Post stars( the mang version fanfiction: Coping with Pain

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Okay this is a fanfiction I posted on FanFiction.Net. This is a fanfiction that takes place post stars in the manga. It is right after the main events are done
Spoiler: show
it takes place after the sailor guardians and mamo are resurrected and sent back to earth, before the wedding and assumed time skip. It is also going to be AU, someone analyzed the events of the stars manga and they take place over the course of a month. I was assuming it was seven because that is the timeline of the stars anime listed on the wiki. So i is au, where everyone is resurrected seven months after their deaths, expect chibiusa’s erasure, which is clearly not long. Also usagi’s time being dead if she died when going into the cauldron remains the same which is no time. So this is going to be AU. I am thinking of adding in that usagi went to the starlights planet to train for seven months, and then went to galaxia’s palace. So usagi left earth for seven months.
so spoilers ahead in this fanfiction.

This is the introduction I did to explain everything so spoilers here on out.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Disclaimer: Sailor moon is owners by Naoko Takeuchi

Okay this is is my first fanfiction on this new account. I hope y'all enjoy this.

Okay this where we are at. Obviously this a sailor moon fanfiction. However as many of you know there are three different versions of sailor moon, the manga, the anime and crystal which is based on the manga.

This story will be based on the manga and following it's continuity. This will take place during stars. NT did such a great job, on this manga and epically stars. The last eternal edition is great. She did great on her work.

Now if you do not want spoilers for the manga do not go any further.


Okay where this takes place is after sailor mercury, mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and mamarou are restored to life by sailor moon when she dropped in cauldron, and revived them somehow( i think she was assuming she would die that way they can live). She did not die and they all got sent back to earth.

One of headcannons is that when they all went back, the inner senshi /outer senshi , and mamarou despite being alive again are mentally screwed up from there various deaths at the hand of shadow galatica. Usagi's mental scares are still there but have healed mostly, but her friends have come back with many mental scars.

Consider this, they brutally got disintegrated , all of them because of a greedy senshi , one of their own wanted the power of their crystals and used their dying as way to lure her friend who desperately wanted to bring her friends back.

Then enslaved them while they dead to use their crystals. Then turn them into zombies to kill their sister and mamarou's the love of his life. Forcing moon to kill them all except mamarou.

Then galaxia tries to end their existence when she throws all of the sailor crystals / their souls into the cauldron melting them into nothing. However they regenerated inside the cauldron and just resided in it, so they existed still. However they are all melted and die brutally again.

So are killed three times and are enslaved two different ways , so while NT does not say they have any mental scares, I am going to explore my headcannon they did.

This is a fanfiction. Now before you get mad at me for making your favorite characters suffer , blame sailor galaxia. She was the one killed your favs three times and enslaved them so blame her. Lol

In this fanfiction I will cover the mental scares of the senshi. I am not to worried about Luna, Artemis, or Diana. Nor chibiusa. They all only died once and were never melted inside the cauldron. Same with the starlight's and their princess.

Now I will say that the senshi will not be rejectfull of their, friends, family or usagi. However they will have mental issues from everything went through and distrust of other people they are not close with. So let's get to it shall well.

Next chapter will be the first part of story.

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Disclaimer: Sailor moon belongs to Nako Takeuchi m, Viz Media and Toei Animation

Ami Mizuno was asleep in her bed. She had just come back to life within the galaxy cauldron. She had been dead for seven months, from March until October which is now when she along with mamarou and her fellow sailor guardians, Mako, Minako, Neptune, Uranus, , Saturn, Rei,and Pluto were restored to life when usagi jumped into the galaxy cauldron. Usagi did not anticipate living, she just wanted everyone else to get a second chance at life. Usagi survived, and everyone was sent back home. Also when they got sent back, at that point Luna and Artimis were revived, the starlights and their princess kakyui were also resurrected thanks guardians cosmos. Ami did not know they had died yet in the first place, did not know the starlights real well or their princess at all. More importantly chibiusa was resorted to existence.

However due to their deaths and being gone for seven months, everyone knew they were the sailor guardians now and mamarou was tuxedo mask. They even connected the dots and figured out usagi was sailor moon because she was alive but absent. Most people thought she was dead

Ami’s mother was beyond happy and overjoyed to have her back. She was in shock when she found ami in the house nude trying to get cloths on in the middle of the night at three am, Dr Mizuno thought it been a burglar at first. Ami had wondered why they had nothing but dresses in the cauldron, no footwear or anything else. Now she had been sent back to now naked in her bed. Ami had been shocked, a lot of her things were gone and the bed was the only thing left in the room. She could see a picture of her dad, mom and her. She decided to find some cloths to wear, so she snuck around the house. She found that is was three o clock in the morning. She tried to be quite but bumped into a door which alerted her mother. Her mother turned on the lights with a baseball bat and was expecting to find a burglar, she was scared out her mind. Instead she was more shocked to find her daughter who died back in March to be in the house, naked and alive again. Dr. Mizno did not care about her lack of clothing, she was in tears of happiness to see her daughter again. She gave ami a huge hug.

Dr Mizuno: “MY BABY GIRL”.


Dr Mizuno: “I thought you were dead”.

Ami: “Well I was””.

Dr Mizuno: “Wait you were?”

Dr Mizuno went go go sit down at a table nearby.

Dr Mizuno: “I need to hear this, but why don’t you go get some cloths on, just a gown and underwear will work”.

Ami blushed at those words.

Ami: “Yeah I need to put some cloths on, I will go ahead and do that”.

Ami put the underwear and night gown on she found in a box. Ami then went sit down by her mother.

Ami: “Well here is what happened. ”

Dr Mizuno: “Okay, I want to hear this.”

