Were Hotaru and Chibiusa implied to a be couple in crystal?

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Feb 16, 2021
It's sad that a lot of people these days seem to dismiss platonic love and deep friendships and are just totally obsessed with who wants to do who.
And these are both still kids even if they are like 904 and 1 million.

Here's how I feel about the situation-
Naoko definitely dropped some teases but I think she ultimately intended Chibi Usa and Hotaru to be friends. A deep friendship but nothing sexual. Even if they were interpreted as being attracted to one another that way, I still think it would be a very innocent kind of relationship (definitely not on a Haruka/Michiru level).
The Crystal opening doesn't have any sexual vibe to me. It is slightly uncomfortable each time I see it, but there's nothing going on and the nudity is not any more than we see in the rest of the series.
To me, it looks like they are both at their most innocent and most vulnerable and they are reaching out to one another for help and to give help.
Hotaru's whole life is a tragedy and Chibi Usa's is lonely and they are both in a state of crisis during season 3 with no real support from the older characters.
This also seems to mirror the fact that Hotaru is guarding Chibi Usa's soul later in this arc.

The fact that Naoko introduces Helios and makes such a huge deal out of that pairing makes me feel like she never seriously intended Hotaru and Chibi Usa as a pairing (they were not portrayed as romantically involved in Parallel either, from my recollection.)

On top of that, Chibi Usa seems to be a lot like Usagi in how she blushes whenever she sees a beautiful or noble person, regardless if she is into them as a romantic prospect.


Lumen Cinererum
Jan 16, 2018
i see it like close friends and nothing more, chibiusa was learning about love, mother-daughter love in black moon arc, friends love in infinity arc and romantic love in dream arc
the thing is now everyone is so obsessive with the sexual prefers of a character like is something important
mostly now the western culture, like i was talking with some friends about the sports anime, and is about friendship but nope that's friends everything even a hug think is a gay connotation XD hell,
it happen to me once when i was in school like in 3 or 4 grade, i hugged some friends expressing that i care for them nothing sexual XD and nope they think i was lesbian, XD well it happen something bad in the end, i wasn't and now im not too
Jun 17, 2019
Their subtext in the manga was already much heavier compared to the 90's anime (even discounting the famous "I feel we were destined to meet even if we're both girls" scene) we also have scenes of them walking to school holding hands in Stars comparing themselves to how Usagi holds Mamoru's hand, as well as Hotaru getting jealous over Naru's younger twin sisters in one of the Picture Diares for being so chummy with Chibi-Usa, and even a drawing of them naked bare-chested smiling at each other while lacing fingers. At the very least they're in that same sort of grey area Reinako occupy.

It could really go either way for who Chibs ends up with in the future in the Manga/Crystal - Hotaru or Helios.