Parallel Outers

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Systema Solare
Jul 22, 2009
Hi guys I have a question I have read a few fanfics based on Parallel Sailor Moon and admittedly they are rather scant. I do have a question does anyone know if there have been fanfics of Sailor Moon that include Parallel Outers. We have Kousagi and her Inner Team who are all daughters of the Inner Senshi. I was wondering if there has been any fanfics to include Parallel Outers. Like potential daughters for Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna. For Haruka and Michiru it would be interesting as they are a lesbian couple so unless the conceive through magic or through a sperm donor they might have to adopt. Likewise I don't know what a Parallel Sailor Saturn would be like. I mean in this Hotaru is still a teenager and is Chibiusa's best friend and they attend school together so I wonder what a Parallel Sailor Saturn could be like?