Mercury: “Well i died with makato, we were both strangled and then melted alive until our bodies melted away and we died, by one of our own sailor guardians”.

Dr. Mizuno was in pure shock. Almost in tears again.

Dr Mizuno: “ My GOD, that is horrible, I mean horrible, you never deserved that my sweet girl. In fact makato did not either”.

Ami: “Thank you mama. It was horrible, then their leader galaxia murdered rei, minako, Setsuna, Haurka, Michiru, and so many others. She enslaved us for our souls which in a sailor guardians case is a sailor crystal. She tried to kill usagi, when she she”.

Ami was starting to tear up.

Dr Mizuno: “What is it”.

Ami: “She brought us back as her zombies and we all tried to kill usagi, WE TRIED TO KILL HER”.

Ami was on tears and her mother hugged her.

Dr Mizuno: “It is okay baby, it is not your fault, you all had no choice, it is not of you would do it otherwise”.

Ami: “ I know but it was awful, Usagi killed us all, she had to and then galaxia took our crystals and then”.

Dr Mizuno: “Then what”.

Ami: “Then she threw all of our crystals into the something called galaxy cauldron which a powerful force, and we melted into nothing. Here I thought me and everyone else’s existence was going to be ended. No afterlife, nothing. I never thought I was going to see you again. However instead we melted into the cauldron and reformed, we continued to exist and were in the afterlife there. I don’t think we can have our existence ended. From there we watched from inside the cauldron usagi battled galaxia”.

Dr Mizuno:”Oh my god, what you all went through was so awful. Makes me so angry but I doubt there is anything I could have done though. I am glad to hear you cannot stop existing. Means you will be around in way or another. As far as normal people like me and Ikuko, I am not sure. Anyways what happened next?”

Ami: “Well Usagi stopped fighting because she lost the will to fight after galaxia threw mamarou in the cauldron after he threw us in. She thought all of us no longer existed and thought at the time there was no way to revive us. Then some force called Chaos tried to throw Galaxia into the cauldron. Usagi being the person she was saved the [BLEEP]ing bitch”.

Dr Mizuno:”AMI, DON’T SAY THAT”.

Ami “I am sorry mom that is the way I feel, I have never hated anyone, I hate her, what she did to all of us, all for power. She thought we were tools in her sick game.”

Dr. Mizuno: “You have changed Ami. However I cannot blame you not blame you for being angry. I mean you did die in a horrible way.”

Ami: “Thank you understanding mom. I have changed a lot. I guess dying horribly, becoming a slave, being forced to fight your friend to the death, being killed and then melted into a powerful force will do that. Hahaha Still I am grateful to be here. Anyways I will continue my story.”

Dr mizuno: “Okay I want hear this.”

Ami: “Well after Galaxia was saved she lost the will to fight and finally grew something called a heart. Well she did not have her sailor crystal and her bracelets keeping her alive cracked. She then died and faded away, thank god.”

Dr mizuno cringed at her daughters words m, but realized her daughter was in pain. She was just happy to have her back.

Ami: “Then Chaos wanted attacked Usagi. Usagi I guess sensed we all still existed within the cauldron and called on all sailor guardians to lend her the power of their sailor crystals , living and and dead, at the time I was still on the dead side. We all gave her our power, we were so happy she called upon us and she never gave on us. “

Ami: “Then Usagi did something unbelievable. She drove Chaos into the Galaxy Cauldron, and killed it. We all thought she would die. Her intention was clear, not only was going to destroy chaos but retrieve us all and revive us. Instead Usagi resorted us to life within the galaxy cauldron. Usagi herself lived through it somehow. We all reunited with her within the cauldron, then the guardian who was cosmos gave us a choice to start a new life despite being alive or go back here and we choose for all of to come back here and resume our lives.”

Dr Mizuno: “Wow just wow. That transcends amazing. I mean you were all brought to life by USAGI. Then how did she NOT DIE.”

Ami laughed at this.

Ami:”It is truly amazing some of the things she does. She is the most amazing person. There is going to be some other stuff I have to reveal since I guess the secret of us being sailor guardians is out of the bag.”

Dr Mizno: “It is and has been, when you and your friends did not show up, and the sailor guardians were seen being murdered , we figured it out. Also we all thought Usagi had died and figured out she was moon. “

Ami: “Well I had a feeling being gone seven months would no doubt get us figured out. We are all in a mess, I mean we have missed a lot of school, the start of this semester.”

Dr. Mizuno: “Without a doubt. I mean you missed your birthday to Ami, it is a huge mess. However I am just happy your alive again. By the way do all of you girls when coming back come back naked.”

Ami: “Well assuming that while we were in the afterlife and when we were alive in the galaxy cauldron we were in these beautiful white dresses, that is all we wore but it was wonderful. So yes I would assume so”

Dr. Mizuno: “OH MY GOD MAKO.”

Ami: “What about mako?”

Dr Mizuno:”When you girls were dead the apartment owner leased it out to these new friends of ours, who say in the you girls place took your place.”

Ami: “New friends? Took our place? OH MY GOD, they are all going freak out.”

Dr mizuno got her shoes on and got her keys and headed out.

Ami: “Mom where are you going?”

Dr mizuno: “To Mako’s old apartment god, I hope I make it in time.”

Ami “Hurry mom or it will be a disaster.”

However she did not make it in time.

Mako woke on the floor naked. It was dark and wondered why she was nude. She was glad to be alive again after 7 months. She got up and turned on the lights, and the realized this was her bedroom, and her bed was gone. Then she saw different decorations.

Then she freaked out when she heard two people heading towards the room. She could not find anything to cover up so she covers up her crotch with her hands.

Mako: “Damn it.”

Then the door opened up. Then the most stunning things happened, it was two green people with white hair. One was a guy in his nothing but his underwear and the other was girl who was just in a tank top and shorts.

