New Trading Card Game

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The Ami picture in this section made me laugh. I think she looks particularly silly in those clothes.

It looks like they have the right D.D. Girl in this section. (The BSSM Another Story mixed the five up.)


Lumen Cinererum
Aug 29, 2003
These are so cute:)

As for Ami's's actually kinda nice. I've seen her wear so much worse. Of course, I always think she looks cuter with glasses anyway :D

This page has larger, full shots of the first five (though only have of Usagi:P). It's so weird seeing them dressed up in today's outfits. ... ?PID=35380

JPQueen has a box of em' for $50. I don't know if I want the whole box...but it is SO tempting anyway...


Luna Crescens
Nov 26, 2003
It's nice to see Minako wearing something that doesn't have huge bows on it everywhere.

I like Usagi's little number.

Lady Delphi

Luna Crescens
Oct 7, 2003
They had to stop being 80s-rejects eventually. ^___^ Personally, I LOVE thier modernized look! Seeing them dressed in non-color blind outfits are reasons I got into:

* the musicals
* doujinshi
Palador said:
Sakuya said:
$50 for a box of cards? :|
Actually, that's cheap.

Can anyone decipher/translate/figure out how the game's played?
I bought my card game for 5 dollars ^^ and it was 2 dollars for the extra packs. Hehe I have a whole drawer of the ccg that they released here.

Also it would be cool if NT started SM up again and went from the end of high school explaining how Crystal Tokyo came to be. I know its something to do with ice but it would be cool if they showed it.