PGSM Dub (different one)

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Scene 1 was pretty good but Artemis's voice is a bit too deep and Minako's voice for some weird reason reminded me of the english version of the Ah My Goddess movie(Belldandy). It was alright but in my opinion she could have sounded a litttle more on the serious side.

Scene 13 I really liked and usually I won't say that about a fandub. Everything is on cue and the acting is pretty good. ^_^
That was interesting. I only looked at the scene in Act 13 because it had Rei-chan in it :D. It was really good, and it's a good thing that the voice-over of Rei-chan said, "Youma!" when she said, otherwise there would be an odd interpretation of what just happened. I liked it.


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 5, 2003
I thought the two scenes were great! I haven't seen the other dub yet. Still downloading very slowly indeed.

One thing I couldn't help notice was the different clock in the top corner. Perhaps it was recorded from another station elsewhere in Japan.

I can't wait to see more of this. Just love Ami's voice to death.
Dec 12, 2003
Now that's a LA Sailormoon Dub worth praising

I'm not fond of fandubs, as I've stated hundreds of times before, but this is far superior to the infamous "Beautiful Gurdian Sailor Moon" fandub. The voice actresses are all suited to their roles and the mixer level are THE SAME FOR EVERYONE~! No annoying/inappropriate echo? Names correctly pronounced? No mic feedback? I must be drunk!!! :P

What is the world coming to? : :D Great job! : :D

I'd like to see more of this fandub and where it'll go. Many kudos to you folks for casting correctly and being nice to my ears.

:P There's my two cents. Ignore them as you please. P-:


Luna Crescens
Dec 7, 2003
Seoul, Korea
I really hate dubs--as a rule. That said, this is probably the best dub I've ever seen (beats DIC anyday). That's not to say I don't hate it--I do, but it's got nothing to do with whether or not the dub is good. It's excellent! Couple things, though:

1) It's not just that Artemis' voice is deep, it's that he's all breathy. He honestly sounds like a porn star, sitting on Minako's shoulder and sticking his face in her neck. Even if the voice were deep, it might work if the actor just kinda chilled on the breathing.

2) Rei's voice was amazingly similar to Keiko's--but the acting was a itty-bit flat, especially when she was telling them to watch out, and...well, it's just personal preference, but the script threw me off. I just can't see Rei saying, "I'm really sorry to meddle." The really, the sorry, it's all too much. Maybe like, "I don't mean to meddle..."

Totally nitpicky.

3) This is also personal preference, but...what kind of accent does Ami have? It's not British again, is it? =_= Haha, I guess this isn't a criticism, more like a...WTF?

4) Also...the Ma KOE TOE!! was a little weird, but I guess it'd be weirder if they were saying Makoto in perfect Japanese, so--eh.

Good things:

1) Impeccable timing.

2) Jupiter! Perfection!

3) Is the music redone? Very ambitious! I like the original music, but the new music was done very professionally.

4) Good sound quality.

5) For the most part, excellent acting.