The green people: “Who are you? You better have answers right now and Where are your cloths? Why are you in our apartment?”

Mako: “I am Mako Kino. This this my apartment first off, so your the ones trespassing. Second off, I will ask the same thing. Who are you and where is my bed?”

The green people:” We took the bed to our room and to answer your second question we are Ail and An!!!”

Chapter end.
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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
i had to edit chapter 2 again. I forgot the u in Mizuno.

Mako got up and looked at Ail and An with her hand over her crotch. She realized now that since she was dead for seven months that it made sense that her apartment would be leased out. She was not able to make payments obviously and her landlord did not know she would be resorted to life. Also realizing that she was not able to come back till then she could not blame the landlord for renting out the apartment. He had money to make and had to make a living, was great to her the whole time there. She could not blame these two people for wanting a place to live. So she decided to defuse the situation.

Mako: “Okay I can explain, if you let me find something to cover up with I will tell you why I am here.”

Ail: “Fine then there a blanket to cover up with I will go get it. I better cover up myself. After all I don’t want you to fall in love with me, it is hard to not love a chick magnet like me. I usually wear socks and a shirt and shorts, but let’s say that I was a little “busy”. Am I right An?

An: hahahahhahah Your right Ail, you sexy stud muffin.”

Then An slapped Ail in the ass.

Mako: “Okay gross, I don’t want to hear about you two’s love life.”

An: “Love making a beautiful thing, it is now babies are made”.

Ail: “Hahah, well then I think i will go get me and her something to cover up with.

Ail put on some socks and a shirt and got Mako a blanket to cover up with and handed it to her.

Mako: “Okay thank you.”

Ail:”No problem, can we go sit on the couch and discuss what is going on.”

An: “Yes, we want to hear why someone has broken into our house while nude.”

Mako: “Okay fine but you will not believe me.”

So with that, An,Ail and Mako sat down on the couch.

Mako: “Okay, you will not believe me, i have been dead for seven months, along with many of my other friends. I We all just returned to life within something called the galaxy cauldron thanks to a friend of ours and was sent here by the guardian of that place like this.”

An “So your telling me you died, came back to life and were sent back here, like we would believe that.”

Ail: “Sorry to say but that is a little hard for me to believe to.”

Then a knock on the apartment door was heard.

An:”Now who would come here this late at night.”

Ail:” I will go check and see who it is.”

Ail went to the door and checked it. He saw Dr. Mizuno.

Ail: “Dr. Mizuno, what are you doing her so late at night?”

Mako spoke to An.

Mako:”Wait you guys know Ms.Mizuno?”

An: “Well yeah she helped us in our fights recently and even healed our wounds.”

Mako: “Fights, what fights?”

An: “Well if you are who you say you are then we will let you know the details.”

Dr. Mizuno then spoke.

Dr. Mizuno: “Well I am here to tell you she is who she says she is, she is the girl who was then previous tenet of this apartment. She is a friend of my daughter’s as well.”

Ail “That is impossible, that girl tragically died in the a very vicious way, as did your daughter. Next thing your going to tell me that your daughter is alive again and you saw her running around naked in your house.”

Dr. Mizuno: “That is exactly what I am telling you. This is why I am awake at this hour at night. My daughter told me what happened, she and all of her friends came back to life within some sort of cauldron and then were sent here back to where they lived, even if they no longer lived there.”

Ali: “My god, that is incredible. Then again we come from another planet. I am so happy for you Dr. Mizuno. This must be exciting, yet confusing.”

Dr. Mizno: “Thank you, it is truly wonderful. I am so happy to have my baby girl back, as well as our friends the Aino’s, and the Tsukino’s.”

Ail: “Why don’t you come in, we have a lot of ground to cover.”

Dr. Mizuno: “Thank you, I think I will.”

Dr. Mizuno came in closing the door then looked at Mako.

Dr. Mizuno: “I know we did not know each other that well, but I want to say welcome back dear, I am so glad you have a second chance.”

Mako: “Thank you so much Ms Mizuno , I am glad to be back.”

An: “I am sorry we doubted you. It is just that the dead do not come back to life every day.”

Mako: “Yeah I am little weirded out myself, epically it being after seven months, sorry I am kind of nude in your house .”

Ail: “That is okay, I enjoyed the view.”

Then An grabbed Ail by the ear while Dr. Mizuno put her head in her hand.

An: “Ail honey, how about you not share that, epically in front of your girlfriend. If you say that again, you might be needing to be one needing to be resurrected.”

Ail then got on his knees.

Ail:”Okay show mercy, please don’t hurt me.”

An:”Good boy, stop being naughty.”

Dr. Mizuno: “Yes please, for the love of god.”

Mako laughed at all of this.

Dr. Mizuno: “However we need to discuss our next course of action, because she is not the only one who is going to show up nude where they last lived.”

An: “I agree, we need to alert everyone. Or it is going to be a disaster just like with your daughter and this girl.”

Ail: “Well we know the Aino’s have their daughter back, and she will be as well. So do the Tsukino’s and their daughter. Sorry to put you on the spot Mako, but who else was sent back with you? ”

Mako: “Well I know, Mamarou Chiba, of course, Ami, Usagi , Haruka, Michiru, Minako , Setsuna, Hotaru, Rei.”

Dr. Mizuno: “Oh dear Rei.”

Mako: “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Dr. Mizuno: “Yes it is Mako.”

Then Dr. Mizuno shed tears.

Dr. Mizuno: “We will have to tell her about Wao.”

Mako: “Who is Wao?”

Dr. Mizuno: “It was Rei’s grandfather.”

Mako: “What happened.”

Dr. Mizuno: “He’s dead.”

Dr. Mizuno shed tears, while Ail and An looked down sad. Mako began to cry.

