The Last Sailor War-A Sailor Moon Anniversary fanfic

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Al Evans

Luna Crescens
Jul 3, 2023
Two figures stood upon the Moon surrounded by its barren surface, the dark void of space in the backdrop.

In imperfect unison they panted heavily, both exhausted from their duel.

One of the figures rested her head upon the cold metal of her staff.

“There is no one left to fight me. Just you. And only you. It is over.  Everything  is over.  You  have lost!”

The words stirred the woman. Looking up, she beheld the black, smoky visage of her adversary. Behind her, bright white cracks rippled through the darkness of space. They evoked the cruelty in her enemy’s eyes.

The woman didn’t have the heart to lie, especially not to herself.

Even now, she could see her opponent’s body regenerating, undoing the damage she had worked so hard to inflict. Not that it had been enough. Even if it had, she was so fatigued now she could never penetrate her foe’s inner defences. Nevertheless, out of desperation, she tried a mental probe for the thousandth time. And for the thousandth time she was rebuffed, her ebony opponent laughing as the regenerative process neared its completion.

Despair gripped her.

She’s right. I  have  lost. I lost everything that mattered long before this point. And now the universe itself has lost almost everything else. There is barely...barely anything left...

And how cruel that she would have to witness it all. How much cruller that the few survivors would have to suffer so much. Unwilling witnesses to the end of all creation.
The cracks expanded.

She felt the universe cry out in pain as its very fabric continued to break apart. If she had the strength, if she were left alone, she could easily repair the damage. Her opponent would never allow that though. But she would also never be merciful. She wouldn’t tear down the dimensional walls completely. No. She was intent upon being spiteful. The end would be neither quick nor painless.

And so, the only thing she could do now was let oblivion take her too. But she wouldn’t.
That was just another form of running. And she’d already tried to run like a coward before. Never again.
The tiniest part of her clung to hope, though she could not see where it would come from. But that didn’t matter. Even if things truly were hopeless, she would not go down without a fight. Not even if she were destined to fight…all…alone...?

…The cracks...?

A wild and desperate idea crystallised in her head.

Could it be done? Perhaps so. Despite her weakened state, she had just enough power to make contact. It was a long shot, and she would be asking a lot of them, but this was her very last gambit. She had to play it.

She closed her eyes, summoned up a portion of her once immense power, and projected eight streams of light into the cracks. Eight was all she could muster, and each one of them carried a copy of her consciousness. They would last just long enough to seek out her kin, to make them understand, and deliver her message:

<Please, will you  help me!?>

It was starting to get dark as the blondes made their way home.

“Volleyball practice was  such  a chore today,” moaned Minako. “I’d rather have been doing anything else.”

“Like what? I thought volleyball is your passion.”

Minako rolled her eyes. “The Goddess of Love is allowed to love more than one thing, Usagi. And as for what else, I dunno…hang out on a beach somewhere? Preferably with some cute guy.”

Usagi let out a deep moan. “Ahhh, now that sounds nice.”

Tch, frankly, I think it’s totally unfair that we have to go back to school after all we’ve been through.”

Usagi nodded emphatically. “You’d think after we stopped Nehalennia, Luna would let me rest up for a week or two, but she’s been on my case to study ever since.”

“Nehalennia?” Minako scoffed. “We’ve been due some major R&R ever since we faced Beryl .”

“I hear that!” Concurred Usagi.

“You know, as silly as this sounds, back then a tiny part of me was thinking ‘I just stick this Legendary Holy Sword thing in her and then I can get back to volleyball’. Usagi snickered, making Minako pout slightly. “Don’t laugh, just because volleyball wasn’t on your mind when you stabbed her.”

Usagi’s demeanour sobered up somewhat. “I didn’t stab her.”

Minako made a dismissive gesture with her hand. “Stab her. Break her necklace, whatever.”

Usagi’s eyes lowered for a moment. Forgetful as she was being, Mina was right about one thing though. Volleyball had been the farthest thing from her mind back then.
She decided it was time to get the subject back on track. “Well, even volleyball would be too much work for me.” Usagi hoped she sounded casual. “A beach though? Hope you don’t mind me swiping that idea for myself.”

