Naru Osaka – Sailor Galaxia

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Feb 8, 2021

On the Cauldron, Guardian Cosmos will see the suffering of the former Guardian of Destruction, Sailor Galaxia in her Planet when she was revived after Usagi saved the Galaxy, she tried to prove herself that she is kind in her planet but she would never gain the trust of her people again and failed to start over, a year after she was revived.

The Cauldron Guardian will offer a new life for the former Guardian of Destruction which she accepts.

She would wake as Naru Osaka without memories for fourteen years and Usagi would defend her and her mother from the youma, Morga, she would live peacefully until a year after Usagi saved the Galaxy from Shadow Galactica and gained the power of the Cosmos Seed as what happened in history before she reincarnated as Naru Osaka.

Naru would find out her powers as a Senshi and the identity of her friend, Usagi as the New Queen of the Galaxy a year after she saved the Galaxy Cauldron.
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