Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

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Aurorae Lunares
May 12, 2015
Do you think this is from the same scene? We get some shaky cam and it looks like a very impactful attack. As we can also see, frame 1 has more details where frame 2 is more simple.

As someone pointed out, top one is when the city is being destroyed and the bottom scene its seems to be from the scene when Galaxia stole Mamoru’s crystal at the airport? I mistake them, I thought both scenes where from the airport but I was wrong I guess
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Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2018
This is because they don't hire the animator who did the s1-2 floating here scenes. She was amazing, but hasn't worked on Eternal, sadly. She should be hired as ''the hair animator''
So stupid. Everybody wanted to see more of her. Instead they kept the amateurs.

B sizzle

Lumen Cinererum
Dec 26, 2021
It is exciting! I hope they don't cut much of the interactions between the girls in part 1. I want that scene with Michiru wanting to obliterate Starlights because Yaten hated on her lipstick.
It really is quite a thrill. I love that galaxia keep her look as well. Another part I am hoping they do well is with them in the cauldron, the dresses and mamarou’s suite as well.

Yeah I am hoping for more of the interactions between the girls, epically to make it more painful when everyone dies. It is almost certain that mercury, Jupiter, mars, Venus and Pluto die in part 1. Not sure if they will reveal the deaths of , Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in part one or two, I was hoping they would show those those deaths.

Oh yeah that is a big reason why Neptune and the other girls did not like the starlights. Lol That part is hilarious. Plus unlike the the inners and outers, the starlights will not get shown at the end so this only chance to get some interaction between the starlights and solar system guardians.
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
I'm one hundred percent sure they'll use the transformations from Eternal with updated uniforms and maybe a different background.
Sailor Moon will get her transformation from 90's Stars season but choppier.
I don't mind them using the same transformations I just want them to be fluid and less clunky with the choreography. I'm also fine with them doing real time attacks with their new Eternal fuku instead of stock footage.


Lumen Cinererum
Apr 5, 2020
Honesty this trailer looks nice. The designs look different. More mature. They remind a bit of s1/2.

All that I’m hoping for is that both films have the same quality as eternal p1.
They cannot use covid as an excuse this time, unless things take a turn for the worse.

I am hoping rei and Minakos scene is animated by whomever animated them in this trailer. Rei in particular is insanely gorgeous.


Aurorae Lunares
Feb 16, 2021
41 using canned music. :lol: The whole franchise hasn't been known for using canned music, tho, even tho there's been partial similarities w/ music/songs used in other shows in the past, whether due to laziness of composers or unintentional coincidence.
Yes, like Mars Flame Sniper from Eternal.
It's just this remixed:

To be honest, I think I'd be fine with Ivan Torrent doing some of the music, his music definitely fits the "epic" category.
But I'm sure this trailer is just like 90% of film trailers that don't use the film's soundtrack. Even Disney does this.