Minako let out a titter. “Well, at least  you’ve  got the cute guy part sewn up.”

“…Right…” Usagi pursed her lips, annoyed that her efforts had failed and now... Now something seemed to have caught in her chest.

“Maybe you could convince him to splash out and take you somewhere. I know a few places in China.”

“Yeah. Sounds great…”

“Oh, and then there’s America of course!”

The unpleasant feeling in Usagi’s chest worsened. She hadn’t been expecting Mina to mention America.

Usagi knew she should try opening up. It’d almost certainly make her feel better. But right now, she just couldn’t. Because to say it out loud would be to make it more real, and she didn’t want it to be real.

The desperate struggle against Nehalennia was still fresh in her mind. And yet, ever since she’d heard the ‘good news’, a part of her wished the last few days were just another illusion conjured by the Dead Moon Circus.

“Hey look!” Usagi’s gaze followed Minako’s finger towards the somewhat cloudy sky. “It’s a shooting star! That’s about the third I’ve seen this week. Still, we shouldn’t let it go to waste. Make a wish, Usagi!”

Usagi considered wishing for the strength to keep fighting, to protect the ones she loved. That was her dream after all, wasn’t it? That’s what she’d felt when they had won their latest victory.

However, a more immediate, perhaps even selfish, desire occurred to her. One that distinctly didn’t involve America.

She began to mentally form the words but was suddenly cut short. Entirely different words intruded into her mind, spoken by a voice unlike any other. And yet, there was something hauntingly familiar about it all the same.

The strange voice spoke as though delivering a pre-recorded message, as if this was all mere preamble. Finally, it spoke to her more directly.

<Tsukino Usagi of Universe C-05-Rys-06-Tal-2014. CrystalUsagi. You and your world are amongst the newest to be formed across the multiverse. Through your mind, I can see the horrors you have experienced. But perhaps more than anyone else, I will need you. Your power is great, but merely having you by my side would give me the strength to keep fighting. That is...if you will help me?>

Without speaking aloud, Usagi gave her answer.

<Yes. I will help you…>

The entire experience had taken less than a second. It took even less time for Usagi to simply vanish from Minako’s side.


A buzzing noise rang in Usagi’s ears. Bleary eyed, she reluctantly retrieved her Teletia S from the nightstand, letting out a pitiful groan. Despite all the sleep she was getting these days, she couldn’t help feeling run down. Of course, she had informed her that her fatigue was ‘perfectly natural’.

“Hello?” she mumbled into the cell phone.

Confusingly, she heard some faint music over the phone line. It was soon accompanied by a friendly voice. “Usagi! How’re you!?”

Gears whirred inside Usagi’s still sleepy head, working their hardest to place the name that went with the familiar voice. “...Mako...?” The gears finally clicked into place. “Hi. How’re you?”

“Oh, you know...pretty great actually!”

“Right...That’s good…” Usagi’s eyes began to droop again, “I’m so happy you…get to arrange florals n’ stuff,” she yawned out.

“What? No Usagi, that’s not why I’m…Usagi…did you just wake up!”

Usagi pushed her black hair out of her eyes even as she tried to rub the tiredness from them. “No, no…I…Well it is pretty early Mako.”

“It’s eleven o’clock!”

“Yeah, maybe in Japan but not here. You’re forgetting the time difference.”

“I meant eleven where  you  are!”

Now more alert, Usagi suddenly realised she was alone in the bed. A glance to her left revealed a note on the other pillow.

Sorry, I couldn’t wake you in time for breakfast. Gone ahead before the buffet closes.
-Love, M

“I overslept again!” Usagi’s stomach twinged as she re-read the message.

“Seriously, Usagi!?” Usagi could practically see the incredulous expression on Makoto’s face. “For goodness sake, it’s your honeymoon!

“It’s not all my fault, okay. Things have been...‘complicated’...

“How so?”