Mako: “No it can’t be.”

An: “I am sorry to say it is, I miss him myself. However this may sound bad but someone is living at the shrine now and someone needs to go Hikawa Shrine and warn him.”

Dr. Mizuno:”I will do that, I will go Hikawa Shrine and warn him. Mako where does Setsuna, Hotaru, Michiru, and Haurka live?”

Ail: “May make sense for me to go warn him, I know how to calm him down because he is going freak out.”

Dr. Mizuno: That is a good idea. I am not in the mood to put up wit his [BLEEP]. I will warn the Aino’s instead. ”

Ail: “Ok that sounds like a good idea.

Mako: “I know where they live, they all live together, no one else lives there, actually same with mamarou.”

Dr. Mizuno no: “Okay then we can all three split up.”

An: “Sounds good, I will go to the Tsukino’s.”

Ail:” I will go to the shrine.”

Dr. Mizuno no: “It sounds like a plan to me.”

Ail: “Okay sounds good.”

Mako:”What about me?”

An:”You stay her and rest, you can sleep in our bed.”

Mako: “Hey thank you, are you sure?”

Ail:”Yeah it is fine, but you may not want to because you kind of did what you humans call sex.”

Dr. Mizuno zno: “Dear god, can we not talk about that.”

An: “Sorry about that, but she needs to know.”

Mako: “It is quite alright, your talking to a girl who just was dead seven months. I can handle sleeping in a alien sex bed.”

Ail: “Well be my guest, I guess being dead made you not as afraid of other things.”

Mako: “Well it is still not great but I will take, plus your both kind of hot for aliens.”

Ail: “WHAT!!!.”
An: “Are you bi or something like that.”

Mako: “Well that is kind of obvious.”

Ail: “I will say that was revealing. However we must be going.”

Dr. Mizuno: “You get yourself some rest dear.”

Mako: “I will, after everything that has happened I am going to need it.”

Mako went to the bed where Ail and An were sleeping, went to sleep and Ail, An, and Dr. Mizno left to go warn everyone but mamarou since they found out he paid a years worth of First Ail went to go warn the guy now living at Hikawa Shrine. While at the same time Dr. Mizuno went to go warn the Aino’s. While An went to go warn the Tsukino’s.

However Ail got to the Hikawa Shrine to late.
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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
This is Chapter 3 of my fanfiction, edited this one to.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei wakes up in her bed and it is now four in the morning. She does not have any cloths and is naked. Rei then gets up and turns on the lights and finds boxes of cloths. She is guessing her grandfather had put her cloths in a box because she was dead. She had died before but never this long, only for a little while. Also she never had a death as brutal as she remembers turning to dust and watching Minako turn to dust with her. She wanted to cry because that memory hurt so much. In fact she was melted. She had to be resolute and get some cloths on. Rei did get some cloths on which was a shirt and shorts.

Rei wanted to see if her grandfather was up. However she heard something and assumed it was her grandfather.

She went into the living room portion and to her unpleasant surprise it was not her grandfather but instead a young man acting like a idiot. Rei hated all men expect mamarou and her grandfather. She He was dressed in black boots, gloves and black shirt, black pants and a headband. He was looking like he was trying to send energy blast from his hands.

Young man: I am a ninja like the great ninja’s of the past!!! I will send blast just like Ail one day because I am a ninja!!!

Rei: Hey, who the hell are you???????



Young Man: Well when I met the master he showed me a picture of his recently murdered granddaughter when I met him six months ago, AKA you!!!! Now like he said you use to say, BE GONE SPRIT!! I Yuuichirou Kumada shall send you back to the spirt realm with my ninja skills.

Then Yuuichirou used a piece of paper and threw it at her, tried to send Rei away but failed as she was alive but did not realize that.

Rei then got madder. She hated men sans a few but epically hated this one.

Rei: I am NOT dead anymore you idiot. You may shocked to hear that. Even though you are a complete
moron, I can understand your shock.

Yuuichirou: Hey i am not a moron!! I am Yuuichirou a ninja who now the leader of the Hikawa Shrine!!!!!! If you are alive let me feel you to prove it.

Rei: Wow your a bigger idiot than I thought!!! Your a pervert who wants to feel up a young girl!!! Your like most men expect mamarou and my grandfather, well take that back about my grandfather. Who by the way is the leader of this Shrine!!!

Yuuichirou got a really sad look in his face. He started to tremble.

Yuuichirou: Oh my god, you don’t know. Your grandfather is not longer the leader of this Shrine.


Yuuichirou looked down with a sad look.

Yuuichirou: It is because he died, saving me and left me the shrine because you were gone.

Rei just started to cry, tears flowing down.

Rei: NOO!!!! This can’t be true. He is DEAD!!!!!!!!

Yuuichirou: Sadly he was killed when I was attacked. He was hero, he would be happy to see you again.

Yuuichirou held out his hand and Rei slapped it away.


Rei then ran out of the building in tears. Yuuichriou wanted to run after her, but decided to keep his distance. After he felt the same way. He decided that he would figure it out in the morning. However before he could get some rest he heard a knock. He thought it was Rei, but to his surprise it was Ail. The two knew each other.

Yuuichriou: Ail, what are you doing her this late.

Ail: Yuuichriou you will not believe it but the granddaughter of Mr. Hino is alive and she is here. Worst part she is naked.

Yuuichriou: Yeah I know.

Ail: Oh damn I am to late.

Yuuichriou: I thought she was a sprit. I guess she was not lying when said she came back to life. She did have cloths on. The girl ran out of here when I told her about Mr. Hino. Why would see be nude?

Ail: It is a long story. I better sit you down for this.

