this view. Same with the other senshi and Mamoru as to what precisely was their mechanism of death in the past.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
The strength of the memories are as the plot demands.

PGSM has the memories so strong in Usagi's case that they manifest as an alter that overwhelms her. The manga shows that both Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus have lingering trauma concerning their past lives (as well as Usagi's body actually becoming more like her past self's), but after the first arc, this plot point ends up being irrelevant. For the old anime, it can be argued that their past-life memories do have residual effects but again, this is only brought up in the first arc.

I really wish a version of Sailor Moon would focus on this for the effects of everyone involves after the reveal and had it carry forward in the entire series and not just for cheap drama or plot contrivance.


Staff member
Site Admin
May 7, 2009
I also wonder whether they also have precognition of their future lives, which could also have a stealthy effect on the mind in their present ones.
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Lumen Cinererum
Apr 3, 2023
From what I can gather, memories of their past lives seems very faint. At least in the DiC dub they spoke of their past selves as other people

It might have some effect though. For example, why are the other Sailors so quick to pick up their skills and Serena/Usagi so slow? Because the other Sailors had been fully trained in their past lives and whether they know it or not, are just picking up where they left off. Sailor Moon has to learn everything from scratch in the middle of war!

A reboot fanfic I'm working on has them all get their full memories towards the end of season one and part of it reconciling it with their current lives. (Example, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino looks up at the moon and imagines Queen Serenity and Ikuko hugging each other. "I have two mothers, and both of them are queens!")
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