“Because...” Usagi suddenly felt ravenous, but nevertheless controlled herself. “I’ll tell you when we get back. Let’s just say this honeymoon has been 'less than ideal’ alright.”

Makoto sighed. “That’s us all over though, isn’t it? At least your wedding day went alright after all that craziness with the sword, the clowns and Mi-”
Makoto was cut off when Usagi reflexively groaned. “Please Mako, I’d rather not be reminded of...”

To her chagrin Usagi could still hear the radio music from Makoto’s end and clearly detected the lyrics.

“Step by step, one by one
Stepping firmly on the road”

She suppressed the urge to throw up; a skill she’d gotten a lot better at recently.

“Sorry about that.” Makoto’s voice was somehow louder and quieter at the same time. She’d apparently moved away from the speaker to yell.

“Motoki! Sweetheart, could you stop playing with that turtle for a minute and please turn that radio down?” The music subsided. “Thank you!” When Makoto spoke again her voice was back to normal. “Honesty Usagi, Motoki and his turtles! Sometimes it makes me wonder about marrying him at all!”

Usagi was about to respond when she heard someone else talking to her through the phone.

No. Not the phone.

Inside her head!

The tiredness was wiped from her completely as the awful information hit her in quick succession. She found some form of mild relief when the speaker addressed her more personally.

<Tsukino Usagi of Universe  L-04-Iv-10-E-2003. LiveUsagi . You have lost your Senshi powers, and yet I see in your mind a way to restore them, albeit temporarily. Projecting through you I have briefly touched the hearts and minds of your beloved comrades, and even your mother, the Queen of the Moon. Whilst I cannot bring them to fight, through them your powers can be restored. Nevertheless, the choice to use them rests with you alone. However, I would understand, given your ‘situation’, if you chose not to.>
Suddenly all too awake, Usagi unthinkingly dropped her phone, the device landing softly on the mattress. Holding out her hands, she surprisingly felt the cool metal of the sword before it fully materialised in her palms. The same was true of the chain and brooch that appeared around her neck.

A numbness broke over her.

She’d thought this was over. She’d thought she could enjoy the peace she’d fought so hard for. It wasn’t fair, not on her honeymoon and not when...She stole another glance at the note as her belly twinged once more.

The numbness gave way to guilt and, soon enough, steely resolve.

<Yes, I  will  use them! I choose to fight with you!>

“Usagi? Are you still there?”

Makoto’s question went unanswered. The hotel room was completely empty.


“Kousagi’s a Sailor Senshi!"

Usagi watched her friend’s reaction very carefully. By her own admission, she wasn’t exactly the most mature mother there had ever been, but raising two girls had nevertheless done wonders for her people reading skills.  Unfortunately, they were less than effective against feline features. As such, she wasn’t sure if Luna was wincing due to her accusation, or because of her sheer volume.

“Calm down, Usagi. Artemis already told me everything that happened.”

“Oh? And just how did  he  find out?”

“He found out because Minako had the same conversation we’re having now. It seems  all of Kousagi’s little friends are also Senshi. And you know how children  aren’t the best at keeping quiet…Nor their mothers apparently, ” muttered Luna.

Usagi groaned. As if those rugrats weren’t enough of a handful already. “ Why? Why did you do this, Luna? If there was some new enemy you should’ve just come to me or the others directly. Don’t recruit our children for goodness sake!”

“First of all, this 'new enemy' was apparently a flock of outer space bunnies. Hardly  on par with Queen Metaria, wouldn’t you say?” Usagi winced at the memory of their last great enemy. “Second of all,  I  didn’t do anything. From what I hear it was some other resident of the planet Mau.”
Usagi leaned towards Luna and narrowed her eyes. “How convenient.  So, it was some  other  talking space cat, huh? I suppose this one was bright pink!”

Pompously, Luna turned her nose up at Usagi and pressed on. “Their brooches and activation phrases are a little different from your old ones. Best I can figure, they enable the children to draw upon a fragment of a guardian planet’s power. Usually that wouldn’t work, but then again I’ve never known Senshi to have children before.”

