Eternal good?

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Feb 16, 2021
Yeah, and you can watch a bunch of other stuff before your sub runs out if you feel like it's a waste.
Just remember if this gets a digital release it will probably be $15-20 per film and a blu ray release is most likely going to be about $40.

If you're just wanting to watch it a few times, Netflix is a bargain.
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
Don't feel bad....Toei is also cheap.

I'm not gonna lie, the only reason I got a subscription to Netflix was because of Eternal. I just got billed for it another month and rolled my eyes as I pay $14. If it wasn't for them showing the entire Crystal season and a few (And I mean a FEW) films that kept my interest I would have been canceled.

In my honest opinions these films are 6.5 or around 7 ish.

If you are a fan of the manga, like pretty static art, and enjoy seeing the manga panels in color you can bump the score up by a point.

If you are annoyed by Crystal's lack of depth with the enemies and characters the 90's made the fanbase lust for, extreme fast-pace story, and unexplainable (the "just because") events that happen, you can dock a point.

After listening to the entire album (kudos to who posted it) the soundtrack is not bad but it's not insanely good either. There are of course a few standout tracks for me personally.

The Dead Moon tent theme is damn near a perfect blend of playful and creepy. I think it was composed quite well and is a rather unique tune for the Crystal series.

Also the Outers introduction theme (the start up and ending) to that song is top notch. Has a cool and powerful vibe and I always think of the new World Shaking when it plays or Saturn pointing her glaive at the enemy.

The music that plays during Mercury's Awakening (the Inner transformation theme) and when Mars' Awakening are also good.

I swear Track 26 from part one of the soundtrack, the very beginning of the song reminds me of the tune from the 90's Sailor S when a diamon egg is floating toward an object to possess.

The other music ranges between nice to passable but it's not too bad or anything. For me personally, the composer of the Crystal series does some good tracks but they don't sound very varied or anything in the series by much and sometimes sound too much like that other magical girl series Toei crams down kid's throats. For the Eternal movie I think he did fine with the soundtrack and it does have a cinematic feel to it.

If you are a fan of Crystal's popstar happy music you can add .5 to the rating.

If you find Crystal's music painful to your ears, take away .5 from the rating.

The animation.... well some of the animation is pretty nice looking. Yes, I am bragging on World Shaking, Mercury Crystal Power, and Mars Flame Sniper.

Then you have Jupiter Oak Evolution, some shots of Sailor Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus transformations in some scenes look wonky, and Deep (more like Shallow) Submerge looks kinda mess to name a few, however, they are not extremely distracting to where it ruins the entire film but feels like the animators cut some corners to leave budget for the scenes for other characters and I think that's expected with both fan and character designer favorites.

If you want something a notch above what Crystal gave us in the TV series, add a point.

If you're sick of Toei's blunders with animation inconsistencies and need every character to get equal treatment, dock that 1 point.

This film is good for hard-core Sailor Moon fans and even a few casual SM fans who just like to see her and her friends.

I dont consider it friendly for someone who hasn't seen Crystal tho but I do think it will strike the curiosity of some of them and make them want to find out more about it, while others may look at it and not be too moved by the overall presentation and shrug it off.

Is it worth a Netflix subscription? I think so. I think it might be better than even a movie ticket because you get both films one after the next and let me tell you, the way Part 1 ends is definitely a "What the hell??"
Jan 25, 2017
It's a good adaption of this arc in the manga, but they're bad movies. And when I say that, I mean the manga does not work in movie format. Events happen too quickly without explanation or making sense. This is a result of Toei (or even Naoko herself) refusing to rework the story to work in an animated format.

If you can look past the fact that the story does not work in movie format how it is, they were really fun to watch as a Sailor Moon fan.