Sailor Planet X’s story: Part 1

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Jun 22, 2022
Hi. I’m Luna Rose-Meiou. I am sailor Planet X. The guardian of the supposedly hypothetical Planet X. No one knows about me, and I’m forbidden to be known about.

As it sounds like in my surname, i am the daughter of Sailor Pluto and the prince of my guardian planet. I was born at the door of space and time, because Pluto was forbidden to leave her post. So I wasn’t born in an actual hospital, I was simply born at a door. My dad came as soon as he found out my mom was in labor.. he ran over to help my mom have their baby. That baby, was me. However shortly after I was born, my parents had a fight.. they thought they loved each other for all eternity, but my dad was angry at my mother for being stuck at her post. So he left.. my mom didn’t want me to guard the time door, she never wanted me to have a life like that, so i went to live with my dad who had full custody of me. My dad was a cool man, then Galaxia came into my life.. so my dad remarried to Galaxia, then, that’s when Aelia came into my life.. She is my adopted sister.. they had adopted her.. because Galaxia was a chicken and didn’t want to get pregnant. So I had an adopted sister that I was stuck growing up with.

The years passed. I actually knew nothing about the real truth. I began to cry.. why was my last name Meiou while her last name was Rose!?

To be continued..