Pleeeease help me find these old fics! I've asked around and searched everywhere I can think of!

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Lapis Lunaris
Jan 9, 2021

I have tried a few subreddits, Facebook pages, ff authors and now and I am hoping someone here can help me find these fanfictions that I read a while ago but can't seem to locate anymore. I've been googling like crazy but idk why I can't find them ahah.

Anyway, the first one I am after is an aged up AU fic where Usa and Mamo are platonic best friends. I can't remember what exactly it's for but Mamo gets some research he's been doing nominated for an award overseas (America, I think?). Anyway, Usa and his bosses plan him a surprise trip and he doesn't realise it's because he won the award. As the fic goes on, Usa and Mamo realise they have feelings for each other and begin to see each other as more than just friends. It was a really sweet fic and I wanna read it again so badly. Any ideas or links?

The second is one where Motoki wins tickets to a boat cruise, but he and Reika can't go so he sends Usagi and Mamoru instead. They end up having to share a room and I remember one specific bit where Mamo is shocked that Usa works out every single morning or something along those lines. I think the cruise they are sent on is like, two weeks maybe?

If anyone knows these fics then pleeeease post links. I'm 90% sure I read them on but still no luck searching through there.

Cheers! :)