With an exasperated sigh, Usagi crossed the kitchen floor until she came to a drawer tucked away in the corner. She hesitated for a moment before finally opening the drawer and removing a small chest. Unlocking the chest, she gingerly stuck her hand in and began fishing out an assortment of dusty items. A Communicator Watch, which was miraculously still ticking away. An even older Communicator Pad, the circular screen in the top right having cracked. The Disguise Pen, which she pocketed for next week’s dinner party. Another Communicator Watch, the lid of which creakily opened up. And…Usagi’s breath caught. She had at last found what she had been looking for.

The gold and pink colouring had slightly dulled over time, but the star pattern design was still sharp as ever. It was funny,  she’d only ever used it the once well over a decade ago, right after they’d defeated Metaria.  For the longest time after that, not a day had gone by where she’d left the house without it. But as the years had passed by she’d found herself leaving it behind more and more often, growing ever accustomed to a pleasantly monster free daily routine

At the thought, her mind recalled the horrid Youma she and her friends had confronted during their brief but eventful careers as superheroines. The memory made her grip the transformation brooch tighter. She’d barely made it through all that, the thought of a child confronting such danger…her child…


She would  not  allow this.

Whether it was the third coming of Metaria or a whole moon full of evil rabbits, the world could deal with it on its own. Kousagi would not-

A voice rang out in her mind!

It sounded like a woman’s. It was formal, serious, stoic, and yet…Usagi’s motherly intuition detected the faintest traces of desperation, sadness, loneliness. Almost as if they were spoken by a little girl who’d gotten lost...

<Tsukino Usagi of  Universe  P-01-Aara-10-Llel-1999. ParallelUsagi.  Since ending the Dark Kingdom, you have long since retired from your duties as a Senshi. Now your first priorities are to your family. I loathe  asking you to choose between them and taking up your mantle once more. Nevertheless, in my darkest hour, I must request your aid.>

She barely hesitated.

<You have it! For the sake of all the children lost to you…>
In the time it took for Luna to blink, Usagi had completely disappeared.


“Chibi-Usa I’m serious! Go home! You are  not  tagging along today!”

The pink-haired child stuck her tongue out. “From where I’m standing,  you’re the one who’s always tagging along on  our  dates!”

“Small Lady, Mistress Serenity, it is most improper to be bickering in public like this.”

Both of them ignored the grey kitten’s plea.

“They’re  my  dates with him,” Usagi growled through gritted teeth. “Mine, mine, mine, mine!”



“You’re being super childish right now.”

Usagi did her best to focus upon all the sweet and loving moments she’d shared with her future-daughter-come-little-sister. They were the only thing preventing her from throttling the twerp on the spot.

“He is coming with shopping with  me,” she hissed.

Chibi-Usa turned her head to the side pompously, a trait Usagi suspected she’d picked up from Luna. “Nope. He’s coming to the movies with  me . We’re going to see ‘Heart of the Ice Rose’s Promised Dream’ together.”

Where do they come up with these names,” muttered Usagi. “Why don’t you hang out with Diana?”
Usagi thrust a finger to the grey kitten between Chibi-Usa’s legs. “I would be more than happy to accompany Small-”

“Or go on a date with someone  your own  age?” Usagi barrelled on, “Like that cute fairy boy. What was his name? Perle or something?”
She noticed the hesitation in Chibi-Usa’s eyes. “Perle’s nice. But…I mean…he’s not here right now so…”

Usagi’s eyes narrowed. She felt a little bad for the small lady before her. But still, was it so much to ask for a day just with herself and Ma-

The hustle and bustle of the Juban shopping district.

The small face of Chibi-Usa.

The bright sunshine.

All of it dissipated and was replaced with entirely different sights and sounds. Sights and sounds that were nothing short of a nightmare. But worst of all were the words that explained what Usagi was witnessing; and the pleading words that followed.

