Question about the Senshi’s castles

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Feb 26, 2015
If I remember well, it is said in the manga that queen Serenity gave each senshi their castles when they were born, so I never thought that everty senshi was in the same level of queen Serenity as rulers of their planets if she gave them their castles. We don't know if there is a dinasty of sailors, or if there were other sailors before the ones that served in the Silver Millenium when it fell. As far as we know, Usagi could be the first Sailor Moon ever because all her mother's appearances are as queen.

The present inner senshis are the same ones who died in the Silver Millenium, and they will still be alive and active 10 centuries later... one would think they had a lot of time to have a lot of childs to become new senshi (maybe they did but they became asteroid senshi, or kuiper senshi? :P). I just mean that we don't have any information about how does that work.

I like the idea of the castles, but I don't think Naoko thought much about it :P
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May 7, 2009
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Dec 1, 2020
That would be kind of cool, actually. Kinda like Magic Knight Rayearth and their mechs.. just less mech and more space station? Kinda funny that we only ever see the Senshi protecting the earth. Although the idea of the Senshi protecting other planets reminds me of Saban Moon with the gliders and then I shudder and wonder if it’s a good idea after all.. :P
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Jun 17, 2019
While it is pretty and would have been interesting to see it elaborated on, I agree with the camp that believes the princess gowns and castles AND especially the mini Guardians are superfluous to the story and just feel tacked on. The mini Guardians are almost embarrassing to me as a fan and felt like a way just to shove chibi versions into the story. I say this while I've bought hundreds of dollars in chibi Sailor Moon merchandise this year alone).
Sailor V was not completely written before Sailor Moon, even if it takes place first, so that doesn't really count as saying it appeared first.
Naoko finished it after she was done and that's why we see things like the Eternal forms mentioned and why the pace of Sailor V's second half is so different from its first.
By the way, I watched S1 again and totally forgot about Queen Serenity's form when they go on the Moon. She says her image was preserved with Main Eternity System. Doesn't it sound a little similar to mini Guardians ? There is like no explanation about them but are they really supposed to be fairies / spirits, or maybe something lik a digital picture produced by Senshi's Castles, same kind as Queen Serenity image ?
Were the Sailor Power Guardians that confusing for people? I always thought it made pretty clear they were meant to be physical manifestations of a Senshi’s Sailor Crystal.

It really, really doesn't make sense for the most powerful senshi in existence to need a team of much weaker bodyguards, especially when they have their own planets to run.
I don’t think they’re so much bodyguards as they are in service to her and are ready to lay down their lives at a moment’s notice so that she would live. Kinda like the first line of defense.

One plot hole I've been thinking about recently is that with time travel, past and future selves aren't allowed to meet, which is mentioned at the end of the second arc and treated pretty seriously... which doesn't make any sense with how much time Chibi Chibi / Cosmos spent with Sailor Moon, considering she's supposed to be the future Sailor Moon and heavily implies that Usagi is her "past self."
Considering Cosmos is actively trying to change her future because it currently sucks this is a moot point. Besides, Cosmos is probably not a direct future version of Usagi from this lifetime but more like a reincarnation, so the same rules might not apply.
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