Sailor Moon Crystal Official Art

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May 7, 2009
I have studied Chanel’s history, I know her history and the history of Karl Lagerfeld (Lagerfeld starred in a Warhol’s film in 1970, “L’amour”)…

and if there is actually a collaboration between CHANEL and Takeuchi…

So Takeuchi would be on an equal footing w/ Warhol. :lol:
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Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2018
So is it just me or the merchandise/collaborations art since Eternal became really bland ? In the first three season they had daring poses and the faces actually showed some kind of emotion
Everything is a neutral as possible.


Solaris Luna
Nov 22, 2016
Tadano‘s golden age lies in the past. This is very basic.
Her designs were always very simple and shined the most on young girls. She never got praised for her rendition of Mamoru. I highly doubt Haruka and Michiru would be that iconic if Itoh didn't take over.
Sure, some of her current settei are ugly ass and seem half-baked, but the fact is: her designs were never super elaborated. They are iconic for the age they were created, but other than the Sailor Moon R movie, a cinematographic anime movie with actual cinema budget, no Sailor Moon entry with her animation direction actually entered the pantheon of Sailor Moon aesthetic social media pages love to post and repost. Even some early Hisashi Kagawa episodes managed to achieve that, but hers did not.
She was never that exceptional, and the apparent request to moefy her original designs while modernizing them sure doesn't help.
However, she actually managed to make the Starlights look beautiful and that's... not an easy task. She still has something going for her.