<Tsukino Usagi of Universe M-05-Ov-12-Ie-1993. MovieUsagi. Your world is unique as the threats you faced seemed remarkably short lived. It seems yours is one of the most peaceful universes of all. And yet, I can tell your lack of experience makes you no less invaluable for this final battle to come. That is, if you will join it...>

In less than a second, Usagi decided that Chibi-Usa could look after herself well enough. What she’d seen  demanded  her more immediate attention.

<I will. I’ll not let you fight alone.>

Just before she vanished, Usagi lamented that she couldn’t tell Chibi-Usa that she’d gotten what she’d wanted. After all, Usagi very much doubted she’d be able to go shopping today…


The voices were speaking up again.

“To review, once you travelled back to the Silver Millennium you located the Ark and began your search for Sin and the  Rose Crystal, correct?”

Neo-Queen Serenity gave a tiny shake of her head that she managed to turn into a passive little nod. The voices were silenced, but only for a moment.

“And how was it you met the Queen again?”

“I was disguised as a servant girl, but she recognized me,” mumbled Serenity, her gaze diverting towards the window, and the glittering cityscape beyond it. However, the splendour of Crystal Tokyo did not make her feel any better.

“And what was it the Queen said to y-”


The white cat gave a jolt as Serenity whipped round to glare at him. Artemis stood in stunned silence. The same could not be said of the voices jeering within Serenity’s mind.

“Is going over this really necessary!?”

Artemis pouted slightly. “Well, I’m sorry, your majesty. It’s just a little hard to remember every little detail. That  is  why we’re making this record after all.”

Serenity knew it was fruitless to interject. She might’ve been Queen of Crystal Tokyo, but not even she had the power to stop Artemis droning on when he went all ‘official royal vizier’.

“Where’s Luna when you need her?” she muttered under her breath.

“Need I remind your majesty that Shaman Apsu’s ambitions, though mercifully averted by the Sailor Team of the past, still affected the timestream.

Now that the timestream has moved beyond the point where she began meddling, our memories themselves are in disarray due to the temporal ripple effect. It is therefore vital we have a definitive record of what happened!”

“Yes Artemis,” Serenity implored, “But we wrote all this stuff down just yesterday!

Artemis stared at her, his face perfectly still aside from a single slow blink.


As Artemis’ whiskers flushed red, Serenity put her palm to her forehead, almost grieving the loss of her time and patience. Meanwhile, the nasty little voices in her mind took the opportunity to jeer at her.

Ahem. Yes, Well… Clearly the temporal distortions are also affecting our short-term memories too. And, ummm…”

“Shaman Apsu and the Opposito Senshi had just been defeated,” Serenity said in a voice of deliberate patience, not bothering to look up.

Ah yes, of course, your majesty. And then what happened?”

Serenity sighed and removed her hand from her head. “Sin and Apsu merged into an entity called the Deity of Destruction.”

“I thought she was called Demon Apsu,” murmured Artemis, hastily entering the information into the crystalline diary. “And then what happened?”

“And then,” Serenity breathed out, “We…Well, you know. We beat her.”

“Right, right,” Artemis said, his paws silently padding the diary device before him. “And who exactly defeated her.”

Serenity narrowed her eyes and ground her teeth slightly. “Um… we did. The Sailor Senshi.” Years of royal experience prevented her from adding ‘Duh ’ to the end of her sentence.

Artemis shook his head. “What I mean is, which of the Sailor Senshi delivered the finishing blow. As I recall it didn’t take all ten of you.” Serenity pursed her lips, gripping the arms of her throne. “I believe there was one group with you in it and another with Small Lady, but I can’t remember who actually finis-”

“What does it matter!”

Artemis actually leapt back a little, his fur standing on end.

Serenity glared at him, expecting to see an insulted or pompous expression upon his feline features. Instead, there was simply alarm and even…concern?

Guilt flooded her, temporarily drowning out the nasty little voices dancing in her brain. Not only was her outburst unbecoming for a Queen, but it was also simply unkind; especially with such an old friend.

“I’m…I’m sorry Artemis,” she said, her voice far softer than it’d been throughout the interview.

