Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

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Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2018
I like it. Gives her a real "Beauty Fighters" vibe :lol:

Riiiight? But I love the bootleg-look! There are so many amazing illustrations! They should make their own merch-series with those drawings.

Plus this is like watching altered/deleted scenes from the anime!


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May 7, 2009
It seems like they have forgotten all products that are not the 90s anime and manga. PGSM, the games…. as if it didn’t exist. Or is Naoko holding it back?
PGSM is a bit tricky, since it involves real-person actors/actresses, whose rights are owned by their respective agencies. It's especially difficult for the currently more well-known ones, such as Kitagawa Keiko (PGSM Rei), who's an A-list actress nowadays. It's technically still possible, of course, but it'll require negotiations & payments.

If I were Toei, I'd rather produce a new, better live-action series w/ a new cast & then merch featuring them. :)
Apr 1, 2017
EDIT: I just saw you have another thread about the Kodansa TV picture Books, so my bad for bringing it up here, although if anyone missed that thread, it's definitely worth checking out (and they do have a pretty extensive set of scans on Missdream, unlike Tanoshii Youchien, so that's neat.)

If I were Toei, I'd rather produce a new, better live-action series w/ a new cast & then merch featuring them. :)
Sad but true, marketing wise. PGSM is fantastic and deserves a (belated) international release, but marketing wise it makes more sense to lean on new things.


I just caught up on this thread but this is all amazing! Thanks for sharing all this, and for the translations.

I also like the unusual Sen/Shi ships they chose- they actually seem a little more like their roles in the anime version, I think, with Rei and Nephrite both having precognition powers (and if anime-Rei were ever a villain, she'd probably wind up doing something heroic in spite of it even more so than the other three), Makoto and Kunzite both have the big-and-intimidating-powers kind of thing but both seem like they'd be bad at coming up with plans, Minako and Jadeite both spent a little too long operating out in the cold by themselves, and Ami and Zoisite.... well, they're a harder comparison to make, but I think they both have an easily-underestimated, clever, sneaky sort of edge to them.

These also remind me of the also-obscure Kodansha TV Picture Books- the art is pretty similar at times:

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