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Thank you so much I appreciate it greatly. :keke:

I am thrilled to see you liked my inclusion of Yuuichirou , Ail and An. It was so exciting to include all of them. I think that Ail and An are two of the most underrated characters in all anime, I enjoyed them greatly. In fact my brother who is is a occasional sailor moon watcher liked them so much he remembered watching sailor moon and remembers Ail and his flute. I was thrilled to kind of make manga versions of them, I intend to make them major characters. Also as of this moment I am going to do a prequel series covering the seven months everyone is gone and will focus Ail and An, as well as others including Yuuichirou.

I was just as excited to include Yuuichirou and make a manga version of him. I think he has a great character who is another anime only I like. His character will have similarities to his anime counterpart like the connection to Mars but like Rei he will be different. At this point he has never worn the dress, that he Rei or grandpa hino wore. He will be a goof who is a good hearted person. However I am going base a lot of personality a real life person, a wrestler called Matt riddle.

Oh is Usagi going to be but naked? Oh heck yes. Lol Very much so, and let’s say mamarou will be as well. Let’s say those two were a little more active than everyone else, confirming it I will make have to make a deviant art exclusive. Lol Neither nor this site allow it.
(Don’t worry nothing pornographic, but it will be telling the audience what they did.) I will link that part to you if you want to see or anyone else through a pm when the time arrives.

Let’s say everyone is naked who come from the cauldron. The end of the manga gave me this headcannon.

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Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
@B sizzle So if you included Yuuichiro, does that mean Ryo will also be there for :ami:? I bet due to his Precog Powers, he wouldn't be as surprised by what happens as the others' peers were. :happy:

And remember, he already saw her nekkid (in one of his visions), so nothing new.
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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
@B sizzle So if you included Yuuichiro, does that mean Ryo will also be there for :ami:? I bet due to his Precog Powers, he wouldn't be as surprised by what happens as the others' peers were. :happy:

And remember, he already saw her nekkid (in one of his visions), so nothing new.
Oh there is a good chance Ryo will be in it. In fact
Spoiler: show
He will be and i will be building a huge connection between him and Ami:ami:. In fact you hit the nail on the head, he will be able to tell the sailor guardians are alive before anyone can due to the Precog powers. In fact he sees a vision sailor mercury naked when she comes back. Now his Precog powers are limited in this version and he cannot sense everything. He cannot tell everything or know everything going on. However like Neptune and Uranus, the guardians in the manga, he can sense things. Also he has powers, and can fight to. He is also very strategic. I forgot he saw her naked already until you mentioned it. Lol .

I forgot all about him seeing her naked. At that point I am shocked they never introduced him again. Him and Sailor Mercury had looked like they were a couple already, epically her seeing her nude. Lfamo

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Dr. Mizuno was driving up to the Aino’s house. She went up to my front door and rang the doorbell. Ms. Aino answered in her night gown, shocked to see Sakeo Mizuno this late at night.

Ms. Aino: What are you doing here this late Sakeo.

Dr. Mizuno: I am here because our daughters are alive again. In fact your daughter is alive and sleeping in her room right now. She is naked.

Ms. Aino: Sakeo you must be seeing things, our daughters are gone and you have deal with that.

Dt. Mizuno: No they are not. They are alive, Ami showed up in the house naked. Check for yourself, go into her room, that is where Ami said she was.

Ms. Aino: Okay I will entertain you, I will check her room. I will be back.

Ms. Aino goes to Minako’s former room and opens it. To her absolute shock Minako is in the bed asleep, and clearly breathing alive. Ms. Aino starts to cry but slowly gets a box of cloths that were and are again Minako. Then she shuts the door.

She goes back to the front door. Ms. Aino goes back to the front door trying hold on tears but burst into tears as soon as she gets there to try and talk to Dr Mizuno. They both hugged, both were crying tears of joy.

Ms. Aino: Oh my god my baby girl. I cannot believe it is her. You were right. This is wonderful.

Dr. Mizuno: I know it is great, I am so happy, I never thought I would Ami again.

Ms. Aino: I never thought I would see my sweet girl ever again. However how are they back, they were all destroyed, your baby melted, mine turned to ash,

Dr. Mizuno: Well it is a long story but I will explain to you. You might want to get your husband up. Let him know.

Ms. Aino: Yeah I better tell him and your son Jacob. This is important.

Ms Aino got her husband up.

Mr. Aino: What is it honey?

Mrs. Aino: Minako is alive!!

Mr Aino: What???? No she is gone honey you are seeing things.

Ms. Aino: Come into her room but be quite she is alive and asleep in her room.

Mr. Aino: Okay let me come into her room and put this question to an end.

Mr. Aino went to Minako’s bedroom and looked in and in shock saw Minako alive and sleeping. He then went back to his wife.

Mr. Aino: Wait your right? She died seven months ago, literally turned to ash.

Ms. Aino: I know, but she is alive again. So is Dr.Mizuno’s daughter. Her mother is at the door, she is the one told me.

Mr. Aino: That is also unreal, she was melted. I will go talk to Dr. Mizuno.

Ms. Aino: Yeah she knows what is going on better than we do. Her daughter informed her of what is going on.

They both go to the front door to greet Dr. Mizuno.

Mr. Aino: Sakeo come in, and tell us what is going on.

Dr. Mizuno: Yeah sure I will come in with you guys.

Dr. Mizuno and the Aino’s are about to go in when they see Rei running in the street crying.

Ms Aino: REI!!!! What is going on.

She then runs to Rei and Rei notices her.

Rei: Ms Aino, what are you doing up this late?

Ms. Aino: I am up late because Minako is alive and asleep. However, how are you alive???

Rei: Well the same way your daughter did.

Ms. Aino: I am not sure she did but i know my daughter, ami and you are alive again.

Rei: How do you know about Ami?

