The original "Chibiusa/Rini"less timeline

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Feb 10, 2009
What do we think the original timeline looked like for the Sailor Senshi before Chibausa/Rini traveled back in time inadvertently setting off a chain of events that would seemingly change the future?

It could be assumed had she never gone back in time that it could've held off Galaxias attack on their solar system for hundreds of years.

In the could be assumed that maybe Cosmos comes from this original timeline?
Sep 6, 2014
Obviously Black Moon never attacks 20th Century Tokyo in the original timeline.

We know at some point Sailor Moon acquires the Holy Grail because Chibi Usa remembers it from her time so the Death Busters still likely attack. I'm guessing no Chibi Usa in 20th Century Japan means no Mistress 9 awakening. It's possible Sailor Saturn never awakens either?

Also no Pegasus, no Dead Moon. And the non-Moon Senshi never acquire their Super forms. Sailor Moon can only access her Super form by the Holy Grail and never gets the brooch upgrade to directly transform into Super Sailor Moon. Really Neo Queen Serenity giving present day Usagi the Cosmic brooch kind of implies it was Sailor Moon's final brooch in the original timeline, no?
Feb 8, 2021
In the could be assumed that maybe Cosmos comes from this original timeline?
Galaxia was a byproduct of Death Phantom while Cosmos is a byproduct of Nehelenia's defeat, because Cosmos existence requires for Sailor Moon to jump to the Cauldron and activate the Cosmos Crystal.

In the original timeline, Usagi gives up being a Senshi allowing Chibiusa to be a Senshi but after she defeats both Nehelenia and Galaxia she gains the Cosmos Crystal, which makes the post of the Senshi of the Moon be vacant.
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Luna Crescens
Apr 3, 2023
I remember what film critic Ebert once said when reviewing the original Back to the Future. How do we know that the original timeline really was the original timeline, or if there even was an original timeline? "That's not a job for Superman, that's a job for God."

In my head cannon, there was only ever one timeline. That it might be threatened is one thing but it was always there. Otherwise, its the proverbial can of worms. I'll be going with the anime because that's the one I know...

After the Doom Tree, SM and the gang get a long well deserved rest because the Black Moon/Negamoon never shows up. Tomoe and crew would still be there eventually but without Rini / Chibi Usa's pure heart Mistress Nine would never arise... or would she. She could get someone else's heart theoretically but...

Sailor Pluto came to the 20th century to make sure the timeline ran smoothly but there would be no need of that here. There would have been no BMC to shake up the timeline. No Pluto means no friend for Rini and Hotaru. Uranus and Neptune were willing to kill Hotaru to prevent the rise of Saturn--Pluto, on the other hand, while an outer, always seemed reluctant.

Might Neptune and Uranus actually kill Hotaru? Might that be the reason that we never saw any of them in Rini's flashbacks? In the original timeline, the two outers killed a child and for that crime, they were forever banished from NQS presence?

The next seasons, I can't say but the implications of the above is a doozy.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
This is for anime.

Assuming there is no Black Moon Clan, there is a break, but I would assume any break is not that long.

In the flashback episode in S, Sailor Neptune was fighting the Daimon-monster alone, until Haruka decided to take up the mantle and fight beside her. However, without the Black Moon Clan intervening, I'd like to think our girls would have been involved with those battles. There may have been a delay in Haruka awakening because Neptune would be working parallel with the other girls, but in the end, destiny would win out and all 7 girls would be committed to beating the monsters. However, the rift between Neptune/Uranus and the others would arise once Tomoe switched tactics and started looking for the talismans and things would play out similarly as they do in S. The biggest difference is that Sailor Moon wouldn't get a magic upgrade because Neptune and Uranus would help out a little more (but not much).

So then we get to the inevitable moment were Neptune and Uranus are revealed to have the talismans. Pluto doesn't appear because she isn't allowed to leave her post. Consequently, the following happens:
  • Neptune and Uranus die, and the other girls take their talismans, utilizing them as weapons in battle.
  • Death Busters and the girls are at a stalemate because there is no third talisman.
  • Death Busters inevitably decide on prioritizing awakening their ruler as they do in the anime.
  • Usagi ends up being "the one" to meet Hotaru to befriend her.
  • Without the Outers, some of the plans to steal pure heart crystals are successful and Mistress 9 awakens from one of those.
  • Without the Holy Grail, Mistress 9 doesn't try to trick Sailor Moon into obtaining it. Without Hotaru fighting Mistress 9 so strongly, the mass destruction not only breaks out over Tokyo, but all over the world.
  • The girls mistakenly think that Silver Crystal in Usagi's brooch is the third talisman. While this does not cause the Holy Grail to appear, it gives the girls enough false confidence in themselves to battle the rest of the Death Busters.
  • Sailor Moon makes the tough choice to kill Mistress 9 to stop her, thus killing Hotaru, too. However, the damage to the world is done and Sailor Moon becomes Neo-Queen Serenity and freezes the world in an ice age.
  • Centuries later, Neo-Queen Serenity unthaws everything.
  • Later she meets Sailor Pluto, who gives her the third talisman which allows the Holy Grail to appear, which is put on display. Maybe it's used against the first wave of unknown enemies.
  • Years later, Chibi-Usa is born.
  • Years later, second wave of unknown enemies appears (Black Moon Clan).