Were Uranus and Neptune Past Life Lovers?

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Systema Solare
Mar 8, 2012
Something that I've often wondered about is whether or not Uranus and Neptune fell in love for the first time as Haruka and Michiru, or if, like Usagi and Mamoru, they had been in love in their past life.

When talking about their past life in the manga, Haruka in particular seems to emphasize the loneliness they felt living apart from everyone else, guarding their isolated stations. Michiru says they weren't allowed to leave their posts and had to watch helplessly from afar as Silver Millennium fell. She says (quoting from the Eternal Edition): "The dominions we each guard are so far apart that by all rights, we never should have met," but it's unclear if she means any combination of them or if she means all three of them. In any case, the manga seems to suggest that Uranus and Neptune at least never met in person, but they probably still knew about each other and they still could have seen each other (via the Deep Sea Mirror, via SailorSkyping on their castles' computers, etc) so a long-distance relationship between them (or even just a secret crush) is still well within the realm of possibility.

As far as the '90s anime and musicals are concerned, I don't really remember their going too deep into Haruka's and Michiru's past lives? Can anyone refresh my memory on that front?

Anywho, my inclination is to say that no, they were not past life lovers and only met and fell in love for the first time in present day Tokyo, but I'm curious as to what you guys think.
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
I think the whole past-present love only strongly applies to Usagi and Mamoru. Though, it would be nice is they mentioned it, it may be safe to assume Uranus and Neptube's love is a present only thing.


Luna Crescens
Nov 13, 2018
Uranus and Neptune were not supposed to come together lest a catastrophic event unfolds. Just as Serenity and Endymion were forbidden to visit each other Uranus and Neptune were also not supposed to be near each other or Saturn could be summoned. Somewhere I read that they were distant lovers who longed for each other but I don't know if that is Greek mythology or specific to the Senshi.

Edit: Looks like this is not from mythology so I must have gotten this idea from somewhere in the Sailor Moon universe. I'll try and figure out where I got this idea (that they were admiring each other from afar before their rebirth) from.
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Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
In my view, no, they weren't lovers in their past lives, and not just because their duties kept them apart.

It really would be troublesome for any Sailor to fall in love with another Sailor, as this would cause a conflict of interest that would complicate any relationship. In addition, they were Princesses and likely had to hold fealty to their own people.

Given the scandal that Princess Serenity and Princess Endymion caused and they were just royals from different realms and not soldiers, Uranus and Neptune having feelings for each other would be received even worse.

Plus, I also like the idea of the two of them falling in love because of the reincarnation to differentiate it from the main romance. Whereas Usagi and Mamoru are destined, Haruka and Michiru were not destined to fall in love because of some past tie, but because in this life something different can happen.
Jun 17, 2019
God I hope not, making them another “destined couple who were lovers in a previous life” would undermine the entire message of this ship, like I said here:

What’s so appealing about them as a ship is the fact that they weren’t bound together in a past life and only managed to find themselves in this life, simply because of who they are as people here in the present. Their relationship actually indicates a break and change away from the past rather than a repeat of it since back in the Silver Millenium it was stated that the Outers were all alone guarding the Solar System from outside invaders from afar and they never so much as met each other (which makes it impossible that they were ever together in the past) whereas in this life they managed to overwrite that destiny and find each other so they’ll never be lonely again, it’s a powerful statement that their present lives matter more than their past lives and is what’s really important, they’re like the anti-thesis to the whole “destined lovers” trope and that’s precisely what makes them so great to begin with!

Hell in the 90’s anime Michiru admits that she was so happy that the premonition she got about her partner Uranus who she had to find turned out to be Haruka because she had always been watching and admiring Haruka from afar and was already in love with her, even before she found out she was Sailor Uranus. Now that’s how you do a “destined partners coming together via a prophecy” properly and convincingly, Michiru would’ve still been in love with Haruka even if they were never Uranus and Neptune. She thought Haruka was simply dazzling and loved and admired how she was as free as the wind to the point where she had been secretly painting portraits of her in longing!

If it was revealed they were a couple in the past too it would simply undermine the whole point and message of their relationship that despite their lives being bound up in duty arguably more than any of the other Senshi their relationship with each other is the one thing they chose for themselves as civilians, and they desperately wish they could be free from their duties and fate which prevents them from fully consummating their relationship because they have to focus on “their Mission” at all times.

HaruMichi are a beautiful ship because they aren’t destined and chose each other in this life for themselves.
That being said I doubt this was ever the case anyways since the whole point of the Outers is that they were all alone desolately guarding the Outer Solar System from invaders during Silver Millenium and never managed to come together until this life.