Then rei saw Dr Mizuno standing at the Aino’s doorstep.

Rei: I think I can connect the dots.

Ms. Aino: Yeah she told us about Ami. Rei your crying what is wrong?

Rei: My grandpa is dead!!!!

Ms. Aino: Oh Rei I know, I am so sorry.

Rei: I come back to life and I am so grateful. However it sucks so much to find he died while he was dead. He was my real dad to. It is not fair, he deserved so much better.

Tears flowed down Rei’s face. Then Ms. Aino hugged Rei. Rei cried and embraced Ms. Aino right back. They both hugged for a full minute. Then they let go, and Ms Aino put her hands on Rei’s shoulders.

Ms. Aino: Your grandfather would be so happy to see you alive again. He missed you so much. When you died he was not the same man, he was depressed.

Rei: I missed him just as much. He was so depressed. It sucks to hear that he died depressed.

Ms. Aino: Yes but he was happy to save a life sacrificing himself. He regretted not teaching the young man, he was a student but just had him do chores. Your grandfather also was looking to seeing you in the afterlife, along with his daughter when he died.

Rei: Well he may have seen mom, but I never got see him because my soul was taken captive. One of our own sailors killed us and then enslaved us, even turned us against usagi. She forced us to fight her.

Ms. Aino: Oh my dear, I am so sorry about that. That is horrible.

Rei: Yes but I am glad to be back. I do feel bad about screaming at the boy living there. I just was so emotional.

Ms. Aino: You mean Yuuichriou. Yeah I can understand it. He is a good man but a total idiot. The man thinks he is ninja.

Rei: Yes I noticed that. It just angered me grandpa scarified himself for him. Fact is grandpa wanted the boy to live and so I am not going to hate him for it. I will apologize about it.

Ms. Aino: I think that would be nice.

Rei: I do not trust men and will never fully trust him but I will give him a chance. Maybe I should go back and apologize.

Ms. Aino: Hey why don’t you come in with us. Give yourself some time to process. I have an extra bed to sleep in. Plus minako would love to see you.

Rei blushed instantly.

Rei: Really, that is so nice of you Ms.Aino. I will take you up on your offer. Thank you so much.

Ms. Aino: Sounds great, here come in.

Ms. Aino leads Rei into the house. Rei walks up to Dr. Mizuno and Mr. Aino.

Rei: Mr. Aino, Dr. Mizuno nice to see you again.

Dr. Mizuno: Nice to see you again and so glad to have you back.

Mr. Aino: Great that your alive along with my daughter.

Dr. Mizuno: It is so good to see your girls alive again.

Rei: I guess you know about everyone being alive again.

Dr. Mizuno: Yes I do, saw Ami and she told me everything. It is wonderful, even if she was nude.

Rei: I think it is a galaxy cauldron thing.

Dr. Mizuno: Yeah Ami told something about that.

Mr.Aino: What is that?

Dr. Mizuno: Well I explain as best as I can.

Ms.Aino: That sounds good, Rei let me show you to the bedroom.

Rei: Sounds good Ms. Aino. Good night Mr Aino and Ms. Mizuno.

Ms. Mizuno: Good night dear.

Mr. Aino: Good night Rei.

Ms Aino lead Rei down to the bedroom.

Rei: Thank you Ms Aino. You have a good night Ms. Aino.

Ms Aino: You to, I will see you in the morning dear.

Rei went in and went right to sleep.

Then Dr.Mizuno, Mr and Ms Aino went to a table. There Dr. Mizuno revealed everything she knew to Mr and Ms Aino. After that she left to go home and get some rest and the Aino’s went back to bed as well.

Back at the Hikawa Shrine Ail tells Yuuichirou everything that has happened.

Yuuichirou: Wow so not only did Master Hino’s granddaughter come back to life, but the rest of those sailors who were murdered did as well.

Ail: Yes, we don’t know sailor moon resurrected them all. Then they were all transported here. She has been gone a long time though. Apparently she was blown away and had to go into train for seven months. An is on that because she is going to show up in her house with no cloths almost guaranteed.

Yuuichirou: Man this guardian cosmos must not realize their parents , you, and people like master ninja Yuuichirou might be in the house.

Ail: Well I don’t think she cares and your not a master ninja. In fact I am your master, I taught you every thing you know.

Yuuichirou: Your right master Ail. I am no master yet but will be with time. I am still a Ninja in training.

Ail: Your an energy user like me and that has nothing to do with being a ninja.

Yuuichirou: I am a ninja though because I have a Naruto headband.

Ail: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Your an idiot.

The story shifts back to the Aino house.

The next morning came and Minako was the first to wake up. Minako got up and realized she was nude on her own bed. However she saw a box of cloths like it had been waiting there for her. She got up and and put on a shirt, pants and then some socks.

Minako then headed downstairs to wait for everyone. She wento to the living room. However the first person to come out was not her parents but her brother Jacob. He was in shock when he noticed Minako.

Jacob: Big sister!!!!

Jacob cried tears of joy and hugged his big sister. Minako started to cry and hugged him back even tighter.

Minako: Jacob, I missed you so much. You, mom, and dad.

Jacob: I missed you so much!!! We all thought you were dead.

Minako: Well thing was I was until last night.

Jacob was in even bigger shock. Minako and Jacob finally ended their emotional moment.

Jacob: Wait you were dead. How did you come back?

Minako: Well Usagi brought me and everyone else back to life.

Jacob then blushed

Jacob: Wait Usagi did. Everyone else is alive again to, that is awesome.

Minako: Yes it is, it is great. Including her boyfriend. So down boy.

Jacob: Okay okay. I won’t try to make a move. Hahahah

Minako laughed back.

Minako: Anyways where is mom and dad?

Jacob: They are asleep I think in the bedroom.

