Sailor Mars 17th Birthday.

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B sizzle

Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
Sailor Mars 17th Birthday

This is based on the 90’s anime version of sailor moon

Today is April 17th and it is Rei Hino’s 17th birthday. Rei was sweeping up outside. Rei was getting ready to graduate high school next year and trying to get into college. Her best friends Mako, Minako, Ami and Usagi were getting ready to as well. She was wondering where everyone was. Rei had died just back in October and then the same woman Galaxia who killed her brought her and her other friends back to life a short time later. She forgave Galaxia and actually felt bad for her getting controlled by chaos. She was thankful to her and usagi for being alive again. However Mamarou did not forgive her fully as his life was all screwed up, learns he lost all of his scholarships. So she could understand his anger. Rei then saw Yuuichiro return home after running some aarons for her grandfather.

Yuuichiro: Hey there Rei happy birthday.

Rei: Thank you Yuuichrio. Pretty decent birthday so far. So you out running doing some stuff for Grandpa?

Yuuichiro: Oh yes. I needed to go some things for the master. I took them to the back.

Yuuichiro usually comes to the front when doing things for her grandfather.

Rei: Oh I see, well however grandpa wants it done.

Yuuichiro: For sure, he wanted something at the back. Anyways I have some cleaning to do. The day is almost done and you look almost done.

Rei: Yeah I am about done here. I will head in shortly.

Rei finished up her chores and headed in.

However then she got the biggest surprise as she saw Usagi, Mamarou, Mako, Minako, Ami, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, Houtaru, Chibiusa, her grandfather, and Yuuichrio.

Everyone at once: Happy birthday Rei!!!!

Rei: Thank you!! Oh my gosh, this is great. I love this surprise party.

Setsuna: Yeah your grandfather came up with ideas.

Rei: Nice job and thank you grandpa.

Grandpa Hino: No problem , I thought you would love this.

Rei: I do all of my best friends are here. You did well all of you did.

Grandpa Hino: Thank you I did epically getting a good looking woman like Setsuna over here.

Everyone else feel over in disbelief and then put their heads in their hands.

Rei: Oh grandpa. Your still the same
man from when I can here

Grandpa: Haahahah!!

Rei: I would not have it any other way. Thank you grandpa.

Everyone gave Rei their presents but one of Usagi’s was the most shocking. Rei opened up and it was picture of Mamarou in a sexy pose.

Rei: Usagi thank you but why did you give me a picture of Mamarou.

Usagi: It is because he is the sexiest man alive. What girl would not want a picture of him.

Everyone fell down and put their hands in their heads. Rei then got up.

Rei: Well thank you for that. Your right he is hot.

Mamarou blushed hard.

Rei: That is why I dated him. Thought are you not worried I might try and steal him back from you?

Usagi: Rei expect on your birthday, you cannot measure up to me, the sexist woman alive.

Rei: Oh yeah, well your wrong, I am the sexist woman alive!!

Usagi: No I am!!

Rei: No I am!!!!

Usagi: me!!!!

Rei: me!!

Then they both stuck at each other. Everyone falls on the ground expect Rei’s grandpa who laughs.

Usagi: Oh yeah, we can have a vote sometime.

Rei: Yeah let’s do that, at some point.

Everyone but Rei’s grandpa put’s their head in their hands who laughs his but off.

Usagi: Okay we are in agreement, we will see who the sexist woman alive is.

Rei: I agree and I will be will win. Anyways thank you for the picture Usagi.

Usagi: No problem Rei, I am glad you love it.

Mako: Okay now we got the gifts given argument done, we have dinner , as I made some fugu and zazen.

Rei: Oh my god Mako thank you so much those are my favorites.

Mako: Minako and Usagi told me you loved them.

Usagi: Yeah I noticed you would cook some after our battle a lot.

Minako: You told me how much you loved all of it.

Mako: Also I made some cake.

Rei: Oh thank you so much Mako!!! I cannot wait to have it all. No offense Mamarou but I think the food Mako made is the sexiest thing her today.

Mamarou: Normally I would disagree but I don’t think I can stand up to food made by master chief Mako.

Mako: Thank you Mamarou, I appreciate it. I hope they can get up to even higher levels.

Minako: Well Rei after dinner you can hdd have your cake and cut it to.

Ami: Minako I it is have your cake and eat it to.

Minako eyes dropped and everyone laughed.

Rei: Well I love the gifts. I guess it time for some of the best food ever.

Everyone ate the main course and dessert and everyone thought it was great. Everyone helped with the clean up. Then everybody talked for a while before it was time to head home. Rei say goodbye and hugged Usagi, Mako, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Ami, Setsuna, Hotaru, Chibiusa and Mamarou. She thanked everyone as well, she also got some birthday calls, the specter sisters and from the starlights and Princess Kakyuu as well. Koan sent a necklace to her. Then she got knock at the front door and was Koan . Koan was out on a job for the business the specter sisters run.

Rei: Koan, I thought you guys were out of town.

Koan: We were but just got back. I wanted to come by since I saw you were still up and say happy birthday in person. So happy birthday!!!

Rei: Thank you so much and thank you for necklace.

Koan: Your welcome, I am glad to do it for a friend. I think of you more as friend, you saved my life. You all did but you in particular for me and my sisters. I was going to well hurt myself and you saved me. I will never forget it’s

Rei: No problem, I am glad to save you and your sisters and you guys have become wonderful friends.

Koan: Thank you so much. I am glad you and your friends are our friends now.

Koan and Rei talked for a bit before Koan and Rei hugged. Then Koan headed home.

Rei then saw Yuuichrio and spoke to him.

Rei: Hey Yuuichrio thank you so much for the everything.

Yuuichrio: No problem Rei. I am glad I live her with you and your grandpa. Glad you enjoyed your birthday.

Rei: Are you heard up to bed.

Yuuichrio: Yeah I think so. Or to my room, I think you are headed there.

Rei: Yeah I am about to as well. You have a good night.

Yuuichrio: Thank you, you as well as

Yuuichrio headed to his room. He loved Rei so much and wanted to more than friends. However whether or not that happens is yet to be seen. Still Yuuichrio was happy Rei had a great birthday. He made it to his room and shut the door.

Rei then saw her grandpa and walked up to him.

Rei: Thank you for everything tonight grandpa.

Grandpa Hino: Your welcome Rei. Your the best granddaughter a old man can ask for.

Rei: Thank you grandpa. I appreciate that. However I cannot say your just the best grandfather a girl can have. Your the best dad anyone can hav.

They both teared up and gave each other a big hug.

Grandpa Hino: Thank you so much it means so much to me. I consider you my daughter as much your mother was. This is the best I felt since she passed. I miss her so much.

Rei: Thank you grandpa. I miss her to, every day.

Her and grandpa hugged a little more, talked a bit and then both went to their rooms.

Rei had lost her mother at young age and unlike Rei twice before she was not coming back. However she will always remember her mother. She was also so grateful for her friends and family, life was perfect.

The end.
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