Should the Senshi have kept individualities during power ups?

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Feb 8, 2021
The Eternal forms feel like a novelty. They were definitely pretty and I want some collectibles of them in those forms, but...
I prefer the original forms and loved how different each one felt. Still uniform but with each character adding their own flair.
Even though I love the Super forms, the heart broaches and long ribbons (while gorgeous) feel a bit much.) These are maybe my favorite as far as how pretty they are. But losing the little touches (Mercury and Pluto not having sleeves) is sad. I do find the sleeves the prettiest in this form.
The Eternal forms just turn the awkward factor up to 11.

I like all three forms though and wish we could see where she'd take the forms from there.
Canonically if it is the same timeline, the inners go back to their first forms or something extremely similar in Crystal Tokyo.
I think the Eternal skirts with the original accessories/shoes would be nice to see.
I think the Eternal Skirts exists on Cosmos and Princess Lady Serenity's timeline.