“Your majesty…” Artemis began, somewhat tentatively, “It was you who first suggested we make a record of what happened.”

Serenity remained silent, remembering her passing comment to the others. And how they in turn had decided to make an outright project out of. Despite her sincerity at the time, she now deeply regretted ever mentioning the idea.

“I know,” she said quietly.

“Your majesty I…I know I’m not as 'familiar’ with you as Luna or the Inner Senshi. But I am still a member of your court and I…I still have your best interests at heart. Just as I did in the days of the first Silver Millennium.”

Serenity looked up into the white face and kind blue eyes. He was right; she wasn’t as familiar with him as the others. But in a way, that almost made it easier. It made him just a little bit more objective, a little bit less predictable and ‘uncomplicated’. Without meaning to, she took in a breath and braced herself.

“Artemis, going over this stuff, bringing it all up again it’s hard for me. It’s hard because...” She gripped the arms of her chair. The nasty voices in her mind had finally fallen silent. “...Because over the years I’ve gotten a lot better at handling the Silver Crystal. In fact, I know I’m more powerful now than I ever was as a teenager.”

Artemis gave a small, but encouraging, nod.

“And yet… between Apsu and the Black Moon Clan, I’ve failed to protect Crystal Tokyo at least twice now.”

Artemis opened his mouth but evidently couldn’t think of anything to say.

“In a lot of ways...” Serenity continued, unwilling to stop herself now she’d worked up the courage to let this all out, “ was easier when the Black Moon Clan invaded.”

“But your majesty,” Artemis implored, “that was perhaps the kingdom’s darkest hour. You were totally incapacitated.”

“Exactly,” Serenity responded, her voice slightly quivering, “I didn’t know what was happening. It was just like being asleep. And you and Luna know how much I love that.”

Artemis’s face remained fixed in concern, clearly unconvinced by her attempt at a joke.

“But with Apsu and the Opposito Senshi...I was awake. I was conscious. I was aware of how I couldn’t do anything. I was aware that, for all my experience and power, everything fell on fifteen-year-old me and that I was...helpless...” Serenity bowed her head, “...again.”

Her crown slipped slightly. Serenity didn’t bother adjusting it.

“When I was regular old Sailor Moon,” she began quietly, “and even when I first became Queen, I was able to help make the difference all the time. But these last few’s like I’ve been reduced to an NPC.”

“A what?” Artemis asked tentatively.

Serenity gave a small laugh “All that time we spent in the old arcade and you never picked up the lingo?”

Artemis gave a shrug, trying his best to look polite and dignified.

“'Non-Playable Character’," she explained.

“But your majes-…Serenity...” Artemis said, unusually gently. “You can’t believe you don’t matter? I don’t know what the kingdom would do if another threat arose and you weren’t there to fight it."

Serenity said nothing, the silent few seconds seemingly stretching forever.

She wanted to believe him. She wanted to believe she could still help make a difference. But she couldn’t deny that the last few crises had shaken her. Had she gotten too old for this? Had she gotten too weak? Or maybe she’d simply 'lost her edge’, as her little brother might’ve put it.
And if she had, would the others be enough to stop another threat if it arose? She couldn’t remember fighting any new enemies when she was younger so maybe all their foes really had been defeated for good. Or perhaps, like Pluto had warned, her memory was less than relia-
Her breath caught. Her eyes widened. Her mind was on fire.

But...this was impossible. What she was seeing...not only did she have no memory of it but it...It couldn’t be something she had forgotten. Temporal ripples or not, she could never completely forget devastation like this . That was when her mind finally took in the voice accompanying what she was seeing and she understood. With concentration she focussed upon the voice and not the horrors unfolding before her.

