My top 5 personal favorite Black Lady cosplays

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Nov 23, 2022
::love::1.) Sophie Katsby legendary cosplayer extraordinaire herself and my number one :booze:::toast::chibiusa::whee::whee::group hug:

Dark Lady (Sailor Moon) #1 by Katssby on DeviantArt

::love::2.) Backlight R 逆光R_ you got the touch, you got the power. :hug::siren::hug::siren:

::love::3.) Purin solid beauty that can't be looked over :bow::):bow::):bow::)

::love::4.) dariarooz such a strong womanly appearance:kiss::twistedevil::twistedevil::kiss:.

Black Lady Sailor Moon R by DariaRooz on DeviantArt

::love::5.) Milena_Hime love those pointy buns they are as sharp as the cosplay she made:oh my::wave::oh:.
Likes: Onuzim Ima