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Lumen Cinererum
Nov 14, 2017
Carisle Animation (Fictional Studio)
a while back, I decided I had wanted a Tokyoma Gaiden wiki to jot down and keep all of my ideas while having something offline to refer to (Offline being the big word), so after a few failed ideas, I decided to export most of Wikimoon (otherwise, most links would be broken in said offline wiki) and import it to an offline, on PC using wampserver64, some episode articles were initially made on the subsen wiki before being brought to the offline wiki.
I have some episode examples in case anyone wants to take a look:
Links Deleted

they have to be downloaded first and then opened, mhtml format.
I found a way to get them to everyone without any MHTML downloading and whatnot.
It's a github page and the list will grow slowly. pages will be edited offline and added/updated as needed.
Not sure how this'll be received, but at least the real Wikimoon won't be touched by this
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