<Tsukino Usagi of Universe  G-22-a-09-me-1995. GameUsagi. I sense great external forces capable of dictating and altering the course of your reality, forces that dwarf that of your old enemy, Shaman Apsu. Nevertheless, her interference in the destiny of your universe has created great temporal fluctuations that made it difficult to make contact with you. Eventually, I was drawn to this point in your reality’s timestream, it being the most stable. That is ultimately of no consequence though. What matters is if you will lend your power and experience to my party?>
Uncertainty gripped Neo-Queen Serenity. She had not been contacted out of choice. The ‘temporal fluctuations’ had simply made her the easiest option. Wasn’t it a risk to get involved, to potentially compromise the chances of victory with her clearly diminished abilities?
But then again...Could she live with herself if she refused. Useless as she might’ve been recently, useless as she may well be in this battle, she had to try.

<I'm in! I’ll do whatever I can to help!>

Serenity didn’t dwell on the possibility that she might never return to Crystal Tokyo. However, in the instant before she vanished, the nasty little voices began whispering to her again, asking if her absence would make any difference at all...


“So…you’re definitely still going to Germany?”

Ami’s face was remarkably stoic as she nodded.

Usagi’s heart sank.

“But…But you know those Death Mannetjes guys are still out there somewhere. And so are those creepy Death Nightmare ladies and their leaders. They might try to steal your pure heart again!”

Guilt flooded Usagi. She knew she was being dishonest with Ami, let alone herself. It wasn’t about the danger, it was about Ami leaving in the first place.

The others were almost ready to leave too. Rei for Tibet, Mako for China and Mina for the national volleyball team. It was only misfortune that had delayed Ami’s plans to study abroad. Only misfortune that had delayed Usagi having to say goodbye.

Ami’s stoicism gave way to a consoling, almost patronising look. “Then I’d just better hope you and the others will be there to see me off, right? That way you’ll be able to protect me. You…You will be there this time…Won’t you Usagi?”

Usagi didn’t know what to say. She knew what she  should say for Ami’s sake, even if it was a lie.

She’d already gone through the heartbreak of trying to see Ami off at the airport once. To do it again, and this time to stare her friend in the eye as she left her life forever…

Usagi wasn’t even sure if she had the strength to lie to Ami. To simply tell her beloved friend what she wanted to hear at this very moment. Fortunately, she didn’t have to.

Unfortunately, that was because visions of utter devastation, accompanied by an ethereal voice, had suddenly flooded her head. The sensation was so overwhelming that she barely registered the words that followed the vision.

<Tsukino Usagi of U niverse  M-11-Usi-08-Cal-1993. MusicalUsagi. Your universe is strange. Perhaps the strangest of all. You seem to go through periods where versions of the same events play out over and over again but never identically. Sometimes the alterations are minor. Sometimes they are almost totally different. This effect seems to extend to individuals occupying your universe. They seem to arbitrarily change their appearances. Perhaps the state of flux your universe exists in would permit me to find other versions of you, but currently I lack the strength to do so. Instead, I must simply ask you, and you alone, for your aid.>

Usagi was so overcome with emotion she almost felt like screaming; or breaking into song. She didn’t though, instead wordlessly replying:

<Alright! You got it!>

Usagi almost chuckled. All her worrying about Ami, and it turned out she’d be the one leaving her...


“Rei! Slow down!”  

To her surprise, the raven-haired shrine maiden actually did slow down, coming to an abrupt halt. In fact, it was so abrupt that Usagi might’ve collided into her, had she not been lagging far behind. Though Usagi could only see the back of her head, she could nevertheless tell Rei was rolling her eyes. It was only as she moved closer that her friend sharply turned on her heel and fixed the blonde bun-head with a terrifying glare.

“Tell me how  I  got stuck babysitting  you  again?”

“Hey! ” Usagi pouted, “I don’t need anybody to ‘babysit’ me! I’m perfectly capable of finding the concert on my own, thank you very much!”

Rei let out a derisive laugh. “Yeah right! Remember how 'capable’ you were when we went to see Michiru and the Three Lights?”

Usagi waved her hand dismissively. “I was a lot younger and less mature back then.”

“That happened this year!  And, just like back then, you’re running late! Which means  I’m  running late! Which means they won’t let us in. Which means everybody’s day will be ruined!”

“Huh?” Usagi’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Why’s that?”