Then they heard someone coming. However to both Minako and Jacob’s shock it was Rei.

Minako: Rei what are you doing here?

Rei: Well that is a long story.

Minako: Why did the guardian send you to my house?

Jacob: Guaridan?

Rei: Well Cosmos did send me to my house. However I got a rude awakening.

Minako: What rude awakening.

Rei: Well there was this idiot acting like he was a ninja in my house. Then he told me the worst news.

Jacob: Oh no. I know what this is. I need to leave.

Rei: No please stay Jacob, Minako you must have told I am back.

Minako: Yes I did, told him about everyone. So what is this horrible news?

Rei tried to hold back tears.

Rei: My grandpa died, he was killed.

She then started to cry and so did Minako. Minako then hugged Rei tight.

Minako: I am so sorry Rei. That is so horrible. I am here for you no matter what.

Rei: You have been the entire time, we were dead and enslaved. Minako you were here for me before hand. I love you.

Then rei and Minako ended their embrace. Both of them blushed hard and then Rei pulled Minako in and kissed her on the lips harder than she ever kissed anyone before. Minako pulled in just as hard

Jacob was in shock and so were her parents who just woke up and showed up. Rei and Minako broke up the kiss and blushed.

Ms. Aino: uhhhhhhh

Mr. Aino: uhhhhhhhhh

Jacob: uhhhhhhhhhh

Rei: uhhhhhhhh

Minako: uhhhhhh

Ms. Aino: Oh screw it we will discuss later, my baby girl.

Minako: Mom!!!!! Oh my god!!

They both hugged with tears in their eyes. Then Mr. Aino hugged his daughter.

Mr. Aino: My sweet Mina I missed you.

Minako: I missed you to. Dad I missed you so much.

Mr. Aino, Ms Aino and Minako hugged for a few more minutes then ended their embrace.

Minako: Well I think I have a lot to explain.

Mr. Aino: Well we actually know everything. The cauldron, everything. The fact you all come back to earth naked.

Minako: Wait how do you guys know about that? I did know about anyone but me coming back naked. Thank you for the cloths, you must have left them.

Ms. Aino: We did leave the cloths. However we know about everything because Ms. Mizuno told us. Her daughter woke up and told them everything.

Minako: Oh so Ami must have been the first to wake up and told her mom.

Mr. Aino: Yes and how we found out you were all nude and back in their beds was not only was ami but so was your friend mako. Who had a awkward run in with the tenants of her apartment.

Ms. Aino: Yes Dr. Mizuno went to warn them but got there to late but got it straightened out. We ran into Rei as she was running by the street and told us what happened.

Minako: Well that is good to hear, sucks Mako lost her apartment. Also I heard about the horrible news about Rei’s grandpa, she told me.

Mr. Aino: Truly horrible what happened to him back in July.

Rei: Can you tell me what happened, please.

Ms. Aino: You have a right to know Rei. So I will tell you. He was killed by a horrible being.

Rei: A new being.

Mr. Aino: Yes he showed up right after you all died. He would have killed more people if he had his chance. However we were saved by our new friends.

Minako: New friends, wow that is a timely arrival.

Ms. Aino: It was because they are the same race as him. They are the tenants who got Mako’s apartment. Their names are Ail and An.

Rei: Ail and An. Wow I am so glad they were here in our absence.

Mr. Aino: Yes because ow, that monster could have killed more people.

Minako then noticed bandages on her parents.

Minako: Wait mom, dad you have bandages. Where did those come from? Where you two fighting this monster.

Ms. Aino: Yes we have been fighting this monster and other enemies. This one on and off for seven months. One battle two days ago.

Rei and Minako: TWO DAYS AGO!!!

Mr. Aino: Yes, thankfully another hero cut off his arm and he will not be back for some time. However he will be back.

Minako: He, who is he?

Back in a abandoned warehouse, a figure with one arm is working on a mechanical arm.

Music on the screen is heard by the reader.

Back the Aino house.

Mr. Aino: A man so horrible, he killed everyone in his race but Ail and An. He is also obsessed with Mamarou Chiba and when he found out he died, he flipped further and murdered 100 people in Juban Park.

Rei and Minako looked at each other in horror.

Metallica: Hey (Hey), I'm your life
I'm the one who takes you there
Hey (Hey), I'm your life
I'm the one who cares
They (They), they betray
I'm your only true friend now
They (They), they'll betray
I'm forever there
I'm your dream, make you real
I'm your eyes when you must steal
I'm your pain when you can't feel
Sad but true

I'm your dream, mind astray
I'm your eyes while you're away
I'm your pain while you repay
You know it's sad but true

Sad but true

The shadowy figure makes more adjustments to his new arm.

You (You), you're my mask
You're my cover, my shelter
You (You), you're my mask
You're the one who's blamed
Do (Do), do my work
Do my dirty work, scapegoat
Do (Do), do my deeds
For you're the one who's shamed
I'm your dream, make you real
I'm your eyes when you must steal
I'm your pain when you can't feel
Sad but true
I'm your dream, mind astray
I'm your eyes while you're away
I'm your pain while you repay
You know it's sad but true
Sad but true

Back at the Aino’s house.

Rei: Who is the bastard’s name that killed those people and my grandfather?

I'm your dream
I'm your eyes
I'm your pain
I'm your dream (I'm your dream)
I'm your eyes (I'm your eyes)
I'm your pain (I'm your pain)
You know it's sad but true
Hate (Hate), I'm your hate
I'm your hate when you want love
Pay (Pay), pay the price
Pay, for nothing's fair
Hey (Hey), I'm your life
I'm the one who took you there
Hey (Hey), I'm your life
And I no longer care
I'm your dream, make you real
I'm your eyes when you must steal
I'm your pain when you can't feel
Sad but true
I'm your truth, telling lies
I'm your reason, alibis
I'm inside, open your eyes
I'm you
Sad but true

Ms. Aino: His name is Fiore.

