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Luna Crescens
Sep 9, 2003
Columbus, OH
SmallLadySerenity said:
By the way, I'd like to mention that I am utterly DYING to see Queen Beryl's new design, in addition to the Shittenou; Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite. Oh, and Prince Endymion...and Queen Serenity...and Princess Serenity..and Naru...Umino...Motoki...Shingo...Ikuko-mama...Kenji-papa...Artemis....

Oh! And what about Queen Metallia/Metaria? (I still say it's supposed to be 'Metallia'.) Who else thinks she may just be this enormous, giant blob of formless/shapeless black mist, like she was in the manga?

But mostly, I'm just utterly dying to see Queen Beryl's new design. With how close the Inner Soldiers/Guardians are to their original manga designs (Come on, they gave Ami-chan the absolutely ADORKABLE, oversized sweater from the Materials Collection), I predict that Beryl may actually have that pretty necklace and that awesome star belt she wore in the manga. I have to admit, I'm actually holding out hope that we may see Beryl's origins (both in the ancient days on Earth, and then after her rebirth, when she re-discovers the Dark Kingdom) --- and who doesn't want to see both Sorceress/Peasant Beryl, or modern-day archaeologist Beryl?

(I actually believe that after being reborn in this era, that she may have been an archaeologist or geologist on some sort of expedition to the North Pole, which would nicely explain how she managed to discover and accidentally undo the seal on the Dark Kingdom, and then afterwards, giving herself to Metallia, body and soul. So there's my own 'head-canon', I guess you could say!)

~ Small Lady Serenity

P.S. And I am DEFINITELY looking forward to Princess Serenity's new design! I am rooting SO HARD for her to have gorgeous, silver hair!
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HeartWarrior said:
Not looking for an EXACT manga portrayal. I'm still heoping for different things and for Sailor Moon to defeat Beryl at the endike in Classic. That scene was EPIC and with the spirits of the others joining together joining to fight. :)
I agree but I really want to see Sailor V drive the holy sword into Beryl like she did in the manga. Really shows how badass she is IMO
Mar 1, 2012
I really, really love mamo's new design. :mischief: I also love Rei's, I always hated how different she looked from the manga in the old anime.. it was like looking at Rei's younger sister or something. Come to think of it,they kind of made her a totally different character all together. (I'm also [BLEEP]-in-my-pants excited to see all of the attacks that were never animated- and to see those that were revamped, as the old anime kind of fell flat in putting the attacks in motion beyond the pretty sequences. )