“Because I’ve got the tickets!”

Usagi began to tear up. “Nooooooo! It’s not fair! I don’t want to miss  another concert!” she wailed.

Rei facepalmed and let out a deep sigh. “Up until now, I’ve never  had  to miss  any  concerts.” She removed her palm and glared at Usagi. “I was hoping we wouldn’t miss this one either. Especially since the last one got...” Her features softened, adopting a slightly haunted expression. “…interrupted...”

Usagi’s tears abruptly dried up as she grasped what Rei must’ve been thinking.

The concert.


Too many tears to count.

That awful day might’ve been a while back, but it was still fresh for all of them. And worst of all, it wasn’t like it’d been the first time something like that had happened to Rei or the others. Just as it hadn’t been the first time Usagi had been forced to witness them die…

She began to raise her hand to Rei’s, hoping to comfort her best friend and maybe get her to open up. At the very least, that might make up for them potentially missing the concert. Although, knowing her own track record for attendance, Usagi figured the whole day might’ve already be a lost cau-

Her breath caught as a disembodied voice and horrific images bombarded her mind. After the terrible explanation was done, the voice spoke more personably.

<Tsukino Usagi of Universe   A-07-ni-03-me-1992. AnimeUsagi. Across the multiverse you have battled the longest and perhaps the hardest of all. You have suffered and lost much. And done so far too many times. Now you at last enjoy the peace and happiness you have so rightfully earned. Which is why I would understand if you abstained from this conflict. But I still must ask the question. Please, will you help me!?>
Silently, Usagi answered, her thoughts strong and true, her body vanishing a split second later.

<Yes. I will help you…Sailor Cosmos…>
Yep...Because it is too long for this thread, if you would like to read more please check out the full story on my Ao3 account.
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Onuzim Ima

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Aug 11, 2010
Is this going to be like 'Across the Spider-Verse' with multiple :usagi:s ending up fighting together? :happy:

I did something similar before, including the 'It's-like-being-in-a-Mirror-Cabinet' joke. Great minds think alike. :keke:

Btw, you actually can continue to write this here if you do another post about let's say 24h later. ;)

P. S.: I can't wait to see One Punch Moon (Bald SM would be a Scream!)… Or D.Gray Moon... Super Pig Moon... Spidermoon… One could continue this forever!
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Jul 3, 2023
Is this going to be like 'Across the Spider-Verse' with multiple :usagi:s ending up fighting together? :happy:

I did something similar before, including the 'It's-like-being-in-a-Mirror-Cabinet' joke. :keke:

Btw, you actually can continue to write this here if you do another post about let's say 24h later. ;)
Replace 'is this going to be' with 'this is 100% just like' and you're on the money ;)

I prefer not to post the fic here because:
a) the chapters are chony
b) the above required a lot of editing to be readable on the thread
c) the Ao3 link contains images and (for those that need them) links to relevant bits of info to understand the fic.

The fic is actually part of a whole storyline I wrote. The main bits of the story are done but I am trying to fill in the blanks:

The End... - AlEvans26 - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime & Manga), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action TV), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Musicals), Code Name: Sailor V [Archive of Our Own]
Likes: Onuzim Ima

Al Evans

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Jul 3, 2023
Is this going to be like 'Across the Spider-Verse' with multiple :usagi:s ending up fighting together? :happy:

I did something similar before, including the 'It's-like-being-in-a-Mirror-Cabinet' joke. :keke:

Btw, you actually can continue to write this here if you do another post about let's say 24h later. ;)
Replace 'is this going to be like' with 'this is 100% just like' and you're on the money ;)

I prefer not to post the fic here because:
a) the chapters are chony
b) the above required a lot of editing to be readable on the thread
c) the Ao3 link contains images and (for those that need them) links to relevant bits of info to understand the fic.

The fic is actually part of a whole storyline I wrote. The main bits of the story are done but I am trying to fill in the blanks:

The End... - AlEvans26 - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Anime & Manga), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action TV), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Musicals), Code Name: Sailor V [Archive of Our Own]