Sailor Moon Color Correction

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Lapis Lunaris
Nov 23, 2022
I'm also working on a color correction project of the Italian DVDs. My project will be better because ESRGAN has inherent frame continuity issues because the AI isn't aware of what comes before or after each frame. My project consists of manual color grading using Vegas Pro. Color correction consists of three phases: white balance, hue shifting, and curve correction. This, in combination with proper encoding, will lead to the best result possible. In addition to my profile picture, here are some examples of the white balancing work done so far: SM | Slowpoke Pics If anyone is interested in helping here are some tutorials:
11 episodes have been white balanced so far. Any help would be appreciated because including the specials there are 205 episodes total to correct. Collaboration is necessary for this project to succeed. Send me a pm for a server invite for the project after you've watched the tutorials.