Most rewatched episodes/movies

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Luna Crescens
Aug 14, 2012
Hi everybody. So as I'm rewatching an episode of Sailor Moon I've watched a bunch of times, it occurred to me I have a small handful of episodes I rewatch way more than most and I wondered if some of you had a similar experience. I rarely sit and do a full run through of the series with my "adulting" and when I do it's usually just a season, or an arc of a season. But mostly when I watch the show I'm just revisiting episodes. So here are my most rewatched.

Episode 16; the wedding dress episode. Just always a fun carefree watch.
Episode 28; the one with the artist. I like the art here, and Usagi has some character growth moments that I enjoy.
Episode 32; Tuxedo Umino Kamen. Just. Too. Cute.

Episode 51; Usagi's power up. I love the art, and being Kotono's return to the show she delivers everything with such an oomph. Even more so than usual.
Episode 54; Rei's talent show. Enough said.
Episode 78; Nurse Venus. Maybe the funniest episode of the series IMHO.

Episode 94; The Unazuki first kiss episode. I mainly love it for the art and the interactions between the outers and
Episode 106; Where Haruka and Michiru meet. The first episode I ever saw and Japanese and I think it's of the best in the series.
Episodes 124 and 125; Honestly I just like these episodes for the animation.

Episode 152; Mars power up. Like the art. Cute episode.

179; The cooking show episode. Just so funny and cute.
180; Michiru joint concert episode. Fun, cute, nice to see Uranus and Neptune return.
184; Seiya is Usagi's bodyguard. So much fun. Hilarious. One of the funniest of the series to me.
187; Softball episode. A lot of fun. I also like Usagi's power up.
190; Confrontation between sunshi and starlight episode. Just a beautiful episode to me from beginning to end.
194; The Sailor Wars background episode. Just another beautiful episode to me, but Usagi's scene at the end is just everything to me.

I also revisit the movies all fairly regularly.

Those are mine. Do any of you have episodes/movies you revisit more than others?
Mar 27, 2020
I like the feel good episodes when the girls are being normal girls. So, my rewatched episodes are usually -
  • Episodes 10-24: I just love the trio of Moon, Mercury, and Mars. I wouldn't have minded the whole series with just them.
  • Episodes 47-59: The Makai tree arc is fun and does the inners the most justice.
  • Episode 109 - The funniest Minako episode imo
  • Episode 118 - I just like the daimon here and the concept of an alternative world.
Honestly, not much of SuperS or Stars unless I'm doing a series rewatch. I do like the Nehelenia arc, but it's a bit too connected to the rest of the series to view it in isolation.
Likes: usachan25

Lady Pen

Aurorae Lunares
Mar 12, 2021
My most re watched episodes.

Sailor Moon:

Episode 24: A masterpiece writing and direction wise.
Episode 28: Exquisiteness. I need a Yumemi Yumeno show. Why not a spin off/gaiden about her being an actual manga artist who must deal with Kodansha's deadlines? :googly:
Episode 29 & 31: When I need lol.
Episode 44-46: The best trilogy of the entire franchise. The W.H.O.L.E franchise.

Sailor Moon R:

Episode 56: The vibe. This is the vibe why these characters are loved by many. Not because Rei hates men. Not because Pluto dies after stopping time. Not because of Sailor Cosmos.
Episode 59: The beauty of the human emotions blend with the exuberance of fantasy perfectly. This is what many magical girls post-Sailor Moon have tried to replicate unsuccessfully.
Episode 68: Ikuhara-Itoh. Perfection.
Episode 70 & 86: Same reason I rewatch episode 59.

Sailor Moon S:

Episode 106 & 110: Homosexual declarations and intercourse (the hands) through metaphors and symbolism before Utena.
Episode 124 & 125: Ecstasy.

Sailor Moon SuperS:

Episode 137, 140, 143, 145, 148 & 149: Fisheye had the best episodes out of the Trio.
Episode 158: Another Junichi Sato's classic.
Episode 159: Ikuhara's humour at best.

Sailor Stars:

Nehellenia arc episodes.
Episode 181: Junichi Sato did it again.
Episode 196-200: I love these 5 episodes, but I admit episode 198 (Junichi Sato directing the Uranus & Neptune swan song) and 200 are my must-rewatch.

Sailor Moon R The Movie. The best film of the franchise. The BEST. It encapsulates Sailor Moon in 60 minutes. Please, Eternal & Cosmos, look how it's done.