Back in the warehouse the shadow figure is shown to be Fiore.

You see Fiore with red in his eyes.

The music ends.

Chapter end.

Disclaimer: Sad but true belongs to Metallica and Elecktra records.

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Chapter: Setsuna, Neptune and Uranus, Saturn return home.

We go back to around the time Dr. Mizuno, An, and Ail were going out trying to warn people.

Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto had just woke up, completely naked in a bed together.

Neptune: Setsuna!!!! What the heck!!!!

Setsuna: Umm ummm Don’t blame me!!!! The guardian sent us here.

Uranus: Well I believe me Setsuna , me and Michiru do not believe you. You snuck in here.

Setsuna: No I swear, I woke up here just like you to.

Neptune: Well if this was Minako I would NOT believe you. However I believe it because it you Setsuna.

Uranus: Yeah I believe you to. I don’t think you ever think naughty thoughts.

Pluto laughed.

Pluto: Well thank you I appreciate it your confidence. However I do get naughty thoughts quite a bit.

Neptune: Wait you get naughty thoughts? Who is the lucky person.

Uranus: Michiru!!! Don’t ask her that.

Michiru laughed at this.

Pluto: It is okay. I do not have a problem telling you guys. Though I am not going to pursue it. That is because I have naughty thoughts about Mamarou.

Michiru: MAMAROU!!!!!

Uranus: Wow!! Holy [BLEEP]!!!

Pluto: Yeah and let’s say I will never pursue it.

Michiru: You better not!! Or she will kill you again.

Setsuna: Well that does not count. We were already dead because you two were killed by her as well.

Uranus: Yeah well she will kill you for real.

Pluto: Oh don’t worry I will not pursue him. I love Usagi to much to do that. Epically after she resurrected us.

Neptune: I was to, even though I had faith in usagi, when we thrown in that cauldron I did not even think she could bring us back to life, but she did.

Uranus : She really came through for us and the universe, even when all hope looked lost. She was willing to die for us live again.

Pluto: That is another reason why I will pursue nothing with mamarou. Besides it is just wrong. Anyways I better check on Hotaru.

Neptune: I agree with you. You need to check on her. While your doing that we can CENSORSED!!

Uranus: CENSORSED!!!!!

Pluto: Okay then, gross, well have fun. I will talk to you to in the morning.

Neptune: OH WE WILL!!!


Uranus: Good night Setsuna. CENSORSHIP!!!

Pluto laughed.

Pluto: You have a good one two perverts.

Pluto left the room and Neptune and Uranus would CENSORED!!!

Pluto during Neptune and Uranus CENSORSED would go find a nightshirt. Pluto then got Hotaru some cloths. Then she found Hotaru’s room and to no surprise there was Hotaru asleep naked. Setsuna then set cloths beside her bed for her put on in the morning. Then Setsuna went to her bedroom. Setsuna got ready to get some sleep.

Setsuna: I wonder how Usagi’s parents are going to react when they find her nude in her bedrooms.

We go to Usagi’s house. An got there and knocked on the door. Soon after Ikuko Tsukino answered.

Ikuko: An what are you doing here this late?

An: Well I am here because your daughter who you said was missing for months may have returned home. She might have returned home.

Ikuko: Really!!! She is home!!! Wait how do you know?

An: I don’t know but I have a good guess due to the fact that Ms. Mizuno’s daughter is alive again and she showed up nude in the old bed rhe girl slept in.

Ikuko: WHOA!!! Ami is Alive??? How she was melted to death seven months ago. How on earth is this possible?

An: Well through some hocus pocus magic by your daughter from what Dr. Mizuno was told by her daughter. Not only that but the Aino’s daughter is back, Hino’s granddaughter, and the girl from our apartment.

Ikuko: Oh my god, that is Minako, Rei, and your apartment means Mako is back. Really, that is amazing. Let me go check her room and see if Usagi is here.

An: Yeah you might want to do that .

Ikuko then went to Usagi’s bedroom. However Usagi was not there. Ikuko came back to the front door.

Ikuko: She is not here.

An: Really?

Ikuko: Well we can put our heads together and figure out where she is. Why don’t you come in.

An: Sure, thank you for the invite.

Ikuko: Always glad to let you in.

An took off her boots and put on some slippers. The two women started to discuss where Usagi could be.

We know now Setsuna was wrong. Usagi was not at her house. In fact she was at Mamarou’s place, in his bed.


We got to Mamarou’s place. Usagi and Mamarou were asleep holding each other tight.

End chapter

Author note: Okay guys. I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter. As for the censored content I am looking for somewhere else to put it, as it breaks the t ratings limit. However what was censored upon request of the mods can be put on here if so desired. If you want to see DM me and I will send you a link to it if I have it up.

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Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
I am ending it. I am going a different direction. So the end of this. Fiore is killed in an epic battle. Mars and Venus become a coulle. Mars and Venus make Yuuichirou agree to be their servant, and even involve him in romantic affairs to freshen things up. Mars and Venus do not need men, but come to like Yuuichirou. It is a want. I never saw the manga scene and now cosmos scene as they refuse to do anything with men, but so much as they don’t need them, but if one proves themselves they can be friends.

Mamarou and Usagi get married. Mercury and Jupiter become a a couple and then meet Ryu and make a triad over time. Pillgamy baby!!!!!

Neptune and Uranus marry.

The end! Everything in this fic happens in the new one except the stuff with Yuuichrio which has some differences. Also Ail and An do not meet Jupiter in her room, she wakes up by herself. Also the parents do not leave the houses they contact through phone and meet in person days later.

The new fic will be more comedy based.